Too Short, who is apparently a rapper, was arrested early this morning in Los Angeles for drunk driving and felony narcotics possession.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Short was pulled over for a traffic violation and when cops attempted to administer a breathalyzer to the artist… he took off on a sprint.

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A New Jersey resident named Frank Dietl has sued Dr. Oz because he claims an insomnia cure recommended by the talk show host left him with third-degree burns.

The remedy - titled "knap-sack heated rice footsie" - was outlined by Oz on April 17, 2012.

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Michael Jordan has denied he's the father of a former mistress' teenage son, but Pamela Smith says the proof is in the pudding. Or more accurately, DNA.

Smith filed court documents this week in her ongoing paternity suit with Jordan, asking a judge to force him to provide fluids, hairs, skin ... whatever it takes.

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