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Reliable sources have confirmed that Melissa Etheridge really is dating Linda Wallem, the creator of Nurse Jackie and former best friend of ex-wife Tammy Lynn Michaels.

That's awkward. But it's not nearly as awkward as the way in which Michales learned that Etheridge was being unfaithful, as explained in a new poem Tammy has posted on her website, titled "speak, spread walk the talk." It tells the story of a mis-labeled box of dildos.

Writes Michaels:

i moved out november 23rd 2009
she said it would help
i was convinced it would
too and i trusted there was
no one else
i didn't know
there was someone moving in
as i was moving out


three weeks later a box of new toys
was delivered and her assistant brought
it to my rental house as a mistake
i opened it
and that's when i felt something was up

i called her
"i have your new dicks on my kitchen counter?"

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Former first round pick Laurence Maroney has been a bust in the NFL. Now, the running back has been busted by the police.

According to the St. Louis Police Department, Maroney was one of five people arrested in a car last night that was stopped because cops observed "several occupants" smoking what they believed to be marijuana.

Three firearms (a .45-caliber handgun, a 9mm pistol and a .223 -caliber rifle) were found inside the car.

While authorities acknowledge that Maroney possesses a valid "Conceal and Carry" permit, it is still unlawful to carry a weapon while under the influence.

Maroney hails from St.Louis and averaged a scant 2.1 yards per attempt in 2010. Says his publicist:

"He holds a permit to carry a concealed weapon. He was not arrested for any drugs nor was he involved in a high-speed chase. He was released without being charged with any offense and we do not anticipate he will be charged with any criminal offense."


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Jason Malachi, a well-known Michael Jackson sound-alike, just "came clean" about singing on the star's posthumous album, which some MJ supporters have insisted features a vocalist other than the late King of Pop on at least some tracks.

But Malachi himself says he is the victim of fraudulent claims.

Here's the back story. In 2007, a song called "Mamacita" leaked, and was rumored to be an MJ song. It was actually Jason Malachi, a dead-ringer for MJ.

An MJJ Producion

Fast forward to this weekend, when Jason Malachi took to his Facebook page and made this astonishing claim: "Sheesh guys, I guess it's time to confess."

"I've lied to many people, including someone today, but ... It was me. It was me who sang 'Breaking News,' 'Keep Your Head Up,' 'Monster' and 'Stay.'"

"I had a agreement with the record company, but now the cat is out of the bag," he added. "Sorry to all my fans, and to my fellow Michael Jackson fans."

Jackson fans who insisted those "fake tracks" are not their idol likely felt vindicated by this - until Malachi's manager disavowed the Facebook page.

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Bombshell McGee may not have enjoyed herself in Las Vegas this week with Charlie Sheen, but a witness tells TMZ the actor was in heaven at The Palms Hotel and Casino.

Detailing a penthouse full of "big booby blonde girls fighting for his attention," this source got a look at Sheen's suite and said: "It looked like porn star auditions... the girls were all over him and he just sat back and took it all in."

Bree Olson Pic

Charlie Sheen contemplates which STD to get tested for first...

The Two and a Half Men star "loved the attention" and seemed like he was "in his environment," this onlooker added. Guests included McGee, her pal Lindsay Sinai and Bree Olson.

Tragically, however, Sheen came down with what his rep described as an "ear infection" immediately following his return to Los Angeles and arrived late to the set of his terrible sitcom.

For Sheen's sake, let's hope that "ear infection" doesn't leave sores on his mouth.

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Lawrence Taylor pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor sex charges today in connection with his arrest in May for soliciting an underage prostitute.

In return for his plea, the former NFL great will avoid jail time and be subject to six years probation. He must also register as a sex offender.

Taylor pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct and patronizing a prostitute.

He was arrested last May outside a New York motel and accused of having sex with a 16-year-old girl police said had been prostituted against her will.

Taylor told the court that the victim told him she was 19.

Police said he had sex, for which he paid $300, with the 16-year-old whom officials said pimp Rasheed Davis had forced into prostitution.

Police later arrested Davis, who pleaded not guilty to charges of sex trafficking. Taylor was originally charged with felony rape in the case.

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Brandi Favre has found a way to avoid talking to the public about her brother's penis: she's been arrested as part of a meth lab bust in Mississippi.

The younger sibling of the (likely) retired quarterback was one of five people rounded up inside a condo where a cooking station was hidden, reports WLOX. The suspects were taken to a local medical center for decontamination before being thrown in jail.

Brandi has been charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and generating hazardous waste.

Brandi Favre Mug Shot

Brandi Favre has run into legal trouble before. She's been arrested for shoplifting and unlawful use of a weapon.

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Actor Edward Furlong was arrested yesterday for violating a domestic restraining order. Not only that, he's behind in child support ... and he's broke.

Ed told a judge this morning, "I'm out of money. I'm completely broke."

Furlong, 33, currently stars in the upcoming film The Green Hornet.

Edward Furlong Mug Shot

FOR LONG: Doesn't sound like Ed's troubles are going away soon.

A month behind in child support, Ed lamented that he has to pay 10 percent to his lawyer, 10 percent to his publicist and 10 percent to his manager.

Think about it. After that, he only has 70 percent of his earnings to blow on stuff other than his kid ... how the heck is he supposed to get by, man?

In his defense, sort of, Furlong says the judge never took this into account when ordering the child support his ex, Rachael Kneeland, requested.

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Dr. Conrad Murray will be tried in the death of Michael Jackson. Judge Michael Pastor said sufficient evidence was presented at the preliminary hearing.

While completely expected, this marks a significant development, as the case against Murray on involuntary manslaughter charges proved compelling.

Deputy D.A. David Walgren told the judge in his closing argument that, "It was not Michael Jackson's time to go" and that Conrad Murray is responsible.

As expected, Dr. Murray will stand trial for MJ's demise.

"Michael Jackson is not here today because of the negligence and reckless acts of Dr. Murray," said Walgren of the defendant, who sat stone-faced.

Walgren said Murray cared more about hiding evidence than helping MJ.

Judge Pastor's ruling followed a six-day preliminary hearing in which more than 20 witnesses were called. Murray's medical license was also suspended.

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This will not help Ted Williams in his battle with the other Ted Williams...

The homeless man with a golden voice, who has become an overnight sensation across the country, was detailed by Los Angeles police officers last night following an argument with his daughter.

Ted Williams Photo

The dispute, which reportedly took place over money, went down at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood. A hotel employee called authorities due to excessivly loud shouting between Williams and his daughter.

Both were taken to the police station, though no charges were pressed.

Williams has received numerous job offers since he was discovered on the streets of Ohio this month. He has a long arrest record, but Americans have galvanized behind a man who says God has given him a second chance.

Let's hope he's not on the verge of blowing it.

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Angelina Pivarnick, formerly of Jersey Shore, is fairly used to being smacked around by JWoww and Snooki. Now she's been slapped in a different way.

With a lawsuit.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Ange's alleged "violent assault" on a female clubgoer before a Celebrity Boxing match in New Jersey last month is the reason for the legal fisticuffs.

Melissa Mayne claims she was leaving a nightclub at the Trump Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino when she bumped into Angelina ... who was on her way to box.

Mayne claims Angelina punched her grill, shoved her and threw a glass in her face. She also snatched her phone and threw it across the room. Ouch!

She is also going after the hotel, claiming this went down in front of Trump security guards, who did not intervene or "even attempt to stop" Pivarnick.

Angelina was likely just trying to remain relevant, given that the Jersey Shore season premiere was the biggest episode yet - sans her annoying a$$.

She's suing Pivarnick, who's seeking a new reality show, for unspecified damages.

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