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Ryan Vieth has allegedly pulled an Anthony Weiner.

The son of Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney, Vieth has a quality, tattooed physique. You can see it in the following photo:

Ryan Vieth Picture

He also has a penis. You can see that in a few other images that have made their way around the World Wide Web. Check them out HERE at your own risk and we apologize in advance if that is some other dude's unit.

We're not about to investigate ourselves.

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16 and Pregnant star Aubrey Wolters Akerill became a wife and mom before finishing high school, but don't mistake those milestones for maturity.

Aubrey was arrested after she and a friend were recently caught shoplifting at a local Walmart in Prescott, Ariz., according to a police report.

Her baby was there. That makes the stars of Teen Mom look angelic.

Aubrey Wolters Picture

A police report states that Aubrey stole $29.66 worth of cosmetics from the store, and was found in possession of drugs after she was busted.

Aubrey was in possession of Ritalin, the stimulant used to treat ADHD, and the powerful painkiller OxyContin. She had prescription for either.

Both Aubrey Wolters Akerill and her friend were hit with shoplifting charges and ordered to stay away from the local Walmart for one year.

The mom of 17-month-old Austin is also being charged with unlawful possession of a prescription drug and possession of a dangerous drug.

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It's possible this story is completely bogus, given that it stems from unnamed sources quoted by Star and Radar. But given Chris Brown's proclivity for using such language, getting the benefit of the doubt may be a tall order.

According to this report, he shouted anti-gay slurs during a recent pickup basketball game, "stunning and repulsing" onlookers on June 29.

The much-maligned R&B singer turned up at a 24 Hour Fitness center in L.A. and joined a casual pickup game. Things got ugly quickly.


Chris Brown ballin' earlier this year.

So what exactly happened? An eyewitness tells Star the following:

“He got really ticked off when things didn’t go his way during the game, saying, ‘That’s gay!’ and ‘You’re a f*gg*t a**!’ to other players.”

Chris even got in one guy's face, berating him for missing a shot. That's pretty standard, but his supposed word choice raised eyebrows.

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Rodney King, whose videotaped beating by police sparked the 1992 L.A. riots, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence Tuesday.

King was driving when he was pulled over in Moreno Valley, in Southern California's Riverside County, city police department officials claimed.

Officers saw King, who has acknowledged a longstanding drinking problem, commit "several traffic violations," a police statement said.

Rodney King Mug Shot

"A preliminary evaluation of the driver indicated he was possibly driving while impaired." The subject, later revealed to be King, "was transported to the Moreno Valley Police Department for a further evaluation," police said.

He was booked after that further evaluation.

King's 1991 beating by Los Angeles police officers after a traffic stop left him with skull fractures and brain and kidney damage. It was captured on video by a nearby resident, and four officers were indicted as a result.

Their acquittal sparked the riots that left 55 dead and cost billions in damage. Two officers were later found guilty in federal court.

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Warning: the following story contains details of a graphic nature. Really, guys, we're not kidding.

Catherine Kieu Becker, a 48-year old woman California resident, has been arrested after she admitted to slicing off her husband's penis and tossing it into the garbage disposal.

Catherine Kieu Becker Mug Shot

According to police reports, the couple is in the middle of a divorce. Becker laced her unidentified husband's food with some kind of drug, knocked him out, tied him to the bedpost and took a blade to his manhood. She eventually called 911 and cops arrived on the scene to find the man "bleeding profusely."

Becker was arrested on several charges, including aggravated mayhem, false imprisonment and assault with a deadly weapon. Her husband is in stable condition.

Lt. Jeff Nightengale said no motive has been determined, but we're gonna go out on a crazy limb and say the man was cheating on Becker, who told authorities her husband "deserved" to lose his genitalia.

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Two members of the paparazzi were handcuffed by the cops after allegedly blowing through red lights while chasing Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris.

TMZ says the photographers (not TMZ or THG staff members) were allegedly chasing a car Paris was in, blowing red lights and driving recklessly.

No arrests have been made because police didn't see the chase take place. There will not even be any citations given, for exactly the same reason.

Still, the paps were thwarted and beat it.

Paris J.

Paris, the middle child of Michael's three, in a photo taken last month.

No word if Prince Michael and Blanket were also with her.

A crime report will be written and forwarded to the L.A. City Attorney for possible prosecution, so that's something. We're just glad Paris is okay.

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DMX just made another contribution to our celebrity mug shots gallery after getting busted for drug possession - an offense committed while in jail!

The rapper scored an extended stay in prison, where he was serving seven months for violating probation and scheduled to be released TOMORROW.

Law enforcement sources say X has been busted for multiple offenses since being sent away to the Yuma, Ariz., facility commenced late last year.

'X' Mug Shot

It's unclear how DMX got the drugs into prison or what they were.

Drug possession, failing/refusing a drug test, smoking when he wasn't supposed to, being disrespectful, disruptive, and disorderly ... you name it.

In any case, his release has been postponed by at least a week, if not longer. Give a fella credit, this was a new addition to his impressive resume.

Keep up the good work in there, dawg.

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So much for Brooke Mueller reportedly doing well.

A picture has surfaced online that appears to depict Charlie Sheen's troubled ex-wife in possession of a homemade crack pipe. See it for yourself at TMZ.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

No word yet from Mueller or her team, but sources say Brooke fled from the scene as quickly as possible once she saw the photographer.

Mueller, who is the primary caretaker for the twins she shares with Sheen, has been in and out of rehab 15 times. Less than a month ago, she was found wandering the streets of Hawaii, cash in hand.

The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, meanwhile, has not visited either Brooke or Charlie at any point in the last six months. It's safe to say an appointment might have to be made now.


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Jimmy Whittemore, a 22-year-old aspiring actor, broke in and trashed the NYC theater where David Letterman's Late Show tapes and caused $5,000 in damages.

The idiot was busted early Sunday morning after police say he kicked in the theater's doors, trashed the box office, lobby and a bunch of personal property.

Fortunately, Dave's coffee mugs and Paul's keyboards are 100 percent fine.

Late Show Logo

Letterman's stage is padlocked so the dumbass couldn't get in. Cops say he has no direct connection to the star or studio and blamed it all on alcohol.

Whittemore was hospitalized briefly after his arrest for a cut on his head and was charged with burglary and third degree criminal mischief.

Jerk is being held on $6,000 bail.

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Michael Todd, the bass player for Coheed And Cambria, was recently arrested, which in itself is not that hard to believe for a guy in a hard rock band.

The significant aspects to this story are as follows:

  1. It was for ARMED ROBBERY.
  2. He was en route to a huge show THAT NIGHT.
Mike Todd Mug Shot

Todd was busted for allegedly holding up a Walgreens with the claim that he had a bomb, according to police reports from Attleboro, Mass.

Todd showed a pharmacist a cell phone note that said he had a bomb and demanded Oxycontin. He made off with six bottles of it via taxi.

Here's where it gets even more absurd. Police say he was spotted in the cab, which they were able to track via dispatcher to the Comcast Center ... where Coheed and Cambria were set to open up for Soundgarden. Awesome.

How will this impact the band's future? Apparently it won't. Todd has been kicked off the tour, with a replacement filling in immediately.