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Amanda Bynes has been through her fair share of trouble in the past, but the former child star has seemed to be on the mend in recent months.

Or so it appeared until the surprising events of last night, which saw her arrested  on a DUI charge, having been out of the public eye for months.

Amanda Bynes in Public

After a very public meltdown during which Bynes was admitted to a psychiatric ward, the actress seemed to recover almost miraculously last year.

Reportedly committed to getting her life and career back on track, she has stayed out of the spotlight, returned to school and pulled it together.

A big reason for that has been her sobriety, and remaining committed to that.

Bynes quit smoking pot (which was said to be a trigger for some of her most severe episodes of paranoia), and managed to stay out of the tabloid headlines.

Until last night, that is, after Bynes was pulled over while driving in the San Fernando Valley and promptly arrested by a highway patrol officer.

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Mally Mall of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood hasn't had a storyline worth writing home about thus far, but his home is currently being raided by the FBI.

Which is very much worth writing about. The irony.

Mally Mall Picture

The reality star is the target of ongoing criminal investigation, although law enforcement sources would not be specific as to what charges this may entail.

FBI officials entered pursuant to a search warrant.

Mall (real name Jamal Rashid) is known in his neighborhood for his exotic animals, and animal control officers were reported to be at the house as well.

A rapper and also a producer, Mally Mall has worked with huge music stars like Justin Bieber, Chris Brown and Drake, among many famous others.

There's no evidence any of his artists are involved.

Mall was not home when law enforcement officers arrived, because in L.A. shooting his reality show. He may want to stay there a little longer.

To catch up on the professional and romantic adventures of Mally and his colleagues, follow the link to watch Love and Hip Hop Hollywood online!

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Is soap opera star Antonio Sabato Jr., now a member of the Dancing With the Stars cast, cheating on his wife with his Season 19 pro partner, Cheryl Burke?

According to reports, that's the rumor swirling around the set, and none other than Val Chmerkovskiy has accused the General Hospital heartthrob of it.

Antonio Sabato Jr., Cheryl Burke

Val, interestingly, is the subject of similar rumors himself, though there is no spouse involved with the brother of Maksim Chmerkovskiy's alleged tryst.

Rumors are flying that the chemistry that seems to exist between Val and Pretty Little Liars' Janel Parrish might extend off the screen as well. Hmm.

This sort of thing happens every season, as a “showmance" will definitely pique the interests of fans of the series and rack up more votes from viewers.

It's also just a fact that the partners dance suggestively, naturally stoking whatever flames the rumor mill might be hoping will catch fire in a given year.

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Yeah, she went there. 

Just one day after Jessa Duggar bashed evolution and atheism on Instagram, she returned to the social media site to express an even more controversial view.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald in DC

Jessa, 21, and fiance Ben Seewald, 19, are in DC at the moment, and according to her page they recently paid a visit to the US Holocaust Museum.

The future Mrs. Seewald was clearly moved by the experience, and with good reason. The museum brings to vivid life one of the most horrific tragedies in human history.

Unfortunately, and all too predictably, the emotions that Jessa experienced at the museum inspired an lengthy, impassioned defense of her various political causes and religious convictions.

None of which - at least as most people probably see it - have anything to do with the millions of lives lost in concentration camps in Europe during WWII.

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What's French for... who gives a f-ck?

Following this week's attack on Kim Kardashian at Paris Fashion Week - an imbecilic assault perpetrated by notorious celebrity prankster Vitalii Sediuk - the police in that city have responded to the incident with a great big shrug of their shoulders.

According to TMZ, Parisian authorities could not care less that Kardashian was accosted while making her way through paparazzi at a fashion week event on Wednesday.

They say this sort of thing simply happens sometimes and they fail understand why Americans make such a big deal of it. Well... okay then!

The cops won't be taking any kind of legal action against Sediuk, despite his attempt to tackle Kim to the ground.

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Soulja Boy has long maintained that he did knock up his former girlfriend Diamond Shantaniece Mackey way back when, and at long last he was proven correct.

DNA results prove Soulja is NOT the father!

Diamond Mackey, Soulja Boy

The alleged love child was born seven years ago, and while he has always denied paternity, the rapper now has the paperwork to prove his assertion.

Diamond Mackey had claimed Soulja was the dad, but the star - who can now be seen when you watch Love & Hip Hop Hollywood online - refuted that.

He finally agreed to take a paternity test after she unearthed a photo of them back in 2007 - when the boy was conceived - in an effort to "prove" her case.

Soulja took the test, and prevailed.

He was pretty upset that Mackey had been calling him a deadbeat dad, too, and says he feels bad for the child who still doesn't know his father.

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Sarah Hyland of Modern Family fame made headlines in surprising fashion this week when she filed for a restraining order against her ex Matthew Prokop.

The actress refused to comment on the matter further, though, referring questions to her attorney, who issued a statement on the topic last night:

Sarah Hyland and Matthew Prokop

"The documents filed speak for themselves. Out of respect for the court, the process, and all parties, I have advised Ms. Hyland not to comment on the matter."

Hyland claims that Matt Prokop threatened and verbally abused her, and even got physical with her during their relationship of several years.

She alleges that Prokop "pinned [her] against a car," and grabbed her throat. Prokop's "grip was so tight that I could not breathe or speak," she claims.

"I was scared and in fear for my life," Hyland writes.

He also reportedly threw a lighter at her and FREAKED when Sarah broke up with him, with her co-star Julie Bowen - on hand to help protect her - witnessing this.

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ESPN has suspended Bill Simmons for three weeks.

The company took this action against Simmons (who runs the website Grantland) after he went off on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell during a recent podcast, labeling Goodell a "liar" following the executive's press conference on Monday.

Referring to the Ray Rice video - which features the former running back knocking out his then-fiancee inside an elevator - Simmons said of Goodell:

"If he didn’t know what was on that tape, he’s a liar... If you put him up on a lie-detector test, that guy would fail. And for all these people to pretend they didn’t know is such fuc-ing bullsh-t. It really is... And for him to go in that press conference and pretend otherwise, I was so insulted.”

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The following situation is a dire one for Mike Sorrentino.

Sources have confirmed to TMZ that the former Jersey Shore star has been indicted for tax fraud. According to the United States Attorney, Sorrentino - best known as The Situation to, well, everybody - failed to pay the full tax bill on $8.9 million in earnings.

This is where we stop to shake our heads over the fact that Sorrentino has raked in at least $8.9 million over the course of his "career."

Da Sitch

Prosecutors, who have also charged Sorrentino’s brother with the same allegations, claim The Situation intentionally filed fraudulent returns in order to make it appear he was square with the IRS.

Ouch. Teresa Giudice may be proud of Sitch for that move, but it's far from legal.

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Soccer star Hope Solo is kicking back against the hacker who has released naked photos of herself and many other female stars online.

The athlete is one of MANY women whose privacy has been invaded over the past few weeks, but one of the few who has released a statement in regard to the incident.

Hope Solo at the ESPYs

"It is extremely sad and unfortunate that the rights of so many women were violated by the unauthorized release of private photographs," Solo said late yesterday, adding:

"This act goes beyond the bounds of human decency and, as such, I stand united with all the women affected and am exploring every option to protect my privacy."

The Hollywood hacking scandal went viral earlier this month when snapshots of Jennifer Lawrence nude and Kate Upton nude, among countless others, hit the Web.

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