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A Florida man named Gabriel Harris has gotten himself arrested for the sort of reason that only a Florida Man can get arrested for.

According to The Daytona Beach News-Journal, Harris drunkenly rode his bicycle through a Taco Bell drive-thru in New Smyrna Beach around 3 a.m. on Sunday morning.

After Harris grew angry over being refused service, employees called the police.

They arrived on the scene and took Harris into custody for resisting arrest because he grabbed the wrist of the cop who reached for the knife on Harris’ belt.

And, as you can see, Harris was none too happy about the incident:

Florida Man Mug Shot

Safe to say Gabriel Harris poses no threat to Sexy Mug Shot Guy, huh?

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Janice Dickinson is not backing down.

The veteran model made major headlines this week when she accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault and, despite the comedian's attorney denying this accusation, Dickinson insisted on its validity in an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday.

"I'm coming forward because this is the right thing to do and it happened to me and this is the true story," Dickinson says in the following Q&A.

Dickinson says the rape took place in 1982 after Cosby called and invited her to Lake Tahoe.

She says Cosby put something in her red wine, she awoke without her pajamas on and the last thing she remembers is Cosby taking off his robe and getting on top of her.

She never confronted the actor about the alleged assault.

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Benzino has been fired from VH1's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta after the infamous reunion show brawl, and for his alleged actions in the weeks that followed.

Benzino on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Apparently, death threats he made following the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion fight triggered Benzino's firing more than his role in the epic fracas itself.

According to TMZ, Benzino got the chop soon after the taping, too.

Multiple cast and crew members ended up in the hospital as a result of the melee, which you can watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta online now to experience.

Criminal charges and an arrest warrant were even taken out against Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J's partner and Benzino's (former) co-star and rival.

It was Benzino, though, who had a problem letting the thing go.

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With more and more women coming out over the past few days and accusing legendary comedian Bill Cosby of rape, Raven-Symone would like to go on record:

She is NOT one of them.

Raven-Symone Image

The 28-year old actress, forever known as Olivia from The Cosby Show to fans of that classic sitcom, found herself entangled in the Cosby scandal today, with chatter around the Internet alleging Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her.

To that rumor, Symone had the following to say via Facebook:

“I was NOT taking advantage of by Mr. Cosby when I was on the Cosby Show! I was practically a baby on that show and this is truly a disgusting rumor that I want no part of! Everyone on that show treated me with nothing but kindness. Now keep me out of this!”

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Gia Giudice has a message for anyone who wants to send a message of sympathy to her and her infamous family:

Thanks, but no thanks!

The 13-year old daughter of Teresa Giudice - who folks often see when they watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online - spoke to Access Hollywood about her parents' impending prison sentences this week and sang a positive tune.

Two Giudices

"Obviously any news that is hurtful or horrible to hear is so upsetting," Gia said. "But my family is probably one of the strongest families I know, so we'll get through this. It's gonna be fine. And when it's over, we're gonna be better than ever."

It begins early next month when Teresa Giudice begins serving a 15-month jail term for multiple counts of financial fraud.

After she is set free, husband Joe Giudice will serve 41 months behind bars.

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Allegations that Bill Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted a number of women over the course of several decades resurfaced in recent weeks after comedian Hannibal Burress referenced the charges during a stand-up performance in San Francisco.

Bill Cosby Pic

On Monday, a woman named Joan Tarshis accused Cosby of rape, claiming that the comedy legend sedated her and forced her to have oral sex with him in 1969.

Yesterday, model and former reality star Janice Dickinson made similar allegations, thus becoming the fifteenth woman to accuse Cosby of criminal abuse.

Prior to this latest scandal, Cosby was in the midst of a career comeback, with a Netflix special, stand-up tour, and NBC sitcom planned for the coming year.

While no venues on the tour have canceled Cosby's appearances, Netflix has opted not to proceed with the planned special, and NBC announced today that its terminated its contract with the 77-year-old comic.

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Don Lemon sat across from Joan Tarshis for an exclusive interview on CNN last night, asking Tarshis many questions about her past with Bill Cosby.

After opening up to Lemon about how Cosby allegedly raped her twice in 1969 and about how she staved off his advances for intercourse by lying about a vaginal infection, Tarshis said she was forced to perform oral sex on the famous comedian.

But this prompted Lemon to ask an unusual, wildly inappropriate question in response: Can one really be forced to perform oral sex?

Why didn't Tarshis just bite down on Cosby's penis out of protest? View the following video to see her answer:

Cosby stands accused of over a dozen sexual assaults from the late 1960s and early 1970s.

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Very sad news today out of Honduras:

Maria Jose Alvarado, who was crowned Miss Honduras in April and who was scheduled to compete in the Miss World Pageant next month in London, was found dead outside a spa near the Aguagua River in the village of Cablotales.

Alvarado's sister, Sofia Trinidad, was found buried in the ground alongside the beauty queen.

Maria Jose Alvarado image

According to The Associated Press, Maria and Sofia were both shot to death by the latter's boyfriend, Plutarco Ruiz.

The Honduras National Police Director says Ruiz confessed to authorities and led them to the bodies of the sisters, which were located found near La Aguagua spa, where they had gone Thursday to celebrate Ruiz's birthday.

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Retired supermodel and former America's Next Top Model judge has become the latest woman to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault.

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Dickinson claims that Cosby drugged and raped her in Lake Tahoe following a business meeting in 1982.

  • Janice Dickinson Photograph
  • Bill Cosby Photo

Dickinson is the 15th woman to come forward with allegations against Cosby.

Earlier this week, a woman named Joan Tarshis accused Cosby of rape and provided shocking details of the comedian's abuse in an interview with Inside Edition.

Dickinson claims Cosby asked her to travel to Tahoe and have dinner with him, so that they could discuss the possibility of her appearing on The Cosby Show.

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Last month, the world learned that June Shannon is dating Mark McDaniel - the man who served ten years in prison for molesting June's eldest daughter, Anna.

In the weeks since, Anna's situation has only gotten sadder, as June has consistently lied about her relationship with McDaniel, and may have even stolen from Anna to buy McDaniel a car.

Anna Cardwell Photo

Not surprisingly, the newly-married 20-year-old has cut ties with her mother. Anna and June are currently engaged in a high-profile war of words, and they've both publicly accused each other of distorting the truth.

Thus far, the majority of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo fans have expressed their support for Anna, but as June continues to give interviews in an effort to clear her name, Anna seems to be growing concerned that her side of the story will get buried under her mother's lies.

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