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Blood matching that of missing Marine wife Brittany Dawn Killgore has been found in the car of the chief suspect in her murder, according to new reports.

Killgore was found dead near a lake in Riverside County. Staff Sgt. Louis Ray Perez and Jessica Lynn Lopez were arrested and charged with murder.

Killgore was supposed to be going out for the evening with a Marine Corps sergeant and his girlfriend until the night of April 13 took a frightening turn.

Brittany Dawn Killgore Photo

"She sent a text to a female friend of hers indicating that she was in distress," San Diego Deputy District Attorney Patrick Espinoza said Thursday in court.

"She was missing from that point on."

The first details about the investigation came out at Perez's arraignment in Vista, Calif., where the prosecutor revealed the aforementioned text message.

More significantly, officials also stated that police found Killgore's blood in Perez's car as well as a weapon. Authorities have not revealed a possible motive.

Perez's attorney told the judge that Lopez, who had been found with self-inflicted cuts in a motel room, left a suicide note admitting to Killgore's murder.

Both Lopez, 25, and Perez, 45, have pleaded not guilty to all charges. Killgore, the estranged wife of another U.S. Marine, was only 22 years old.

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Carlina Duran, a 25-year-old stunner who was recently crowned Miss Dominican Republic 2012, has been forced to relinquish her crown she held so dearly.

The reason is simple: She's married and didn't disclose it.

Duran was given the boot as Miss DR after pageant officials say she violated a rule which requires all contestants to be single at the time of the event. Seriously.

Carlina Duran, Miss Dominican Republic

Duran, who owns a spa in Santo Domingo and comes from the town of La Vega, violated the rule that no contestant can have been married or have had a child.

According to reports, Carlina has been married since 2009 and never told anyone about it. She has still not commented on being outed as a better half.

Dominican newspaper Diario Libre reports that a marriage license shows she wed on June 6, 2009. Why should that matter? Your guess is as good as ours.

The crown now goes to the 1st runner-up, Dulcita Lieggi. Take a look at a news report (in Spanish) about the downfall of Carlina and comment below:

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Thomas Beatie may be separated from wife Nancy, but the drama between the self-proclaimed Pregnant Man and his mate of nine years is far from over.

Based on court documents obtained by TMZ, Beatie has filed for divorce and claims in the papers that Nancy attacked him on various occasions.

In February of this year, for example, she allegedly cursed Thomas out and shoved him because he tried to stop her, while "visible intoxicated," from driving the couple's three kids to daycare.

Thomas Beatie and Wife

"She hit me in the crotch," Beatie says on a 911 call made in regard to this incident.

A month before this encounter, Thomas says Nancy woke up and simply started punching him.

"This night, like every night, [Nancy] hovers over me, threatening me with physical and emotional abuse," he writes in the court documents.

Nancy - who was barred by a judge last month from going near Thomas or the kids - has responded by filing her own papers, which deny Beatie's allegations and state that he's the one who has gotten physical with her. Another hearing is scheduled for May 7.

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Rapper Wiz Khalifa tried and failed to hide a bag of weed in his room at a Holiday Inn in Nashville, Tenn., according to police officials who arrested him.

According to a police report, Metro Nashville Police responded to Wiz's room on April 21 after someone complained about "a strong odor of marijuana."

When the officers arrived to the scene, Wiz (real name Cameron Jibril Thomaz) allegedly tossed a "marijuana cigarette" out of the window. Clever move!

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa

Cops say they recovered the item tossed by the rapper, and that "inside the rolling paper was a green leafy substance consistent with marijuana."

According to the report, Wiz (seen above with fiancee Amber Rose) admitted the joint was his and said he had 3.7 grams of weed in his pocket.

Khalifa is typically very open about his marijuana use - not sure how he didn't make our 4/20 celebrity stoner tribute - and was hit with a citation.

No word if the rapper smoked more after the police left, but if he did, he probably made sure to turn the fan on at least. Small victories, cops.


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Octomom Nadya Suleman is under investigation by the La Habra (Calif.) Police Department and the Orange County Department of Children and Family Services after her stylist filed a complaint about the abhorrent living conditions at her house.

Her hairstylist, Stephanie, called the cops on her Tuesday.

According to Steph, Nadya and her 14 kids live in squalor, using only one working toilet, appearing malnourished and generally unclean, getting locked in the bedroom while Octomom does stuff, and surrounded by filth at every turn.

Octo Nadya Suleman Picture

When a police and three DCFS workers arrived yesterday, you can actually hear Octomom tell them, "Excuse the graffiti" in a video posted on TMZ.

The authorities stayed 90 minutes and left. They determined the kids were not in danger so they weren't removed, but the investigation continues.

Photos of the scene confirmed Stephanie's claims, as one pic shows two kids clearly defecating into a portable training toilet ... in the backyard.

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Noah Wyle has spoken out on his arrest.

The Falling Skies star was handcuffed and taken into custody on Monday after joining a group of about 100 ADAPT members who were protesting in D.C., urging Congress to not cut any Medicaid benefits.

Noah Wyle Picture

"I think they're really proud of the old man right now," Wyle told the Associated Press, referring to his estranged wife and two children, while waiting to be processed.

Adding that the experience was "slightly surreal," Wyle joked about how both he and former ER co-star George Clooney have now been arrested in the last month.

I'll "let George focus on the international; I'll deal with the small domestic issues," Wyle said.

Clooney has been active over the past year or so in expressing the need to rescue Sudanese citizens from an oppressive regime.

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Lane Garrison, who was arrested for domestic violence on Saturday, says the surveillance video of him apparently slapping his ex proves ... that he did not.


The actor and his ex-girlfriend got into a verbal argument that turned physical and the surveillance video (below) showed what appears to be Lane Garrison slapping Ashley Mattingly's face hard, which he told cops never happened.

He still says that, and here's why:

Lane told Beverly Hills detectives that what really happened was Ashley grabbing his phone and him reaching to grab it back from her. No slap at all.

Lane says he ended up grabbing Ashley Mattingly's cell phone, not his own ... and that's when she threw his phone against the wall and smashed the thing.

He says when he walked out, he childishly threw her phone in retaliation. If you look at the video closely, Lane Garrison's scenario is at least plausible.

He also claims he has text messages from Ashley that are incriminating and that she didn't want him disclosing - hence the freakout over the phone.

Garrison, who is still on parole for his manslaughter DUI conviction, is still being held in connection with this case and a possible parole violation.

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Bill O'Reilly believes Glee is a "good show" that typically sends a "positive message." He made both those points clear prior to a recent segment on his Fox News program.

But the conservative host takes major issue with a recent episode, which introduced Alex Newell as a transgender student who dressed as a female during his choir's performance.

O'Reilly said the storyline was an example of the program's "recurring theme that alternative lifestyles may be a big positive."

Angry Bill O'Reilly

“If you make the behavior of these people... if children hear it, unsupervised children, okay who don't have parents watching their - they might go out and experiment with this stuff," O'Reilly wailed, while guest Gretchen Carlson agreed.

"Here we go again, pandering to .3% of the American population that considers themselves transgender," Carlson said. "Now I get to explain this to my 8-year-old, if i want her to see a nice family show with some nice music."

Judge Jeanine Pirro tried to chime in as a voice of reason and asked the host: "Do you really think that this is the kind of thing that's contagious?" to which he admitted not being sure, but added that seeing James Dean smoke as a teenager did encourage him to do the same.


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They starred together on ER. And maybe someday they'll sit together behind bars.

Just a few weeks after George Clooney got arrested during a protest in Washington D.C., Noah Wyle has gone out and done the same, as the Falling Skies star was one of many marching on Capitol Hill today, urging congress not to cut Medicaid in any way.

Noah Wyle Arrested

Wyle joined member of the group ADAPT in an attempt to tell politicians any cuts in Medicaid spending would push those with disabilities, along with the elderly, out of their houses and into nursing homes to receive the services they require.

Many of the protestors were in wheelchairs and were handcuffed in the rotunda of the Cannon House Office Building.

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A new surveillance video obtained by TMZ shows Lane Garrison slapping Ashley Mattingly across the face after he waited for her outside her apartment.

Lane was arrested for domestic violence Saturday, but denied hitting his ex, saying he put his hands on Ashley's shoulders, put her in a chair, and left.

Not exactly the case, according to the surveillance video:

The former Prison Break star claimed that he ran into his ex while visiting someone else's apartment, too ... but he appears to be sitting outside waiting for her.

When Ashley drives into the building's garage, Lane is seen stumbling as he runs after her. They are then seen walking into the building together.

Clearly arguing as they get into an elevator, Ashley seems to be asking Lane to leave, but when he refuses, she gets off ... and all hell breaks loose.

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