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David Cross once took a hit of cocaine while sitting just a few feet away from President Barack Obama.

The Arrested Development star makes this admission in the March issue of Playboy, referring to the 2009 White House Correspondents Dinner and explaining to the magazine:

“I ducked under the table and did it. It wasn’t like I got high. The jolt was similar to licking an empty espresso cup. It wasn't about that. It was just about being able to say that I did it, that I did cocaine in the same room as the President."

David Cross Photo

The White House Correspondents Dinner is an annual event, hosted by comedians such as Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert, during which the President lets loose with a joke-laden speech that typically takes aim at opponents such as Donald Trump.

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It looks like Justin Bieber was caught having a bad day over the weekend.

In a new video making its way around the Internet, two giggly fans of the young singer spotted him at Disneyworld - on a ride with his father and girlfriend Selena Gomez - and told the artist they followed him on Twitter. His apparent response?

F-ck you!

What would prompt such vitriol? Especially from a celebrity known for being so accommodating to his fans? Who knows. But among the shaky camera work and confusing setting in the following video, you definitely can make out Justin's voice uttering those two words. Watch and listen for yourself:

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Gabe Watson, the accused Honeymoon Killer, is on trial for the death of his wife, and the details surrounding her drowning are being called into question.

An experienced diver who was there when Tina Thomas Watson died cast doubt on his version of what happened off Australia's Great Barrier Reef in 2003.

Dr. Doug Milsap testified for the prosecution that Watson told him two stories about how Tina Thomas died that fateful day, neither of which he believed.

Gabe Watson Mug Shot

In one version of events from that day, Milsap recalled, Watson told him that his wife panicked, knocked off his mask, making him unable to help her.

In another, he was holding her, but she was too heavy to carry to the surface.

The tale simply wasn't plausible to Milsap, because underwater, a human being's weight is almost negligible - the equivalent of just 10 to 20 pounds.

"I got angry - like I feel now - and said, that's bulls---," Milsap said, according to The Courier Mail. "I tend not to have much tact, I tell it like it is."

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We all make mistakes. Especially at 2:30 a.m.

But ESPN made a doozy early this morning.

Following the New York Knicks' first loss with phenom Jeremy Lin starting at point guard - at home, to the woeful New Orleans Hornets, with Lin turning the ball over nine times - the self-proclaimed World Wide Leader in Sports plastered its mobile homepage with the following headline:

ESPN Headline

The Asian epithet - which is meant differently in the context of that phrase, of course - was removed after about a half hour and the network then released this statement:

Last night,’s mobile web site posted an offensive headline referencing Jeremy Lin at 2:30 am ET. The headline was removed at 3:05 am ET. We are conducting a complete review of our cross-platform editorial procedures and are determining appropriate disciplinary action to ensure this does not happen again. We regret and apologize for this mistake.

The Knicks had won seven straight games heading into last night's contest, with Lin's record-breaking play earning praise around the country. Sarah Palin even talked about the Harvard graduate... for some reason.

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Amber Portwood's Teen Mom career may have just come to an end.

An Indiana judge just handed down a tough sentence on the reality star, who's been in more legal hot water than we can even summarize in this space.

In court to deal with the fallout of a recent drug arrest and repeated probation violations, Amber reached a plea deal that keeps her out of the slammer.

Barely. That's about all the tough judge was willing to grant her.

Sad Amber Portwood Photo

After completing rehab, Amber Portwood has been ordered to live in a halfway house for up to THREE YEARS and get a court approved 9-to-5 job five days a week.

In case there were any confusion, Teen Mom does not qualify.

The judge also banned Amber from taping anything at the halfway house, at her job or while appearing in court ... so it's not like she can film in her "free" time.

Portwood is also not allowed to tape anything while hanging out with any other girls who also live at the halfway house. There's clearly a point being made here.

The judge reached out to MTV, and the network assured the court that it would not sue Amber Portwood for breaking her contract because of the sentencing.

Short story, they're planning on moving on from her story. Given all that's unfolded since she gained notoriety from Teen Mom, that's probably not a bad thing.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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Singer Robin Thicke has been arrested for marijuana possession in N.Y. City.

According to law enforcement, the 34-year-old was busted Friday in Manhattan near Madison Square Park. Police claim they saw him lighting up a joint in a black SUV.

He was extremely cooperative, at least, and even signed a few autographs.

Thicke, Robin

"He wasn't driving," a police source said Friday. "He was sitting in the car. He was arrested and a small amount of marijuana was recovered on him."

There was another passenger in the luxury SUV at the time of the incident, but Thicke was the only person to be arrested, apparently.

His arrest follows his performance Thursday night at the Nomad's Way gala to benefit educational initiatives in Kazakhstan, hosted by Sigourney Weaver.

Thicke was given a desk appearance ticket and released soon after. A rep for Robin, the son of actor Alan Thicke of Growing Pains fame, had no comment.


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Finally some good legal news today for Gabriel Aubry.

Sources tell TMZ the Canadian model will NOT be charged criminally for allegedly shoving his daughter's nanny a few weeks ago, an act that has resulted in numerous hearings and court battles between Aubry and ex-girlfriend Halle Berry.

A Model Father

While a battery report was filed by the nanny in question, a Los Angeles County Attorney spokesman says there's "insufficient evidence" against Gabriel to pursue any charges.

However, there is still plenty to work out between Aubry, Berry and the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services, especially after Nahla told officials that she's often frightened of her father, due to his outbursts of anger.

For now, Aubry can only see his child under the supervision of a monitor, while Berry has petitioned a court to allow her to move to France with Nahla and fiance Olivier Martinez.


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Adele is best known for her blockbuster hit, "Rolling in the Deep."

But was the singer once rolling in the hay... on camera?

Yes, a French tabloid hilariously claims, as the latest issue of Public is running a cover story that alleges Adele and the ex about whom she penned songs from the album "21" once pulled a Kim Kardashian/Ray J. The magazine even includes photos with the report.

Adele Sex Tape Headline

In response, Adele has hired Schillings law firm to represent her in a possibly lawsuit against the tabloid.

"We are informed that the French magazine Public has today published images which it claims show our client in a sex tape," one of Adele's attorney says. "Our client has not appeared in a sex tape as claimed in the article. Our client does not appear in the photographs. Such claims are grossly defamatory. Our client is taking legal action in relation to this matter."

Darn right. In this instance, rumor has it... wrong.

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Former University of Virginia lacrosse teammates of George Huguely V testified against him as the prosecution wrapped its case in his murder trial this week.

Meanwhile, the defense brought its first witness, a doctor who said Yeardley Love, his fellow lacrosse player ex, died of suffocation, not blunt force trauma.

Jan Leestma, a neuropathologist, contradicted the prosecution's medical witnesses, saying he saw swelling on Love's brain but no sign of blunt force trauma.

  • Yeardley Love Photo
  • George Huguely Mug Shot

"I could not conclude it is trauma," he said. Instead, he suggested, she suffocated on a bloody pillow. The lack of oxygen to her brain likely caused the swelling, he claimed.

Moreover, the rush of blood during resuscitation attempts caused the bruising.

The prosecution argues that George Huguely murdered Yeardley Love in a May 2010 incident in which he shook her violently until her head banged a wall.

The defense says it was a tragic accident, and that Huguely's actions did not directly kill Love, his on-and-off girlfriend at the University of Virginia.

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Whitney Houston will officially rest in peace this Saturday afternoon in New Jersey, as her loved ones gather for a funeral in Newark and millions gather around their computer to watch a live stream.

But the circumstances surrounding this ceremony have been anything but peaceful.

As Houston's family continues to battle with Bobby Brown over whether or not the singer will attend, Governor Chris Christie has been forced to address his state's decision to honor the artist by flying all government flags at half-staff.

Chris Christie-Whitney Houston

“What I would say to everybody is there but for the grace of God go I,” Christie said in response to complaints that New Jersey is turning a drug addict into a role model.

Other objections to the move emanate from those who believe this sort of memorial should be reserved for members of the military, first responders and elected officials.

“I am disturbed by people who believe that because her ultimate demise - and we don’t know what is the cause of her death yet - but because of her history of substance abuse that somehow she’s forfeited the good things that she did in her life,” said the governor during a briefing in northern New Jersey. “I just reject that on a human level.”

The funeral raises two questions, both of which we ask of readers below:





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