We started the week hearing from Ashley Dupre for the first time since she was revealed to be Eliot Spizer's call girl.

And we ended it by being introduced to Ranae Shrider, the woman starring alongside Verne Troyer in the scariest celebrity sex tape yet.

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Welcome to the 10th edition of our Guess the Celebrity Quote game. Last time, the famous culprit trying to take over the world with his hustle was Spencer Pratt.

This week, we're asking readers to name the man that keeps himself nice and clean for the ladies. He recently said:

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From crazy utterances by Amy Winehouse, to alluring words by Megan Fox, our Guess the Celebrity Quote game has captured the nation's attention.

In the latest edition, we're asking readers to identify the source of the following self-congratulatory praise:

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In the latest edition of the Internet's fastest-growing game based around celebrity quotes, we've provided a short, simple, sweet three-word description.

Study it carefully. Let us know which singer you think described the appearance of her husband in the following way:

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