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Rapper Coolio was arrested back on April 1 after bringing home another woman to the place he shares with his girlfriend, which promoted an argument.

One which allegedly ended with him punching his GF in the face.

Coolio Mugshot (2013)

Coolio got popped after he allegedly pushed Anabella Chatman to the ground and hit her in the face ... then bolted with their toddler son and the other woman.

And get this: Anabella says Coolio also struck her with his car as he peaced out in a hurry - hard enough that she could show TIRE MARKS ON HER LEG.

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Wesley Snipes has officially been released from prison.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons confirms he was let out April 2 and transferred to the N.Y. Community Corrections Office, which will oversee his house arrest.

On July 19, the troubled actor will truly be a free man.

Wesley Snipes Mug Shot

If you recall, Snipes was sent to McKean Federal Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania after he was convicted for failing to file federal income tax returns.

Tax evasion. It's not sexy as crimes go, but it's got teeth.

Dude has been in there since December 2010!

April 15. Mark it on your calendars, THGers.

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Tickle from Discovery's Moonshiners has been fined $106 after his arrest last month, which took place after he was drunk in his car in the parking lot.

Tickle Mug Shot

The 35-year-old reality star (real name Steven Ray Tickle) has paid all of the fines stemming from his public intoxication bust in Virginia last month.

He wasn't driving, but Tickle was arrested after he couldn't get a ride home.

It ran him a grand total of $106 ... $25 for the fine itself and $81 in court costs. Really not a bad deal considering. Gotta love non-major metro areas.

He is now free to go and distill 150-proof shine in the woods.

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Hotel owner and possible one-time Lindsay Lohan boy toy Vikram Chatwal was arrested at a Florida airport for drug possession ... like a lot of different drugs.

According to the police report, Chatwal, who was also once linked to Padma Lakshmi, tried to board with cocaine, marijuana and prescription pills.

Always an intelligent move, Vik.

Vikram Chatwal Mug Shot

Chatwal, 41, owns New York City's Dream Hotel, a popular spot with celebrities such as Lohan, who got arrested after a hit-and-run there last year.

She has not been charged. Chatwal, who she has been cozy with in the past, may not be so lucky in this drug case, thanks to what TSA found on him.

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Buckwild's Salwa Amin has been arrested a second time in connection with the West Virginia drug raid last month that turned up oxycodone pills and heroin.

Amin was hauled in Wednesday on a bench warrant, which was issued after the moron allegedly blew off a court date stemming from the first arrest.

As a result ... dueling mugshots!

  • Salwa Amin Mugshot
  • Salwa Amin Mug Shot

Salwa Amin was arrested the first time for drug possession following the February raid, in which she and a friend were both busted for intent to distribute.

They are accused of transporting oxycodone and heroin to sell it. Serious. Now that she's been arrested again, Amin remains in custody without bail.

So worth it.

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Sometimes a girl's gotta look good.

A new video shows murder suspect Jodi Arias - in handcuffs, and in a police interrogation room - primping her hair before her mug shot was taken.

The video, culled from surveillance tapes in June 2008, shows Arias wearing a dark shirt and light-colored pants while sitting on the floor, pre-mug shot.

Rubbing her eyes and whipping her head back to ensure her hair isn’t cascading over her eyes, she wants to make sure her booking photo is top notch.

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Lindsay Lohan? Not thrilled to be posing for a new mug shot apparently.

The star was booked today by the Santa Monica, Calif., Police Department, after pleading no contest to reckless driving and lying to a police officer.

Behold, the latest in a LONG line of Lindsay Lohan booking photos:

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot 2013

Even though Lindsay Lohan's plea deal allowed her to escape jail (she's off to rehab soon), it required to appear within seven days to be processed.

Which she duly did, after hitting up nightclubs Monday night obvi.

  • Sexy makeup? Check.
  • Disheveled, hot mess hair? Check.
  • Meticulously groomed eyebrows? Oh yeah.
  • Fatigued, hung over, strung-out, rage-filled b!tch-stare?

Legendary. Compare it to some of her past modeling work:

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shots

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World Series of Poker champ Greg Raymer, a.k.a. Fossilman, was arrested in Wake Forest, N.C., after allegedly trying to solicit a prostitute - online.

Fossilman got popped at a hotel on Wednesday.

  • Greg Raymer Mug Shot
  • Fossilman Photo

Raymer, 48, was reportedly one of six men who responded to an advertisement posted by an undercover officer on a website frequented by prostitutes.

He has since been released on $1,000 bond.

As famous for his lizard-eye hologram sunglasses - worn indoors - as for his 2004 WSP title, Raymer has made millions playing poker and is married.

Officials say the prostitute(s) involved were female, contrary to initial reports that claimed Raymer and the other men had solicited male escorts.

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Moonshiners star Tickle was arrested for public intoxication last week.

If you've ever seen that Discovery show, you won't be surprised, as:

  1. He makes illegal 100+ proof liquor for a living
  2. He is never not seen with a beer in his hand
Tickle Mug Shot

Steven Ray Tickle (yes, that's his name) was arrested in Virginia last Thursday afternoon after an officer happened to see him drinking alone in his car.

In a convenience store parking lot. Standard.

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Courtland Rogers, the estranged husband of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, has been arrested for assault in North Carolina, according to officials.

With Jenelle back in rehab again for the second time in under a week, her husband ended up in handcuffs - and still found time to tweet about it.

Courtland Rogers Mugshot

" me...brunswick.coybty jail i am.on my way...write me ...sorry i got caught," he posted on the micro-blogging site ... whatever that means.

Pender County (N.C.) Sheriff Deputy Chester Ward found Rogers had outstanding warrants March 5 when they were dispatched to an unrelated call.

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