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Devin Langford, a VERY drink Florida man, was arrested for DUI recently ... and tried to urinate out of the police cruiser window en route to the station.

His attempt did not go as planned.

Pulled over for speeding, Langford was promptly given sobriety tests due to his “red, glassy, bloodshot eyes," and the "plethora of empty beer cans” in his truck.

Obviously, he failed the tests, and was put in a squad car to be taken to the county jail. On his way, he felt nature's call and told the officer he had to go.

The arresting officer, Brian Bell, told Langford to wait until they got to jail, but he said he couldn't hold it that long and asked if he could urinate in the car.

You'd think this would - pardon the expression - piss off the cop. But Bell was understanding (or just trying not to get into an argument with a wasted guy).

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Jenelle Evans' latest mug shot is here, after she failed a drug test after her latest court hearing ... in which she struck a plea deal to keep her out of jail.

At least she was in good spirits, apparently:

Jenelle Evans Mug Shot (August 2013)

The Teen Mom 2 star was in court earlier, answering to charges of drug paraphernalia, heroin and Percocet possession, stemming from her arrest in April.

Jenelle Evans agreed to a plea bargain in which she pleaded guilty paraphernalia charge, in exchange for the other, more serious charges being dropped.

She was hit with 18 months' probation, but no jail time - amazing, given that she was busted with major quantities of the drugs and assault on her husband.

That charge was dropped when Courtland Rogers pleaded guilty, so all was looking up for Jenelle ... until she was randomly drug tested and failed.

Later this morning.

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Alan Beiler is headed to prison.

The 35-year old Amish Mafia star was sentenced yesterday to as much as 23 months behind bars, following his refusal to pull over last summer after Lancaster County police tried to stop him for an expired car registration.

Alan Beiler Mug Shot

About a year ago, Beiler led cops on a wild, dangerous chase against traffic that resulted in one state trooper crashing and suffering a concussion.

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After years of The Sandlot not making any type of news, here were are for the second The Sandlot story in a matter of weeks.

But this one it isn't quite as feel good as The Sandlot reunion.

Tom Guiry Mugshot

Tom Guiry - who played Smalls in the coming of age film - found himself on the wrong side of the law over the weekend when he was turned away from a flight at Houston's Bush International Airport for being too inebriated.

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Wes Scantlin of Puddle of Mudd fame is in trouble with the law again ... this time for allegedly vandalizing his neighbor's property with a buzz saw. Seriously.

Wes Scantlin Mug Shot

Scantlin and his neighbor have feuded for a while, according to reports, but it reached epic proportions when Wes took a saw to the guy's patio.

The rocker also took a sledgehammer to a brick or cinder block wall, which Wes claims the neighbor put up on his side of the property line ... obviously.

No one was hurt, fortunately (otherwise Wes would be charged with a lot worse).

Scantlin has been arrested several times in recent years for drugs, domestic violence, acting like a drunken madman at the airport and so on.

No word of his power tools were confiscated by authorities.

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Dustin Zito is making headlines again.

The Real World: Las Vegas star was arrested last Saturday for sexual battery and resisting arrest after he allegedly reached up a girl's skirt at a nightclub.

Dustin Zito Mug Shot

According to NBC affiliate KETK, police in Lafayette, La., were called to Employees of the City Bar to clear a crowd of people who stayed past closing time.

Upon their arrival, cops were approached by a woman who claimed Dustin Zito, touched her inappropriately as she bent over a cigarette machine.

He allegedly told police that she "should be thankful that he reached up her dress" since he is a TV star and "several girls wish for that to happen to them."

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Lawrence Taylor Jr., the son of NFL legend Lawrence Taylor, has been arrested for rape in Georgia. He was booked July 7 on three criminal counts.

The younger LT faces charges of statutory rape, aggravated child molestation, and statutory aggravated sodomy. Each of these offenses is a felony.

Lawrence Taylor Jr. Mug Shot

His famous father, sadly, has a similar booking sheet.

Lawrence Taylor was arrested for rape in 2010 after having sex with an underage prostitute; he pleaded guilty to one count of patronizing a prostitute.

He also copped a plea to a misdemeanor charge of sexual misconduct, and was sentenced to six years probation. He is registered as a sex offender.

In Jr.'s case, the accuser is a female under 16.

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A handcuffed Amanda Bynes had little to say in a video taken after her arrest Thursday night. She was wearing a giant wig, though, so there's that.

If you missed it, last night saw the oft-troubled Amanda Bynes arrested in NYC for marijuana possession, evidence tampering and reckless endangerment.

The 27-year-old actress is accused of hucking a bong out of her 36th floor apartment window after police arrived in response to a disturbance call.

The doorman in her building called police to report that Bynes was smoking pot in the lobby; when cops showed up, she had gone back upstairs.

Officers entering her place witnessed heavy smoke and a bong, which Bynes then tossed onto the street ... hence the litany of criminal charges.

Her face hidden by platinum blonde wig (also seen in her mug shot below), she was escorted by the NYPD from her residence to the police van ...

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Amanda Bynes was arrested Thursday night in New York City, to the shock of no one.

Police were called to her Manhattan apartment on suspicion of disorderly conduct. It's unclear who called them, but Bynes was behaving strangely (big surprise)

When officers arrived, they witnessed her throw a bong out of her 36th floor window.

Amanda Bynes Mugshot

Amanda Bynes, 27, was taken to New York's Roosevelt Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, before getting taken to a Midtown police station.

The star, whose antics have become legendary, was charged with reckless endangerment, marijuana possession, and felony tampering with evidence.

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Chief Keef, a 17-year old rapper on the rise, was arrested yesterday for disorderly conduct and marijuana possession, according to local reports in DeKalb County.

Chief Keef Mug Shot

Details are still coming in, but Keef - who has performed with stars such as 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa - was reportedly busted for smoking weed inside his hotel room.

He Tweeted not long after his booking that he "Jus Got Out Of Dekalb County jail In Atlanta Mad As f**k."

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