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Chris Brown's booking photos have finally been released, half a year after the assault arrest in D.C. that landed him in rehab, and ultimately jail for violating probation.

Amazingly, we've still never seen mug shots from the Rihanna beating.

  • Chris Brown Mug Shot
  • Chris Brown Mugshot

It's that first assault case - and guilty plea - that haunts the troubled R&B star to this day, though. He was given five years' probation for destroying Rihanna.

Because of that, the D.C. arrest becomes a much bigger issue. A condition of his probation is that he obey all laws, something he clearly has trouble with.

Ne-Yo says Chris is a victim of the system, but consider these facts:

  • Chris' probation has been jeopardized countless times prior to the D.C. arrest, given his anger issues and inability to stay out of trouble.
  • Despite the arrest and subsequent probation violation, he wasn't jailed at time time; a judge let him go to rehab while he awaits trial.
  • He was kicked out of rehab TWICE, once for throwing a rock at his mom's car and the second time for saying he's good at using guns and knives.

Pretty bad. Check out tons more celebrity mug shots after the jump:

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Just in time for this weekend's The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special, the Atlanta P.D. served Porsha Williams with an arrest warrant last night.

After Porsha's attack on Kenya Moore during the taping, Kenya called the cops and filed a police report. Investigators felt it was worthy of a battery charge.

Fortunately, Williams was given the opportunity to turn herself in, and was able to have her hair and makeup done before posing for this great mug shot:

Porsha Williams Mug Shot

She came, she posted for the most glamorous booking photo we've seen at THG, and she left after posting $2,000 bond, free to go about her business.

All in all, it was a surprisingly drama-free night in the life of Porsha.

Porsha Williams was charged with assault, technically misdemeanor battery, for the attack on Moore, which is teased in the reunion show promo below.

Most likely, a fine, probation and community service are the worst case scenario for her, and the best case is the case being dismissed. Not a huge deal.

From a legal standpoint, it's pretty flimsy. If there weren't video evidence of the Porsha Stewart-Kenya Moore fight, there likely would have been no arrest.

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Just weeks away from giving birth, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is far from pleased that Nathan Griffith has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for his third DUI.

  • Nathan Griffith Mug Shot
  • Jenelle Mug Shot

Griffith, 26, is technically serving the sentence for driving with a suspended license, after he was pulled over in his own driveway for DUI and busted in 2013.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you can see this incident play out on the most recent episode of the MTV reality show. It was not pretty by any means.

“Jenelle is really upset and didn’t want Nathan to go away for so long,” a source says, noting that her baby daddy is locked up in South Carolina’s Horry County Jail.

Especially after she feels he's been critical of her past.

At the same time, “Jenelle and Nathan knew about his sentence for a while but they were keeping it quiet. They accepted responsibility for what he did."

Jenelle Evans was plenty pissed that he made a mistake that would impact their soon-to-be growing family this way, but is trying to take Griffith’s jail time in stride.

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Ross McMakin is making Justin Bieber look like a responsible human being.

This 21-year old Oregon resident was arrested on Sunday night and charged with DUI. While wearing a shirt that reads “DRUNK AS SHIT.”

Drunk Driver Mug Shot

According to The Smoking Gun, McMakin was approached by police after his car veered off the sidewalk and hit a parked vehicle.

He’s then accused of choking his girlfriend after she tried to take his keys away.

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Actor Colin Egglesfield was arrested over the weekend after going berzerk at an art show, breaking stuff. It's not clear why, but the dude went nuts!

According to Tempe, Ariz., police officers, Egglesfield was arrested on Saturday for one count of disorderly conduct and one count of criminal damage.

The arrest report says cops spotted Egglesfield knocking over metal stanchions, flipping over a table, and breaking several signs during his rampage.

He was eventually released after posting $1,000 bond.

Colin Egglesfield Mug Shot

According to a police report, an officer spotted The Client List and All My Children star taking down the barriers set up to protect artwork for some reason.

This may be the last time you hear from him for awhile.

Egglesfield didn't appear too fazed by his arrest, photographed leaving a sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills Tuesday with Trophy Wife star Malin Akerman.

Other stars who have gotten arrested in 2014:

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Meagan Simmons, a.k.a. the hottest convict in the history of crime, is suing a website for proliferating her 2010 mug shot as a hilarious Internet meme.

Meagan Simmons Mug Shot

She's known across the Internet as "attractive convict" or "hot convict" (Google it!) after she was arrested on DUI charges in 2010 and this pic went viral.

Her photogenic mug shot was posted to an arrest database, and eventually found its way onto Internet image boards. The rest is pretty much history.

The Florida woman initially weathered her infamy with grace, doing interviews and having fun at her own expense. She said she'd even pose for Playboy.

"If [Hugh Hefner] himself contacted me, I think that's an offer I couldn't refuse," Simmons said just a few years back ... before things apparently changed.

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Bree Walker finds herself making news instead of breaking it.

The former KCBS news anchor in Los Angeles was arrested early Wednesday morning on suspicion of drunk driving, according to the Anaheim police.

She was pulled just past midnight after making an illegal left turn. 

Bree Walker Mug Shot

Sgt. Tim Schmidt says officers on the scene smelled alcohol on Walker's breath and that the "disheveled" 61-year old's eyes were "blood-shot and watery."

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Some trolls end up under bridges, some trolls end up in jail for not covering their digital tracks.

A British woman angry with her father and step-mother set up fake Facebook accounts in their names and then used the accounts to send herself abusive - and often explicit - messages.

24-year-old Michelle Chapman kept up the posts for more than a year and then reported them to the police.

Authorities questioned her puzzled family and even detained her step-mother before tracing the accounts back to Chapman's own computer.

Officers report she was seeking revenge on her father for past grievances and was trying to break up his marriage.

Her defense attorney argued Chapman suffers from mental health problems, but that didn't prevent the court from sentencing her to 20 months in jail.

For more unforgettable police photos, check out our celebrity mug shots gallery below ...

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Kenneth Haskins has been arrested for setting an apartment building on fire ... allegedly because its management told him to quit masturbating in front of the window.

The 58-year-old Florida man reportedly torched the place Sunday night, leaving four people homeless, according to a report in the Tampa Bay Times.

Kenneth Haskins Mug Shot

He is believed to have used flammable liquids to start the blaze because he wanted to get back at the complex's management company, Mar Plaza.

Recently, the building superintendent told him he needed to stop masturbating in front of his windows and front door, police told the paper. He wasn't happy.

Haskins reportedly admitted to starting the fire to exact his revenge.

No injuries were reported as a result of the fire, although firefighters had to evacuate more than 28 units and four were damaged, including Haskins'.

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Anyone who follows celebrity gossip knows that while the paparazzi may snap an unflattering picture every so often, nothing can compares to a booking photo.

What makes their mug shots so great, in addition to the fact that many come along with hilarious stories, is that they represent stars' most candid moments.

No wardrobe here. No stylist. If there's makeup, it's likely rubbing off with tears. And lighting? Every police station has the same horrible, dim florescent bulbs.

Speaking of dim bulbs ... how about this moron?!

In honor of the DUI drag race that got Justin Bieber arrested, we compiled a tribute to the photographic mastery of law enforcement personnel nationwide.

Scroll through these great celebrity mug shots to see which famous people got popped, processed and photographed, just like the troubled singer, past and present:

43 Scandalous Celebrity Mug Shots
Justin Bieber looks pretty darn happy here in his mug shot, doesn't he? Perhaps that's because he is under the influence of... something.
View As List
Justin Bieber Mug Shot

1. Justin Bieber Mug Shot

Justin Bieber looks pretty darn happy here in his mug shot, doesn't he? Perhaps that's because he is under the influence of... something.

Nick Nolte Mug Shot

2. Nick Nolte Mug Shot

This is an all-time classic.

Reese Witherspoon Mug Shot

3. Reese Witherspoon Mug Shot

Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth pose for mug shots here after arrests in Atlanta in April 2013.

Jenelle Evans Mugshots

4. Jenelle Evans Mugshots

Jenelle Evans alone could have a mug shot slideshow.

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shots

5. Lindsay Lohan Mug Shots

Ditto Lindsay Lohan.

Young Jeezy Mugshot

6. Young Jeezy Mugshot

Young Jeezy was arrested in early 2014 and charged with beating up his own son. This is the rapper's latest mug shot.

Rip Torn Mug Shot

7. Rip Torn Mug Shot

Great actor but a crazy drunk.

New Flavor Flav Mug Shot

8. New Flavor Flav Mug Shot

Flavor Flav was arrested in early 2014. This is the rapper's mug shot.

Lisa Robin Kelly Mug Shot

9. Lisa Robin Kelly Mug Shot

Lisa Robin Kelly got in trouble with the law often before passing away. This is one of her mug shots.

Chris Brown Mug Shot

10. Chris Brown Mug Shot

Chris Brown's mug shot following his D.C. assault arrest. Not the Rihanna assault arrest. That was years ago.

George Zimmerman Mug Shot

11. George Zimmerman Mug Shot

George Zimmerman's latest mug shot. He was arrested after a disturbance call.

DMX Mug Shot

12. DMX Mug Shot

DMX has so many mug shots you have to title them by month AND year. Always a good sign.

Dina Lohan Mug Shot

13. Dina Lohan Mug Shot

This is Dina Lohan's mugshot. She got popped for DUI on September 12, 2013.

2 Chainz Mug Shot

14. 2 Chainz Mug Shot

This is 2 Chainz's mugshot following his arrest after a tour bus standoff with cops in August 2013.

Scott Storch Mug Shot

15. Scott Storch Mug Shot

This is Scott Storch. His mug shot was taken after an arrest for cocaine in 2012.

Lil Scrappy Mug Shot

16. Lil Scrappy Mug Shot

Lil Scrappy's mug shot. Good times right there. For us, obviously. Not Scraps.

Chief Keef Mug Shot

17. Chief Keef Mug Shot

Chief Keef was arrested on drug charges in May 2013. This is his mug shot.

Chad Johnson Mug Shot

18. Chad Johnson Mug Shot

Chad Johnson's mug shot, May 2013 style. Guy is getting quite the rep.

O.J. Simpson Mug Shot

19. O.J. Simpson Mug Shot

O.J. Simpson's new mug shot. Dude will never go away.

Porsha Williams Mug Shot

20. Porsha Williams Mug Shot

Porsha Williams' mug shot is as glam as it gets! Well done, gurl.

Alexis Neiers Mug Shot

21. Alexis Neiers Mug Shot

This is Alexis Neiers' mug shot. One of them anyway.

Nicole Richie Mug Shot

22. Nicole Richie Mug Shot


Vince Vaughn Mug Shot

23. Vince Vaughn Mug Shot

Nice one, Vince.

Sharkeisha Mug Shot

24. Sharkeisha Mug Shot

Sharkeisha Tyeshia Thompson is the girl whose punch out of a rival girl went viral. If this is her, it's her mug shot.

Mel Gibson Mug Shot

25. Mel Gibson Mug Shot

Good ol' Mel, right after he blamed all the world's problems on Jews and asked Sugar Tits what she's lookin' at.

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot

26. Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot

This is the Lindsay Lohan mugshot from her most recent DUI arrest. She belongs in jail for a long time.

Paris Hilton Mug Shot

27. Paris Hilton Mug Shot

The booking photo from when Paris turned herself in.

June Shannon Mug Shot

28. June Shannon Mug Shot

June Shannon is the mother of Honey Boo Boo. She was booked in 2008 on charges of theft.

Randy Travis Mug Shot

29. Randy Travis Mug Shot

Randy Travis' amazing mug shot after he was arrested for nakedly driving, then threatening a cop in August 2012. Allegedly.

Mischa Barton Mug Shot

30. Mischa Barton Mug Shot

The Mischa Barton mug shot has been released! The singer was busted for DUI on December 27, 2007. What a shock! Mischa Barton is totally a good girl... not.

Pitbull Mug Shot

31. Pitbull Mug Shot

Alleged rapper Pitbull was arrested in Miami for DUI. This mug shot of Pitbull was released shortly thereafter.

Heidi Fleiss Mug Shot

32. Heidi Fleiss Mug Shot

This Heidi Fleiss mug shot was taken February 7, 2008, in Pahrump, Nevada. We're serious. It was, and that is a real place. Heidi Fleiss is lookin' hot, wouldn't you say?

Floyd Mayweather Mugshot

33. Floyd Mayweather Mugshot

This is Floyd Mayweather. His 2012 mugshot is not as happy as some of the ones in the past.

Jenna Jameson Mug Shot

34. Jenna Jameson Mug Shot

Jenna Jameson is accustomed to money shots. But she poses here for a mug shot after getting booked for DUI.

Unabomber Mug Shot

35. Unabomber Mug Shot

The mug shot of the Unabomber, a.k.a. Ted Kaczynski. Good thing this dude got busted.

George Zimmerman Mug Shot

36. George Zimmerman Mug Shot

This is George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin. He has not been charged with a crime in that case.

Kate Major Mug Shot

37. Kate Major Mug Shot

Kate Major is crazy. This is one of her recent mug shots.

Jerry Sandusky Mug Shot

38. Jerry Sandusky Mug Shot

Jerry Sandusky has been arrested on multiple child abuse charges. This is the mug shot of the former Penn State defensive coordinator.

Dr. Conrad Murray Mug Shot

39. Dr. Conrad Murray Mug Shot

Dr. Conrad Murray poses for his mug shot after he was sentenced to four years in prison for involuntary manslaughter.

Michael Lohan Mug Shot

40. Michael Lohan Mug Shot

Michael Lohan's latest booking photo. He now has six to Lindsay's five.

Bree Walker Mug Shot

41. Bree Walker Mug Shot

Bree Walker is a news anchor in Los Angeles. She was arrested for DUI in early 2014.

Tyler the Creator Mug Shot

42. Tyler the Creator Mug Shot

Gotta love Tyler the Creator. Here's his mug shot after he incited a riot at SXSW.

Drunk Driver Mug Shot

43. Drunk Driver Mug Shot

Most appropriate mug shot ever? This guy was arrested for drunk driving.