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The Sochi Olympics have introduced us to a number of serious athletes, as well as some who bear a serious resemblance to certain stars we know and love.

While The Vampire Diaries has become synonymous with "doppelganger" by cheating and using Nina Dobrev as multiple bloodsuckers, these ones are still striking.

Left and right, random and well-known Olympians are spitting images of celebrities, to the point where it's become a fun game trying to identify them in pairs.

For example, track star turned bobsledder Lolo Jones looks a heck of a lot like actress Rashida Jones (no relation ... surprisingly). And that's just the beginning.

Scroll through nine amazing Sochi Olympics celebrity look-alikes below!

Rashida Jones & Lolo Jones
Only one Jones is the daughter of music producer Quincy Jones (Rashida).

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Gary Tate has made a living by looking like George Clooney.

The celebrity impersonator has appeared at various gigs over the years and banked a modest amount of cash by pretending to be the Oscar-winning star.

But Tate says he turned down a pretty decent payday recently when a London businessman offered him $8,000... to sleep with the man's wife! For real!

The guy said he and the Mrs. have an open relationship, but that wasn't enough for Tate to accept the deal. Watch this video for more on the indecent proposal:

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Some look-alikes are more well documented than others.

If you're a celebrity gossip reader, you've likely noticed a Zooey Deschanel-Katy Perry resemblance. Or can at least picture that now that we've mentioned it.

Other celeb doppelgangers, however, are less obvious.

Have you ever noticed the similtarities between Jason Segel and Peter Jackson? Elijah Wood and Mischa Barton? Scarlett Johansson and a young Christoper Walken?

Neither did we, until we saw this cool video. Take a look:

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For the record, despite the belief of some people out there, Taylor Swift is not with Satan.

However, the singer does look a lot like Zeena LaVey, a noted Satanist and daughter of the founder and high priest of the Church of Satan in America, Anton LaVey.

Seriously. It's pretty amazing. Check out this photo unearthed by a Reddit user, seemingly from the early 1990s, and marvel over the eerie resemblance now.

Zeena LaVey Picture

To repeat, though, we are not saying Taylor Swift is, or worships at the altar of, The Devil.

Not when her concert tickets can elicit this kind of response from an adorable little girl.

You've got to admit, though ... there's a resemblance and it's hilarious. Just saying.

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A doppelganger for Joseph Gordon-Levitt has become the darling of Reddit, and it's easy to see why. The features, facial expression and overall resemblance are striking.

The best part? She's female.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Doppelganger

Considering how pretty the 32-year-old actor is, it's not altogether surprising that this particular celebrity look-alike is a member of the opposite sex.

Still, pretty hilarious.

What girl wouldn't want to hear that they're a total dead-ringer for one of Hollywood's most surprisingly formidable, and formidably surprising, leading men?

Okay, maybe that comparison would be a little specific and unusual. But you could do worse as famous person twins go. That's all we're saying.

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Oh, Jeremy Frost. This is so wrong and yet… so right.

The 16-year old (who is a member of Three Amigos Comedy on YouTube) has always been told he resembles Justin Bieber.

So what happened when the teenager dressed like Bieber, went into the streets of Boston prior to a JB concert there and had two friends trail him, making like his entourage/security detail? Watch the madness unfold now:

Of course, is Frost really wanted to make like Bieber, he'd spit on someone and then urinate in a mop bucket and then torture fans with photos of himself and Selena Gomez.


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What happens if you're bored and plug Kristen Stewart's face into an online celebrity look-alike generator? Some interesting results come up, apparently.

You learn something every day. And for that, we thank you Reddit.

K-Stew definitely looks like a few of these people ...

Celeb Look-Alikes

On the bright side for the program ... she did get 86 percent. Plus, it's more accurate than all the projected Kim Kardashian baby photos out there.

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If there is ever a movie to be made about Pope Francis, we have found its lead.

The 266th head of the Roman Catholic Church, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, is a dead-ringer for Arrested Development star Jeffrey Tambor!

Take a look at His Holiness and the actor who plays George Bluth Sr. Below ...

Pope and JT

Tambor is eight years younger than Pope Francis, 76, but there's a definite resemblance, no? You'd have a hard time finding someone who better looks the part.

You'd also have a hard time reading these Arrested Development quotes and not laughing aloud. You're welcome, L.A. casting agents and AD fans alike.

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Kate Upton is so hot. 

She also has a somewhat distinctive look - All-American blonde, voluptuous and not ultra-thin - as well as countless, instantly recognizable photos to her name.

So we suppose it was only a matter of time before the imitators came along, and on that note, meet Ania, a bona fide Kate Upton look-alike / Russian twin!

  • Kate Upton Look-alike
  • Kate Upton SI Swimsuit Cover 2013

She's not related to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, nor does she even know her; but thanks to Twitter, Ania was able to reach Kate directly.

Kate, being Kate, re-tweeted the pic, adding "amazing!"

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While many fans continue to express outrage of Justin Bieber smoking weed, other remain in denial that the singer would dare partake in such a habit.

Especially when they have a scapegoat: 18-year old Robin Verrecas, who does look A LOT like the famous artist. See for yourself:

Robin Verrecas Picture

But after facing the vitriol of followers for days, Verrecas has finally spoken out on Twitter and denied that he's actually the one in those Justin Bieber pot smoking pictures.

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