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With her TV show in decline and her debut album tanking with critics and consumers alike, Lea Michele is doing everything she can to stay in the spotlight these days.

  • Lea Michele: Kids Choice Awards
  • Lea Michele: Upskirt at Kids Choice Awards

Naturally, she's fallen back on one strategy that's a time-honored favorite among fading starlets: showing some skin! Unfortunately, no one in Lea's camp bothered to tell her that a Nickelodeon awards show with a mainly pre-teen audience might not be the best place to show off the goods.

Lea's outfit (seen above) might not reach Lady Gaga levels of public nudity, but bear in mind, this is the Kids Choice Awards - a place grown-up celebs share the stage with tween sitcom stars who can't yet buy tickets to PG-13 movies.

Hardly the place for a Marilyn Monroe-style upskirt moment in a nearly see-through dress.

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American Apparel wants you to buy their skirts. It also wants you to get a detailed look at what's underneath in the case of one particular model.

Yes, the picture below is from the American Apparel website, not a blog dedicated to upskirt photos, and it's supposed to advertise their miniskirt line.

Just when you thought you'd seen everything. We're all of a sudden seeing the merit in the Target Photoshop fail that gave their model a rhombus vagina.

If the alternative is this ... airbrush it up, Targe.

American Apparel Upskirt
Classy marketing right here by American Apparel. That's a nice looking piece of ... fabric.

This company's website also has a GIF of a topless woman jumping up and down as she struggles to get into jeans (click above for that image too).

It's also the brand that brought you menstruating vagina t-shirts and other classics, so we're not sure why this surprises us even a little bit at this point.

Still, one would think there has to be another way, even another overtly sexual way, to showcase the skirt that doesn't involve a girl bending over.

If the goal is to market the skirt as an item you can easily wear for pervy upskirt pics and/or convenient sex in a public park, mission accomplished.

If their goal is to get us to post about how American Apparel has officially reached a new low in its quest for to be edgy, then job well done there as well.

Never mind. They win. But seriously, who's gonna buy this. Discuss.

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Already a spokesman for Adidas, Justin Bieber may be striking a few sexy poses for another famous brand in the new future.

The singer has included a pair of new photos on his Instagram account, including along with them one simple question:

"What if I do a Calvin Klein campaign? Comment below yes or no."

Hmmm... we wonder which answer fans will give.

There's no word yet on whether Bieber has actually signed a deal with Calvin Klein, but it's very safe to assume.

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Now this is what we call a bold fashion statement.

Maggie Q turned many heads and left countless jaws affixed to the floor last night, as the actress walked the red carpet premiere of Divergent in a dress that left little to the imagination.

No underwear? No problem at all for the former star of Nikita.

Kate Winslet, Ashley Judd, Theo James and, of course, Shailene Woodley were also present for this fun event in Los Angeles.

Click through photos of their fashion choices below and watch out for your keyboard, fellas. You don't wanna get drool all over it...

Maggie Q, No Underwear!
Whoa there, Maggie Q! Now this is what we call a bold fashion statement.

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Think Kim Kardashian is a fashion maven? Think she knows all there is to know about what looks best on other people, considering she has attached her name to countless beauty products?

Think again.

With her family being sued for allegedly stealing the name of their makeup line from businesswoman Lee Tillett, Kim was recently deposed by opposing counsel and forced to admit the following:

“I’m not really good at saying what I think would look good [on other people]."

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L'Wren Scott, a New York City fashion designer and the girlfriend of legendary Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, is dead. She was just 49 years old.

L'Wren Scott Photo

She was found this morning in her apartment by her assistant, according to the BBC.

Police are treating it as a suicide, though it's unclear why and the medical examiner has yet to determine an official cause of death as of this report.

A spokesman for Jagger, who turned 70 last year and dated Scott since 2001, said he was "completely shocked and devastated" by Scott's death.

Scott, born Luann Bambrough, was raised by adoptive parents in Utah.

She began her career as a model in Paris, then moved to L.A. to become a fashion stylist, according to a biography on her company's website.

Story developing ...

UPDATE: New reports appear to have confirmed the tragic suicide, indicating that L'Wren Scott was found hanging by a scarf inside of her apartment.

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Courtney Stodden attended the Style Fashion Week show in L.A., and it's possible she became even more ridiculous looking since we last laid eyes on her.

That bleached hair. Those pouty lips injected with who knows what. Those hilariously fake boobs. Those clothes that don't leave anything to the imagination.

Courtney Stodden, everybody ... age 19 going on 49.

Courtney Stodden at Style Fashion Week
Courtney Stodden at Style Fashion Week in March 2014. You can't unsee this.

The model-actress-singer-whatever is now under new management, and no longer under Doug Hutchison, with whom she split at the end of last year.

She still craves the spotlight however, and hard.

By her standards, her Style Fashion Week lace gown and matching gloves by designer Marika Soderlund-Robison were rather tame. Even demure.

Low standards. Very low standards.

Still, we've actually seen racier Courtney Stodden photos ... although the fact that she is somehow trying to pull off a "high fashion" look is rather hilarious.

Scroll through the gallery (plus one bonus Instagram picture) above to see what we mean, but be warned: You can't unsee the human blow-up doll.

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This just in: Miley Cyrus is wearing clothes!!!

The Twerker is featured in a new set of Marc Jacobs campaign pictures, posing for the high-end fashion designer in a series of glamorous gowns and sequin-embellished skirts that don't include a single sex toy.

Take a look at the glamorous shots in this photo gallery:

Miley Cyrus Marc Jacobs Photo
Miley Cyrus gets her serious face on for this Marc Jacobs campaign photo. And she also keeps her clothes on!

"We wanted this beach with the girls kind of sulky and broody, and we thought it would be cool if it was Miley with what could be two friends, feeling distant and quite dark," Jacobs said, adding of the artist:

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Elsa Pataky is pregnant with twins.

But instead of acting shy or embarrassed about her miraculous state at the Academy Awards Sunday night, she wore a dress that accentuated her baby bump.

Fun and admirable right?

Nope, grotesque and inappropriate, according to E!'s Fashion Police, who stooped to the low of deriding a pregnant woman this week.

"The last thing I wanna do is rip on a pregnant woman…" said stylist George Kotsiopoulos before ripping on a pregnant woman, while Kelly Osbourne said it this was not an "appropriate dress to wear if you are pregnant."

Note: Kelly Osbourne has purple hair.

The commentators have come under fire for focusing their wrath on someone expecting twins.

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After the credits rolled on the Academy Awards, the real celebration began.

Oh yes, THGers, if you think the red carpet Oscars 2014 fashion last night was a blast to critique, consider that most stars actually changed outfits prior to attending after-parties!

Two of them, to be exact. One was hosted by Elton John, the other by Vanity Fair, both featuring A-listers to D-listers and however you would classify Kim Kardashian.

Which stars stood out? Who gave her fans a major peek at some side boob?

Who went COMMANDO? The answers may surprise you. Click around now:

Ellen and Portia Party
What does one do after successfully hosting the Oscars? If you're Ellen DeGeneres, you attend the Vanity Fair after-party with Portia de Rossi.