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The 25-year anniversary remake of "We Are the World" debuted tonight during Winter Olympics coverage on NBC.

The production featured over 80 artists and celebrities, as the video below features the young (Justin Bieber), the high (Snoop Dogg) and the deceased (Michael Jackson sang a posthumous duet with sister Janet, using old footage).

Vince Vaughn even got a solo.

(We heard John Mayer was invited, but turned down the appearance because he heard black and gay people might be there.)

As Jamie Foxx says in the introduction, the purpose of the song is to unite people from across the globe and to encourage donations to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. It's a great cause and we applaud all those involved.

What do you think of this cover?


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There were no steel chairs or choke holds that could help Chris Jericho last night.

Chris Jericho Smiles Picture

The ex-WWE Champion was the first celebrity contestant eliminated from FOX's Celebrity Duets. Unlike the wrestling world, no script could save this star.

Jericho is the lead singer for Fozzy, but that hard rock experience didn't play much of a role on the show's premiere. He received a lukewarm response from the judges for his take on "Mendocino County Line," sung without feeling alongside country music star Lee Ann Womack.

Up next was "Signed, Sealed and Delivered," a duet with Peter Frampton. This tune drew a few props from the audience, but it just wasn't enough. Having been stuck with Carly Patterson as the final two celebrities, Jericho was then given the boot. But not the wrestling kind.

While it's early, Queer Eye Jai Rodriguez emerged as the judges' favorite. But that won't matter next week: fans take over the voting. And any chance Paris Hilton had of winning gets flushed down the toilet.

Just like the lunch of former best friend, Nicole Richie.

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It's finally here. After months of listening to co-workers or friends sing, you can finally turn on FOX tonight and watch celebrities do it!

Yes, it's the series premiere of Celebrity Duets, the latest Simon Cowell creation. We don't want fans to tune in without being informed, however, so let's take a gander at a cast photo and run quick background checks on on those C-listers involved with the show ...

  • Chris Jericho Picture
  • Alfonso Riberio Smirk
  • Chris Jericho: Former WWE World Champion
  • Lucy Lawless: The one, the only Xena: Warrior Princess
  • Cheech Marin: Actor, from Cars, Nash Bridges
  • Carly Patterson: 2004 Olympic Gold Medal-winning gymnast
  • Alfonso Ribeiro: It's Carlton, from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!
  • Jai Rodriguez: A Queer Eye for a Straight Guy
  • Hal Sparks: Comedian, Actor from Queer as Folk
  • Lea Thompson: Michael J. Fox' mom from Back to the Future

Wayne Brady will host the show. And actual singers, such as Michael Bolton, will team up with the aforementioned famous folk. It's a recipe for disastrous delight!

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Go right ahead and pencil in Celebrity Duets as a fall hit already. How come? Because it's being produced by the man with the golden reality TV touch.

Yes, American Idol judge and British blowhard, Simon Cowell, is at it again. TV Guide recently sat down and chatted with Paula Abdul's best friend ...

Q: You have to be over the moon about the talent you've gotten together for this show.
Cowell: Yes, we are. I've got to be honest with you, I truthfully did not think we were ever going to make the show, and I'll tell you why: We basically said to the producers, "If you can find us 10 legendary names for this show, we're going to make it, and if you don't, we can't." And I gave them a 10 percent chance of proceeding.

Cowell Scowls

Q: Because this doesn't work if the pros are chumps.
Cowell: Absolutely. We had to have literally the best singers in the world, we felt, and I think they've pretty much done that.

Q: Will each week's performance night be taped, or broadcast live?
Cowell: That's a very good question. I think it's going to be shot as all live.

Q: And what's the judging setup? Who have we got?
Cowell: Well, I can tell you exclusively that we have just signed Little Richard. I'm really thrilled, we're very happy. We've also got [music producer] David Foster, and we have one more to fill. I think I know who it is, but it's not confirmed yet.

Q: I'm guessing it will be a female?
Cowell: Looks like it, yeah, and she will be well known. David was the first choice and then somebody said to me recently, "What about Little Richard? You'll never get him, but give it a go." Well, we've confirmed him. It's great news, and it all adds to the craziness of the show.

Q: Will the duets have to tackle different musical styles each week?
Cowell: Eventually, as the show narrows down, it will become themed. On the first show they're going to sing two songs each, so they will have to choose two different disciplines on the first night - like, an up-tempo song and a ballad, or a rock song and a country song. (The Gossip can't wait to see former WWE star, Chris Jericho, go country.)

Q: Will the pairings always be male-female?
Cowell: Not necessarily, no.

Q: Is there anything else that has not yet been reported? Any scoop?
Cowell: Yes, we just confirmed Gladys Knight as one of the singers.

Q: Aren't the celebrities going to get nervous now, seeing the heavyweights they'll be partnering with?
Cowell: Oh god, yeah. This would be hard enough if we were asking them to sing on their own. But add in the fact that you're singing with Smokey Robinson, Gladys Night, Patti Labelle .... It's a nightmare.

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For a show that calls itself Celebrity Duets, the upcoming Fox reality show lacks, oh, we don't know, celebrities.

The line-up of singers for the competition, debuting Aug. 29, was announced recently announced. Try to read these with a straight face:

Randy Travis on the Mic
  • Cyndi Lauper
  • Smokey Robinson
  • Dionne Warwick
  • Randy Travis
  • Brian McKnight
  • Macy Gray
  • Richard Marx
  • Michael Bolton

What, no Nicole Richie?!? She's a singer now. Sort of.