The 25-year anniversary remake of "We Are the World" debuted tonight during Winter Olympics coverage on NBC.

The production featured over 80 artists and celebrities, as the video below features the young (Justin Bieber), the high (Snoop Dogg) and the deceased (Michael Jackson sang a posthumous duet with sister Janet, using old footage).

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It's finally here. After months of listening to co-workers or friends sing, you can finally turn on FOX tonight and watch celebrities do it!

Yes, it's the series premiere of Celebrity Duets, the latest Simon Cowell creation. We don't want fans to tune in without being informed, however, so let's take a gander at a cast photo and run quick background checks on on those C-listers involved with the show ...

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Go right ahead and pencil in Celebrity Duets as a fall hit already. How come? Because it's being produced by the man with the golden reality TV touch.

Yes, American Idol judge and British blowhard, Simon Cowell, is at it again. TV Guide recently sat down and chatted with Paula Abdul's best friend ...Q: You have to be over the moon about the talent you've gotten together for this show.Cowell: Yes, we are. I've got to be honest with you, I truthfully did not think we were ever going to make the show, and I'll tell you why: We basically said to the producers, "If you can find us 10 legendary names for this show, we're going to make it, and if you don't, we can't." And I gave them a 10 percent chance of proceeding.

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For a show that calls itself Celebrity Duets, the upcoming Fox reality show lacks, oh, we don't know, celebrities.

The line-up of singers for the competition, debuting Aug. 29, was announced recently announced. Try to read these with a straight face:

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