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Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis of The Bachelor and now Couples Therapy fame face an uncertain future, and not because of any sort of cheating or scandal.

No, it's a tried and true relationship-killer that does in many duos every day, and that may soon claim another victim in the controversial reality TV pair:

Long distance.

Juan Pablo Galavis, Nikki Ferrell, Daughter

As we learned last week on Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 4, Nikki is still waiting to be "chosen" by Juan Pablo even though she won The Bachelor.

Meanwhile, the pressures of fatherhood, in addition to whatever his personal attitude toward relationships might, keeps Juan from making any moves.

Quite literally.

Nikki Ferrell broke down on the show, admitting that being closer together - she's in Kansas City, he's in Miami - might be the only way this is going to work.

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For 19 Kids and Counting's Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald, it’s the final countdown (ba-da-DAH-da!) as their wedding date of November 1 is fast approaching.

Yes, it's now less than four weeks away, and to help get fans into the mood, TLC has given us a sneak peek at the cute couple's wedding ... invitations!

Jessa Duggar Wedding Invitation
This beautiful wedding invitation beckons you to the nuptials of Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald. If only we could go.

We've seen some cute Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald engagement photos since he put a ring on it, and they decided to use one for the invite, too.

Hey, when you're soooo in love, you might as well flaunt it, even if it's non-traditional. The Duggars, as we all know, march to the beat of their own drums.

The Arkansas couple is wasting little time getting down to business since they started courting last year. Ben proposed on the couple's 11-monthiversary.

That was this August! It'll be less than three months as an engaged woman by the time she dons her wedding dress and walks down the aisle.

When she does, it's unclear if big sister Jana Duggar will be her maid of honor, as she was at Jill Duggar's wedding this year, or if she'll have several.

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Michael Phelps may be off to rehab trying to find himself, but before his latest brush with the law, he allegedly could often be found with Taylor Lianne Chandler.

Taylor Lianne Chandler, Michael Phelps Text?
Taylor Lianne Chandler is Michael Phelps' alleged cougar girlfriend. This was sent to THG directly from a source claiming it's from her. Decide for yourself in this gallery!

Late last week, a tipster contacted The Hollywood Gossip to reveal that Phelps had been with Taylor Lianne Chandler the night of his DUI arrest.

Are they an item? We can't say for certain, but some online sleuthing and a second anonymous email to THG reveal the above photos to be Chandler.

Phelps was reportedly boozing and gambling in a casino for several hours before getting behind the wheel at around double the legal BAC last week.

Our tipster in the Canton area of Batlimore, where Michael lives, claims he is involved with Chandler, a Washington, D.C. resident, on the down-low.

"We saw a blonde model type leaving Michael Phelps' place," our source says, recalling a recent incident in which the two were spotted together.

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Reigning Miss USA Nia Sanchez is engaged to her actor boyfriend Daniel Booko, who popped the question on a private terrace in New York City Saturday.

Nia Sanchez, Daniel Booko

"We're engaged!! Ahhhh!" Daniel Booko revealed on Instagram. "Can't wait to spend forever with my love and best friend @realniasanchez @missusa!!"

"#bestnightever #TheBookos."

Booko also provided a glimpse of Sanchez's platinum, two-carat diamond ring, complete with a red, white and blue stone in honor of her Miss USA title.

Sharing the same photo on Instagram, Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez wrote on her account, "We are engaged!! so in love with my fiancé @danielbooko."

For his proposal, Booko rented out the Suite Royale at the NoMad Hotel, a 700-square-foot terrace he decked out in flowers and candles before surprising Nia.

"She's thinking she's going to an event with friends [and] I will be there looking all dapper in a suit decorated with candles and flowers," he teased.

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Already reeling emotionally, Kendra Wilkinson really didn't want her and husband Hank Baskett's 4-year-old son Hank IV to witness their intense marital problems.

"My son is definitely not old enough to handle any of this or any detail or any explanation," Kendra tells E! News, but "he did witness the initial fight."

"It's funny because he's never ever witnessed a fight between Hank and me."

As you surely know by now, Kendra's five-year marriage to Hank Baskett has been on the rocks since he cheated on her with transsexual model Ava London.

He's denied the allegations, obliquely and unofficially, but if you watch Kendra on Top online - their reality show returned Friday - it sure looks like he did.

That or Wilkinson's season premiere performance deserves an Emmy nod.

Wilkinson, who is on record saying that the drama on Kendra on Top is real and it sucks, says the hardest part to date has been what her son thinks.

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We're very sorry, female Beliebers.

But Justin Bieber is not back on the market after all.

Late last week, Selena Gomez unfollowed Bieber on Instagram. This seismic event took place not long after Selena made an ominous remark online about "learning the hard way," making many believe that Justin had once again shattered her heart into a million tiny pieces.

But that was Thursday. And this photo was posted to Bieber's social media account on Sunday:

Selena Gomez Kisses Justin Bieber

That’s definitely Justin Bieber’s tattooed arm in the photo.

And those are definitely Selena Gomez’s puckered-up lips. And, if you listen closely enough, those are definitely the sobs of millions of girls around the world reacting to the image.

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Cheating scandal, shmeating scandal.

Kendra Wilkinson says she has no plans to divorce Hank Bakett. Why would she?!?

"I do believe Hank and I will survive this,” Wilkinson tells Extra. “I will give him the benefit of the doubt. He's just too amazing... I'd be stupid... I'd be so dumb to divorce him right now and see him with another girl... I mean come on... he treats me like a queen.”

Hank v. Kendra

This is quite a contrasting statement from reports that claimed Kendra was on the verge of divorcing Baskett after rumors of his infidelity spread this spring and summer.

It is believed that he received a hand job from transgender model Ava London  - while Wilkinson was eight months pregnant, no less! - but it's also believed by many that the couple conjured up this entire story to boot ratings for their reality show.

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He may have officially hung up his cleats, but The Captain is still on a roll these days.

Not only did Derek Jeter hit a game-winning single in his final at bat at Yankee Stadium, thus bidding farewell to the hometown crowd in the coolest fashion possible (Okay, he could've hit a homer, but Jeets ain't a slugger!), now he's positively killin' it in retirement.

Not only Jeter he "curator of all things cool" for a new sports-lifestyle site called The Players' Tribune, but there are rumors that he's finally planning to settle down with his insanely hot girlfriend of two years, Hannah Davis.

Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis Photo

We first heard rumors that Jeter and Davis were engaged last year, but nothing was ever confirmed.

And of course it's not the first time that we've heard wedding bell rumors about Cap. He was reportedly engaged to Minka Kelly shortly before he and the actress broke up.

This time, however, there's reason to believe that Jeter might actually walk down the aisle...and not stop short. (We'll show ourselves out.)

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So it turns out there was no truth to the rumors that Amber Rose slept with Nick Cannon while she was still married to Wiz Khalifa. But it's still possible that she had her eyes on a different Nick:

That's Amber partying with Nick Simmons, the son of rock legend and Kiss frontman, Gene Simmons. As you can see, the two definitely appear to be more than friends. 

There's sure to be speculation that Amber and Nick began dating while she was still married to Wiz, but by most accounts Amber was a faithful and doting wife.

The marriage apparently had problems as a result of Wiz' constant touring, but it was only after Amber caught Wiz cheating on her with twins that she decided to call it quits.

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Teresa and Joe Giudice finally learned their fate yesterday in court, and The Real Housewives of New Jersey firebrand is not taking the outcome well.

After pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud, prison sentences loomed, but the couple held out hope they might be let off with probation or house arrest.

No dice. Teresa Giudice was sentenced to 15 months in prison, while her husband Joe Giudice earned a 41-month sentence in the state penitentiary.

Teresa, Joe Giudice, Daughters

In a statement, Teresa said, "My daughters are my life."

"I'm more sorry than anyone will ever know. I will make this right no matter what ... I'm really scared ... I need to learn to do things for myself."

She concluded, "It's time for me to wake up."

Judge Esther Salas, who laid the smack down on both, apparently wasn't buying her pleas for mercy or that she has a clue what she did was wrong.

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