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Rumors of your relationship ending are par for the course when you're The Bachelorette, as Andi Dorfman has found out first hand in the last few weeks.

There's nothing to them, though. She's finally responded to reports of strife between herself and fiance Josh Murray. All that online talk of an Andi split?

Unless you're talking about her hair, it just ain't true ...

Josh and Andi Photo

The brunette beauty Tweeted, "Happy to report that the only thing splitting in my life these days are the ends of my hair #rumors #inlove @jmurbulldog"

Aww. We'd expect nothing less, but it's good to hear.

Reports have hinted that Josh doesn't trust Andi because she made love with Nick Viall in the fantasy suite, or just because he's insecure, controlling, etc.

Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray have definitely faced their fair share of doubts over whether or not they're the real deal, but they very much appear to be.

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Before Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt married, the stars reportedly came to terms on a prenuptial agreement, as an insider says, and it was a doozy.

The pact, which was “was heavily encouraged by their lawyers,” included a provision that would award the actress the majority of time with their kids.

“If Brad gets too serious with another woman while they are married,” a source said of the Brangelina prenup, “she’ll get primary custody if they split.”

The couple “said that having a prenup is the best way to protect their kids,” the source said, as well as each other, as both have quite a lot to protect.

The A-list couple has a total net worth of $425 million; with the 50-year-old actor's assets valued at $240 million, and his 39-year-old wife's at $185 million.

According to their agreement, should they part ways, each will leave with those millions they brought into the union on their own. As for the rest?

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We hope you're sitting down, celebrity gossip lovers.

Because Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are about to get married! For real! We're not making this up...

.. but Life & Style probably is.

With Justin and Selena posing for selfies practically by the day, making it clear they are VERY much back together, a source has supposedly confirmed to the tabloid that things are really serious this time around.

  • Justin Bieber In Deep Thought
  • Smiling Selena Gomez

"They held a secret commitment ceremony in LA and exchanged Cartier promise rings!" a friend exclusively lies reveals in the new issue of Life & Style.

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On the little-watched series season finale of LeAnn & Eddie, LeAnn announced that she was off birth control and hoping to get knocked up.

The show ended with LeAnn taking a pregnancy test that came up negative. A few months after that episode was filmed, however, LeAnn stepped out looking as though she might be concealing a baby bump:

LeAnn Rimes: Pregnant?

Sure, the baggy blouse and carefully positioned bag of leftovers could just be coincidental, but since she put the world on bump watch by announcing her intention to get pregnant, we're looking extra hard for clues.

So we have no way of knowing for sure if LeAnn is pregnant, but what we do know is that she's decided to express her feelings about the end of her reality show with a song about her fans...or her haters...or both. We're not really sure:

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Teen Mom stars Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell didn't start out with the most conventional relationship, but it's by far the most stable in franchise history.

Not only have they withstood some serious ups and downs without their commitment to each other ever wavering is, they seem more in love than ever.

Exhibit A: The way he came to her defense after haters bashed her appearance on VH1's Couples Therapy reunion show. What he wrote was touching.

Seriously, she posted it to Instagram, and it just got dusty in here ...

  • Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell
  • Tyler Baltierra Note to Catelynn Lowell

If you can get past how upsetting it is that anyone would slam her weight - Catelynn Lowell is pregnant, for crying out loud - it's a wonderful story.

Not a lot of guys would stand up for their woman like that, no matter how supportive and loving they are. Tyler went all out, and took on the critics directly.

In addition to gushing over Cate and her appearance, he added this:

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Before Johnny Depp got engaged to Amber Heard or had children with Vanessa Paradis, he dated a succession of Hollywood It Girls and was as well known for his troubled relationships as for his acting.

One of the most tumultuous and infamous of his romances was with supermodel Kate Moss.

And according to a new tell-all book about the fashion world of the 1990s, the relationship between Depp and Moss was far more sordid than anyone had previously thought.

  • Johnny Depp Waves
  • K. Moss

In Champagne Supernova, author Maureen Callahan goes into graphic detail about the habits and hang-ups that nearly caused Depp and Moss to self-destruct.

Describing the first night they met at an East Village club in 1994, Callahan writes:

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Ever since Scott Disick was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning back in July, things have reportedly been very rocky between him and Kourtney Kardashian. 

The relationship is said to have improved briefly when Disick stopped drinking due to an ultimatum from Kourtney.

Kourtney and Scott Disick

It didn't last long, however, and Scott was soon back on the bottle...and apparently out of Kourtney's life.

Kourtney was recently spotted on vacation in Santa Barbara taking care of the couple's two children with help from a nanny. Scott was nowhere to be found, and sources say Kourtney made a point of not inviting him.

"She looked very happy, and didn’t seem to mind that Scott wasn’t there," says one insider. "In fact, Kourtney was relieved Scott didn’t come, because all they have been doing recently is fight over his late night partying."

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Despite forming what many fans felt was an unlikely and imperfect couple, Michelle Money and Cody Sattler are still together after Bachelor in Paradise.

Not only that, they're even more smitten now than when the Bachelor in Paradise finale filmed back in June. The duo say they've fallen in love!

Michelle Money and Cody Sattler

"It's been so easy, and it's only gotten better since the show ended," Sattler tells Us in an interview. "It's going in the right direction, I can tell you that!"

Money, a fan favorite from Brad Womack's second season of The Bachelor, and Season 2 of Bachelor Pad, appeared to have struck out in Paradise too.

Then along came Cody, fresh off his failed attempt to woo Andi Dorfman on The Bachelorette. He wanted Michelle from day one. She came around.

"For me, it was either three strikes and you're out, or third time's a charm," she says, noting that. "I've been through a lot with the Bachelor franchise."

"I've had some amazing experiences and met incredible people, but I've never met anyone as amazing as Cody. I never thought someone like him existed."

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Iggy Azalea is not what you'd call shy, whether she's spitting mad game or declaring her love for boyfriend Nick Young on her Instagram account!

Iggy Azalea, Nick Young

The "Fancy" rapper, who has been dating the NBA baller for nearly a year, couldn't contain her emotions as she shared a sweet picture of the two of them.

"I love youuuuuuuu," the smitten rapper captioned the snap, which showed Azalea, 24, cuddling up to Young, 29, at the Reveal Calvin Klein fragrance launch.

The event took place at the World Trade Center during New York Fashion Week, where the chart-topping Aussie had performed earlier in the evening.

Despite her busy schedule of world domination, Iggy Iggs and Nick have been inseparable of late. The pair recently vacationed in Mexico for her birthday.

Friends of both stars are anticipating an engagement announcement.

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As you know if you watch Bachelor in Paradise, former Bachelorette and Bachelor stars Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul are on their way to the altar.

Shocked? Don't be. These two were smitten from the start.

Lacy Faddoul, Marcus Grodd

Granted, it was fast, but those who saw Marcus court Andi Dorfman on The Bachelorette know he was open to the idea of falling in love and marrying quickly.

Lacy never got her foot in the door with Juan Pablo Galavis, as she was cut the first night. Boy did she dodge a bullet with that blessing in disguise.

In any case, it's been a little over three months for Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul, but given the intensity of the setting and their connection?

It feels like they've known each other a lot longer, and they couldn't be happier today, because they can go public as an engaged couple! Finally!

"It definitely still feels surreal," Lacy said. "Hiding it and having [to stay in] safe houses and covering our trails was definitely hard. It's still a whirlwind for us!"

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