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Britney Spears turns 32 on this second day of December. Thirty-two!

It seems like a lifetime ago that we first fell in love with her. Heck ... it sort of was a lifetime ago. The Britney Jean Spears of yesteryear? Just unreal hot. 

See Exhibit A below. We rest our obscenely smoldering case.

Britney Spears Nude in Esquire

In her 32 years, she's been through almost that many scandals.

She became an icon seemingly overnight. She went wild, then mellowed out. She's been on top, and rock bottom, and risen like a Phoenix from the ashes.

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Break out the bong, raise a glass and get ready to twerk, THGers:

Miley Cyrus turns 21 years old Saturday! Happy birthday, Miley!

The singer, who hasn't exactly been shy about her love for booze or pot, is celebrating the milestone by hosting a marathon of Miley-themed programming on MTV.

During the day, that is. Tonight? That, we can only imagine.

Will she bleach her eyebrows some more? Take a lot/all of clothing off? Stick out her tongue in a series of strange Instagram pics? Twerk? All of the above.

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The McCaughey siblings made history back in 1997 as the first set of septuplets - seven children conceived in the same womb together - to survive infancy.

Now, they're about to apply for seven driver's licenses.

That's the best part of turning 16, at least if you ask Kenny, Alexis, Natalie, Kelsey, Nathan, Brandon and Joel McCaughey ... though they'll still carpool a lot.

They only have one vehicle to share, after all.

It's hard to believe that 16 years ago, parents Kenny and Bobbi, and their big sister Mikayla, settled into a life of diapers, bottles and birthday cake.

All multiplied by seven. Today, they're more than siblings. They're best friends, and they always back each other up, forming a united front no matter what.

“We all just are able to ... to help each other,” Natalie said.

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Candy Crush Saga turns one year old today. In that time, it has been downloaded more than half a billion times and played more than 151 billion times.

That's about 200 times per download! If you're familiar with the mobile game, you're likely not surprised by those totals. You know you contribute to them.

Its combination of strategy, cool design, vibrant colors, and availability via Android and Windows phones and tablets has fueled the Candy Crush craze.

Still, its success is staggering. Why does Candy Crush Saga achieve so much, given its similarities to other time-consuming, mind-numbing distractions?

Tommy Palm, head developer at King, cites humanity's affinity for candy, color, and interesting shapes. The simpler things go a long way, apparently.

Additionally, constantly updated content keeps its users engaged and addicted. After starting with just one level last year, the game has 544 as of now.

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Lamar Odom turns 34 years old today.

And while that's exciting and while we wish the troubled baller all the very best, it's really more fascinating than anything else: Will Khloe Kardashian Tweet or Instagram her best wishes?

She's done so over the past few days for mother Kris Jenner and half-sister Kendall Jenner, as each of those loved ones celebrated a birthday.

Lamar Odom on Bench

But the problems with Khloe and Lamar run deep.

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You may not like her.

You may find her totally manipulative and controlling and fake and money-hungry and focused on the wrong things in life and generally disdainful in every way.

But you have to respect Kris Jenner, who turns 58 years old today, for at least one reason: The reality star is very good at her job.

Kris Jenner with a Smile

Kris continues to find ways to keep her family in the news.

From the Kim Kardashian sex tape to the scripted storylines on Keeping Up with the Kardashians to her own split from Bruce Jenner. Kris is never not thinking of her loved ones'... fame and fortune.

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Good news, fellas: Kendall Jenner is finally 18 years old. You know what that means:

You can stop feeling so dirty when you stare at her nearly naked Instagram photos.

Yes, the half-sister of Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian celebrates a milestone birthday today, just as she finds herself in the middle of a number controversial headlines.

Did she really drink underage at a sex club? Has she undergone plastic surgery? Was it really necessary to rent out all of Six Flags Great Adventure for her birthday celebration?

Is it inappropriate to pose suggestively and with barely any clothing on at her age?

We'll leave those questions and debates to Jenner's fans and/or critics. We're just glad we aren't in danger of getting arrested any longer simply by following her on Instagram.

Happy birthday, KJ!!! Click to enlarge many more photos of her below:

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Bruce Jenner turns 64 years old today.

And, although he's now separated from Kris Jenner, the First Family of Reality Television made a point of celebrating with its patriach last night.

Khloe Kardashian was especially open about the occasion, posting a silly photo (below) of herself at dinner with her siblings and Tweeting of Bruce:

"Such a fun early Birthday dinner for my Brucey. "I am so lucky!!! I was blessed with TWO phenomenal fathers!!! Family first."

Khloe Kardashian with a Mustache

Khloe later added a photo of a cake decorated with a golf ball and another with a helicopter and aded: "He deserves not one but TWO cakes. A few of his favorite things."

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The most famous booty in Hollwood turns 33 years old today.

Yes, Kim Kardashian is now one year older, though fans may be hard-pressed to find a better gift for the reality star than got for herself:

A svelte new body! The reality star has totally done, it, people, and she's totally shown it off in a sexy new selfie.

Kim and Kanye Abroad

Kim will officially celebrate her 33rd birthday on Friday in Las Vegas - and it is true, the large-breasted celebrity has a great deal to celebrate from the past year of her life:

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