Brad Pitt is taking adorable daughter Shiloh on a shopping spree in Cannes in this photo.

The entire Brangelina clan was in the city for the Cannes Film Festival, as Brad was able to slip away almost unnoticed because a majority of the paparazzi was focused on a very pregnant Angelina Jolie.

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We wonder which has less of a chance: Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas in marriage? Or Pete Doherty's son in life?

Here's a shot of the drugged out rocker with his child, Astile. The toddler's mom is some woman named Lisa Moorish. We can't think of anything else to say about this nonsense.

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Look out Flavor Flav, T.I. is coming for you!

The latter rapper just welcomed his fifth child into the world, cutting into Flav's lead in children (Flavor has nine kids, or maybe 10; at some point, you lose track). The birth of son Major Harris Friday morning was T.I.'s second with girlfriend Tameka Cottlegave.

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Similar to being President of the United States, mothering is hard work.

Christina Aguilera shows the toll being a parent can take - even on a celebrity - in this photo of her and son Max. We recommend a baby sitter, Jordan Bratman. Your beautiful wife needs a break.

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Angelina Jolie - along with her baby bump and giant boobs - cradles Maddox in her arms as her and boyfriend Brad Pitt take two of their kids for a ride in Monaco.

Two more kids, of course, are on the way for the world's most beautiful couple; Jolie is pregnant with twins.

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We don't blame the little girl. It is a pretty painful spectator sport to watch in America - even if it's the amazing David Beckham doing the soccer playing.

Amid speculation that their family add a new baby, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and baby Suri joined David's son Brooklyn to watch the L.A. Galaxy Saturday.

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To each celeb gossip site its own.

Some of us are obsessed with The Hills. Others like to start Katie Holmes pregnancy rumors every other week. Standard fare, really.

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