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Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar Dillard of TLC's 19 Kids & Counting fame shared the first photo of their baby son ahead of his anticipated March arrival.

Yes, they posted an adorable ultrasound picture of #BabyDilly!

Jill Duggar Ultrasound Photo

"I am keeping his ultrasound pictures safe ... it is so exciting to look at this picture," Jill tells People, adding that the little one "is moving and kicking now."

"It's crazy to realize I have this wonderful baby boy inside me."

Jill and Derick wed June 21, and just a few weeks later revealed her pregnancy. They saved their first kiss for the altar, and quickly made up for lost time.

The couple, ages 23 (her) and 25 (him), have set up a Duggar-Dillard baby registry and are taking childbirth classes to prepare for a natural home birth.

"I am learning a lot about birth," says Derick. "We are doing our homework together, and I keep reading new things, the medical aspects are fascinating to me."

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Kourtney Kardashian may or may not take part in a double wedding with Khloe Kardashian at some point in the near future.

But the reality star will definitely become a mother for the third time before then.

The 35-year old covers the new issue of Fit Pregnancy and tells the magazine that she and Scott Disick are in for a special Christmas gift this year.

Kourtney Kardashian Fit Pregnancy Cover

Joking that she's gonna keep her doctor "handcuffed" to her for the holidays, Kourtney reveals that her third child is due toward the end of December.

"With Mason, I was due on December 24 and my mom said, 'No, not on the night of my Christmas Eve party!'" Kourtney says. "But he was born 10 days early, so we'll see what happens this time."

We know Kourtney was kidding about her mom's response to Mason's due date... but not entirely, we bet.

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Some celebrities were born and bred to be stars, most likely by other stars.

Most of the time, however, they were unknowns during their formative years, a far cry from the future TV stars, movie greats, musical icons and models we know.

The heart throbs of today were the nerds of yesterday, the style mavens as awkward as any other 'tweens, and the Kardashians anonymously tolerable.

Check out the gallery below for so many examples of this ...

Jonah Hill as a Kid
We can totally see Jonah Hill as a kid looking like Jonah Hill actually looked as a kid.

If you've ever wondered what your favorite celebrities (or the Kardashians even) looked like long before they dominated your Facebook feed, wonder no longer.

We've answered that question dozens of times right here!

Some of them looked a lot like their adult selves from a very early age, while Father Time has, shall we say, been kinder to some more than others.

All of them, though, were pretty darn precious as you'll see.

Yes, this gallery makes even Justin Bieber look semi-cute.

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Reaction continues to pour in regarding the Kim Kardashian nude spread in Paper magazine, with most talk centering around the same question:

Kim is someone's mother. How could she flaunt her naked body in such a way?!?

Kardashian has responded that she posed in her birthday suit as a gift to herself, and now she's giving fans a look at herself as a mother.

Kim Kardashian and Daughter North

In the first of two Intagram photos posted yesterday, Kardashian and daughter North West are both dressed in black and both wearing serious expressions.

"What we're like in front of the paparazzi..." Kim humorously captioned the snapshot.

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Brace yourself: Tila Tequila is now someone's mother. We'll give you a moment to question the meaning of existence.

Yes, we knew Tila was pregnant, because she's documented pretty much every second of the last nine months. 

We may have even witnessed the conception in the form of the Tila Tequila sex tape, but that doesn't make the notion of this woman raising a child any less mind-blowing. 

Tila Tequila Baby Bump, Breasts

Fortunately, in an encouraging sign for the future, Ms. Tequila opted not to pass her boozy surname onto her daughter, and the girl will instead be known as Isabella Monroe Nguyen.

(Yes, we know you're shocked that Tila is one of those women who fancies herself some sort of Marilyn Monroe figure.)

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Ever since the Kim Kardashian Paper Magazine cover has hit the Internet, its nude subject has been hit with the same criticism over and over:

You're a mother! How could you?!? 

We'll let our readers debate whether or not it's appropriate for a parent to pose completely naked for the world to see, but here's the good news: it appears as if little North West has not yet seen the Kim Kardashian nude images in question.

We can't imagine she'd be smiling so broadly if she had...

Smiling North West

Kim appaarently took the toddler to the zoo today with her aunt, Kourtney Kardashian, writing as a caption to this cute picture:

"Zoo day!!!! my little lady loves animals so much!!!!"

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Snooki threw her longtime best friend JWoww a surprise baby shower earlier this year, and the cake was revealed this week on MTV's Snooki & JWoww.

There are no words to describe how awesome slash terrible it is.

Seriously, just let this sink in and see how it makes you feel ...

Vagina Cake

We're sorry if chocolate sprinkles have been forever ruined for you after seeing this creation, one of the most shocking things we've seen on TV in awhile.

And we watch TV online a lot, people.

“It’s like push cake, like get ready to push the baby out of your vag!” Snooki quipped to the then-preggers JWoww, proceeding to explain the cake in detail.

“The cherries resemble the placenta and the blood when the baby comes out,” Snooki said. “And then add the [chocolate] sprinkles for little pubes."

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The pregnant Kate Middleton is expecting a baby girl, according to friends and other sources who somehow claim to "confirm" this as of this week!

Kate Middleton's Baby Bump

Naturally, when it comes to breaking royal family scoop, Life & Style Magazine is the #1 most trusted source around. So who are we to argue with this?

The publication, citing alleged friends, claims that the 32-year-olds' unborn baby’s gender was revealed to them a few weeks ago, at a doctor's appointment.

The news that Prince George will be having a little sister is undoubtedly exciting. Maybe even enough to end Kate Middleton and Prince William fighting.

One can only hope, right? For the family's sake?

Kate Middleton’s due date for her daughter is reportedly in April, which means we still have a while to go here, and it casts doubt on this entire story:

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Casey Wilson is pregnant with her first child!

Sources have confirmed to Us Weekly that the hilarious actress and husband David Caspe will welcome a child into the world at some point in 2015.

The awesome couple got married seven months ago, paying homage to both their big day and the wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (which took place on the same weekend) via a memorable Instagram photo:

Casey Wilson and David Caspe Wedding Pic

We can only hope the impending baby shares Wilson’s sense of humor, as the former Saturday Night Live star and Happy Endings actress told Us Weekly soon after tying the knot:

"David and I couldn't have been more excited to celebrate our special day with all of our closest friends and family. Oprah, sadly, was a no show. (Probably because we've never met. Maybe next time?)"

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Natalie Nunn has taken a break from hair-pulling, cat-fighting and all the other craziness we witness when we watch Bad Girls Club online to make an important announcement:

She's pregnant!

“Jacob and I couldn’t be happier,” Nunn tells the new issue of Life & Style, in which she posted with husband Jacob Payne and her slowly-evolving baby bump.

Natalie Nunn Pregnancy Reveal

Nunn may have made a name and a reputation for herself on the aforementioned Oxygen reality series, but she tells the tabloid that she's now a changed woman.

She plans to raise her child in a drama-free household.

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