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Proving just how little NBC has worth watching these days, Donald Trump and Celebrity Apprentice were given a three-hour episode last night. Three.

Sad as that is, with over $1 million at stake for charity, the stakes were raised, things in the boardroom got quite heated and two people got the axe.

Debbie Gibson was the first of two casualties, taking the fall after the episode's initial task - to create and sell a "My New York" celebrity guidebook.

Debbie Gibson on Celebrity Apprentice

In the boardroom, the losing women brought out their manicured claws, and while Aubrey O'Day seemed like the obvious choice to get the boot, she was safe.

Thus, Debbie Gibson was fired.

Just when it seemed that things were about to simmer down, Trump pulled a fast one teamed up Teresa, Aubrey, Arsenio, Clay Aiken and Paul Teutul, Sr.

Up against them? Lou Ferrigno, Lisa, Dayana, Dee, and Penn Jillette. Arsenio and Lou took charge as project managers for the night's second challenge.

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On this week's Celebrity Apprentice, tensions ran high on the women's team after the dramatic firing of Tia Carrere for her failings on the previous task.

So could the reeling ladies pick up their game, pull things together to get back to their winning ways? And who did Donald Trump end up firing at the end?

No, and Patricia Velasquez.

Patricia Velasquez Pic

Sunday's task was throwing a party for Crystal Light's new mock-tinis, and although the men's team members admittedly don't like to party, they got the job done here.

The teams were judged on creativity, brand messaging and the overall party atmosphere, and Clay Aiken, the farthest thing from a clubber, led them to the win.

On the losing side, Aubrey O'Day opted to bring Patricia Velasquez and Dayana Mendoza back into the boardroom with her. Then Aubrey broke out the tears.

Clearly it worked, as Donald Trump decided to donate $10,000 to her charity AND save her from elimination. Patricia got fired due to the errors on the signage. Ouch.

Was it the right decision? Are you sorry to see Velasquez go?

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Following a task that didn't go as planned, Tia Carrere ended up being the latest casualty of Donald Trump's unforgiving boardroom cuts on Celebrity Apprentice.

On Sunday's episode, both teams were challenged to create a viral video for an O-Cedar mop. Obviously. The men, led by Lou Ferrigno, took a comical route.

The women, however, went with a double entendre "What's your number?" campaign.

Tia Carrere Photo

While not overtly sexual, each woman, under the direction of Lisa Lampanelli and guidance of project manager Carrere, revealed how many mops they'd owned in their lives.

The men's idea mopped the floor with them and raised $50,000 for charity, leaving the ladies - Carrere, Lampanelli and Aubrey O'Day - fighting for survival.

When push came to shove, Carrere stepped up ... and fell on her own sword.

"Unfortunately I know as project manager, my head is on the chopping block," she told Trump, believing that someone else would go down with her.

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George Takei has been beamed out of Celebrity Apprentice.

After Donald Trump served up arguably the competition's most difficult challenge for the celebrity teams yet, the fan-favorite contestant became the casualty.

With a fashion-related challenge, the 0-for-2 women's team (which has two models as members) finally won their first challenge to get the zero off the board.

In the boardroom, Takei ended up paying the price.

George Takei Apprentice Pic

Sunday's assignment was to create two living window displays at Lord & Taylor to promote Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump's clothing line ... convenient.

The teams were judged in three areas: creativity, brand message and overall presentation. The women's team project manager? Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza.

The men's manager? Takei. The deck was stacked on this one.

The men spent a lot of time complaining about Takei's leadership (Clay Aiken even called his leader "slower") while the women's team benefited from Aubrey O'Day.

In addition to Mendoza leading the way, O'Day came up with the concept and took over a lot of the planning, helping key a demonstrative win for the females.

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After last week's premiere saw Cheryl Tiegs fired and Victoria Gotti narrowly escape, in the opening moments of last night's episode of Celebrity Apprentice, she said:

"It's on."

Gotti added, "Women will turn on you quicker than a jackrabbit. No problem. In fact, bring it on." That they did, and she ended up getting the chop Sunday night.

Victoria Gotti Picture

Most of the women ended up turning on Gotti during a Medieval Times challenge.

After copious amounts of screaming, fighting and a broken finger (Dee Snider's), the men's decision to go with star power over plot worked in their favor as they won the challenge and received thunderous applause from the audience.

The women ended up showing more skin than they originally intended and despite Aubrey O'Day's best Snooki impression, it was back to the boardroom.

Lisa Lampanelli was spared as Gotti's stage-directing mishaps, inability to pull it together and threat to quit that had Donald Trump sending her home.

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The Celebrity Apprentice's fifth-season premiere began with real estate mogul / blowhard / occasional political figure Donald Trump meeting with the season's celebrity cast and revealing he would be breaking them up into teams based on gender.

After the women lost, Patricia Velasquez then opted to take Cheryl Tiegs and Victoria Gotti back into the boardroom with her after Trump and his children (Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.) debated the women's failure and pinned it on both women.

Ultimately, Cheryl Tiegs became the first candidate fired this season.

Cheryl Tiegs Photo

Trump fired the supermodel and former True Beauty judge for her role in the first task, in which sandwiches were sold to charitable donors and customers for NYC delis.

Patricia was clearly off the hook because her entire team agreed she did an excellent job despite the team losing the task, and the team was still successful overall.

She went on to tell Trump she would ultimately fire Cheryl over Victoria because Victoria brought positive energy and passion that would help her team. Trump agreed.

"I don't think you feel comfortable in this environment ... do you?" Trump asked Cheryl. "I don't know if I fit into this group," Cheryl replied.

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The latest cast of Celebrity Apprentice has been officially announced, with Teresa Giudice, Clay Aiken, Dee Snider and Cheryl Tiegs leading the pack of random stars!

“This season of Celebrity Apprentice will be the most exciting yet," Donald Trump said in a statement, stopping short of calling it the greatest TV event of all time.

Here's The Donald with Giudice, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star:

  • Teresa Giudice Celebrity Apprentice Pic
  • The Don

"We are thrilled to bring 18 new and talented celebrities who will help me make Celebrity Apprentice one of the hottest shows on television this spring."

Joining the Donald in the board room, where he'll surely be plugging his non-Presidential campaign, as advisors are children Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump.

You can check out the full list of Celebrity Apprentice cast members - some of whom you have probably even heard of before - after the jump ...

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It's hard to believe that years ago, The Apprentice was a top-rated, serious show (as serious as a reality show starring Donald Trump can be anyway).

The quality may have fallen off faster than Trump's non-campaign for President after Obama's birth certificate was released, but hey, it's still on!

The teams were spotted in N.Y. City this week for their first challenge, selling sandwiches, appearing to be divided by gender as was the case last season.

Donald and Bret

Who will be the next Bret Michaels?!

The list of C-list stars set to compete next spring includes American Idol star Clay Aiken, Real Housewife of N.J. Teresa Giudice and Aubrey O'Day.

Beyond that, if you know who all these people are, we're impressed.

Can anybody match NeNe Leakes' fights with LaToya Jackson and Star Jones in terms of drama? And less importantly, who will win the grand prize?

Check out the full Celebrity Apprentice cast after the jump and see:

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Former American Idol star Clay Aiken is headed to the boardroom.

The singer will be competing, wheeling and dealing on the new season of Donald Trump's series The Celebrity Apprentice, an inside source confirms.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is also reportedly going to be a contestant this season, as is usually-naked singer Aubrey O'Day.

C. Aiken

Reports say '80s pop singer Debbie Gibson is on board as well.

With over five million albums sold career, Clay Aiken trails only Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson and Chris Daughtry among American Idol alumni.

Celebrity Apprentice champs included Piers Morgan, who ironically was kind of a non-celebrity until he won the thing, Joan Rivers and Bret Michaels.


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In case Teresa Giudice is somehow not a big enough draw for you, Life & Style can now confirm: Aubrey O'Day will also join the new cast of Celebrity Apprentice!

Aubrey O'Day Bikini Pic

She is "so excited to be part of the show," an insider tells the tabloid, adding this exciting nugget: "She came into the Dop Dop salon in NYC a couple of weeks ago to change her hair color to red for her stint on the show."

Right. Because it's the color of O'Day's hair that viewers will focus on. That's totally where are our eyes are drawn to in the photo above.


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