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We all know human beings are capable of some pretty amazing photobombs.

Recent cases in point: Aaron Paul and Kellan Lutz at Coachella; Jimmy Fallon and Jonn Hamm on The Empire State Building for an amazing Tonight Show sketch.

But what about our furry friends?

Did you know that cats were were photobomb masters? And dogs? And hippos? And one seriously amazing squirrel?

The latter leads this galler of animal photobombing examples that all need to be seen to be believed. Pretty awesome stuff...

21 Amazing Animal Photobombs
What a ham! This squirrel jumps up and turns a basic vacation photo into a legendary snapshot.
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Squirrel Photobomb

1. Squirrel Photobomb

What a ham! This squirrel jumps up and turns a basic vacation photo into a legendary snapshot.

Hippo Photobomb

2. Hippo Photobomb

This is the sort of risk one runs when one poses for a photograph inside an aquarium.

Pigeon Photobomb

3. Pigeon Photobomb

Lots of people have a photo of their significant other in front of this landmark. But how many folks have a picture like this??

Giraffe Photobomb

4. Giraffe Photobomb

Some photobombs are subtle. Others, not so much. Can you guess into which camp this photo falls?

Photobomb in the Wilderness

5. Photobomb in the Wilderness

Excuse me, children. But I'm pretty sure people would rather look at me than look at you.

Painful Photobomb

6. Painful Photobomb

Don't worry. It's okay to laugh. This woman was unharmed in this amazing photo.

Gorilla Photobomb

7. Gorilla Photobomb

Look up. See him now? This is our favorite gorilla photobomb of all-time.

Mini Photobomb

8. Mini Photobomb

All it takes to photobomb another dog is a pair of eyes sometimes. Case in point... this.

Pssst, Owner!

9. Pssst, Owner!

Hey, owner! Let me in! Let go of that dog! Sheesh!

Whale Photobomb

10. Whale Photobomb

Surprise! This whale decided (sort of) to photobomb this short of a bird.

Mean Cat Photobomb

11. Mean Cat Photobomb

It's hard to divert attention from this big-faced dog. But the cat in the background accomplishes that task.

Photobombing a Golden

12. Photobombing a Golden

Yes, this Golden Retriever is cute. But our attention is diverted elsewhere.

Angry Cat Photobomb

13. Angry Cat Photobomb

How dare you take a photo of this dog? LOOK AT ME INSTEAD!

Dog Photobombs Wedding

14. Dog Photobombs Wedding

Can you catch the dog photobomb in this wedding photo? Come on. Look closely.

Crazy Cat Photobomb

15. Crazy Cat Photobomb

This might be the most subtle and hilarious animal photobomb in the history of the World Wide Web.

Girls Photobombed by Horse

16. Girls Photobombed by Horse

Smile, girls! And, okay, why not... you smile, too, horse!

Seal Photobomb!

17. Seal Photobomb!

Hey there, cameraman! This seal takes some attention away from a group of penguins.

Horse Photobomb!

18. Horse Photobomb!

Yes, this is a cute little girl. But it's a little hard to focus on her at the moment.

Pug Photobomb!

19. Pug Photobomb!

This pug makes sure he's front and center for this adorable photo of himself and another dog.

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Let's face it: cats can be very annoying creatures.

They aren't ideal alarm clocks and they often interrupt your ping pong games.

Every now and then, however, these pets can be surprisingly considerate, such as when they unfurl an entire roll of toilet paper... only to realize this could be an inconvenience for their owners and quickly change course, rolling the paper back up.

This doesn't take place all that frequently. But what a feline named Willie give his kind a good name in the following video:

Pretty cute, right?

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Cats. They're so vain and self-absorbed, it's no surprise that they're getting in on the selfie trend. In fact, it's a small wonder it took them this long.

Narcissists. Bunch of pompous, entitled narcissists.

The selfie has quickly become the most popular (and controversial at times, like with the Ellen Oscar selfie) photography trend of the Internet these days.

In the gallery below, 15 of our furry feline friends prove that they can be just as addicted to their phones and obsessed with themselves online as us.

Only most of the time, they win for cuteness ...

15 Crazy Cat Selfies
Yo B. Watchu doin'?
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Hey Bruh

1. Hey Bruh

Yo B. Watchu doin'?

Sooo Far Away

2. Sooo Far Away

Look at me, I'm so big!

Kiss Me

3. Kiss Me

C'mere, camera!

Mr. Cool

4. Mr. Cool

This kitty is 2 cool for skool lol.

One Paw!

5. One Paw!

That takes dexterity for a cat.


6. Trippy

We like what he did with the angle and filter on this one.


7. Artsy

This selfie could win an art project.



I'm so scared of my own selfie!

Cuddly Selfie

9. Cuddly Selfie

She looks so relaxed and wants you to know it.

Just Hangin'

10. Just Hangin'

Wif my friends.

Loungin' in Bed

11. Loungin' in Bed

Where I spend 16-20 hours a day.

Mr. Serious

12. Mr. Serious

Who says selfies can't be professional?


13. Zzzzzzzzzz

How do you pull that off? Or are you just pretending?

Preparing 2 Creep

14. Preparing 2 Creep

That kitchen will never know what hit it.

Double Trouble

15. Double Trouble

Your Instagram or mine?

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First, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Now Grumpy Cat?!

The aforementioned celebrity duo might not be the most controversial cover subject(s) in Vogue magazine history for long, if the Internet's favorite feline has her say.

Grumpy Cat (a.k.a. Tardar Sauce) visited the magazine's New York offices to celebrate her second birthday and was predictably not amused, or impressed. At all.

Is this Anna Wintour's new cover subject? One can hope ...

Grumpy Cat Goes to Vogue
Grumpy cat at Vogue headquarters in NYC. Our favorite feline is not looking overly impressed with his surroundings.
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Grumpy Cat at Vogue

1. Grumpy Cat at Vogue

Grumpy cat at Vogue headquarters in NYC. Our favorite feline is not looking overly impressed with his surroundings.

Grumps at Vogue

2. Grumps at Vogue

Grumpy Cat at Vogue HQ in NYC.

Grumpy Cat is Not Impressed

3. Grumpy Cat is Not Impressed

Grumpy Cat poses with Vogue’s Creative Director Grace Coddington.

So Grumpy

4. So Grumpy

Grumpy Cat is not easily impressed.

Grumps didn’t mention Kim Kardashian and Kanye West during her visit to NYC, but she tweeted afterward,  “I went to @VogueMagazine once. It was awful.”

We would expect nothing less, considering the source.

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Well, Internet. You had a nice run.

You posted many hot Kate Upton photos and a lot of funny cat memes and these 19 Essential Taylor Swift GIFs and some other cute stuff, too.

But you might as well retire now. You'll simply never be able to top the following photo gallery.

It combines babies with dogs and cats and sleeping and licking and it's JUST THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER. It wins. It wins the Internet for all-time.

Don't buy the hype? Click around and you soon will:

21 Pictures of Kids and Pets Being Best Friends Forever
That's it. We can end the Internet now. This is the cutest photo you'll ever see.
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The. Cutest. Photo. Ever.

1. The. Cutest. Photo. Ever.

That's it. We can end the Internet now. This is the cutest photo you'll ever see.

Really, Kid?

2. Really, Kid?

You know the question we need to ask in this picture, don't you? Who is taking whom for a walk?

Black, White, Perfect

3. Black, White, Perfect

This is black, white and totes adorbs. Look how small that dog is!!!

Top of the Head Kiss

4. Top of the Head Kiss

This child plants a kiss on this dog's head and we just wanna curl up and die because it's so cute.

Playing Adorable Doctor

5. Playing Adorable Doctor

It's time for the cutest check-up in Internet history. Take long, deep breaths, dog.

Let's Swing!

6. Let's Swing!

Only one thing is more fun than going on a swing: going on a swing with your furry best friend!

Very Close Pals

7. Very Close Pals

It's hard to tell who is happier in this photo: The dog or its small, cute owner.

Like Pet, Like Son

8. Like Pet, Like Son

Doesn't this picture just make you want to die??!?! OMG, it... is... SO... cute!

Cutest Seat in the House

9. Cutest Seat in the House

Who needs a chair or a sofa? This little girl has found the best seat in the house.

Dog vs. Child!

10. Dog vs. Child!

We'd like to think these two are engaged in staredown. Who will blink first?!?

In Good Paws

11. In Good Paws

This newborn couldn't be more safe and secure. He's in very good hands... errr, paws.

Polka Dotted Delight

12. Polka Dotted Delight

Polka dots have never looked so adorable. We could stare at this picture for hours.

A Group Hug

13. A Group Hug

It's time for a group hug! Come on, get in here everyone!

Giant Dog, Small Owner

14. Giant Dog, Small Owner

This dog's head is bigger than half this girl's body. And the resulting image is adorable.

Kid and Cat Seat

15. Kid and Cat Seat

AWWW! This isn't just a car seat. It's a car and cat seat!

Group Chill Time

16. Group Chill Time

Someone forgot to give this pug the message: it's time to lie down and relax, buddy.

Staring at the Snow

17. Staring at the Snow

Hey, look, it's snowing! Get dressed, kid, let's go play!

Totally AWWW-inspiring

18. Totally AWWW-inspiring

This toddler and his pet are taking a nap together and we may very well melt right here on the spot.

Cuddle Buddies

19. Cuddle Buddies

Shhh... it's nap time. This baby and his dog are catching some ZZZZs together.

A Pair of Pouts

20. A Pair of Pouts

Hey, kid, why the long face? Do you wanna go play with a ball or something?

Adorable Peering

21. Adorable Peering

Hey, what's out there? Can you tell? I can't see anything!

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Cats are really good at acting as alarm clocks. Anyone who owns one of these creatures is aware of that sometimes unfortunate fact.

But these animals aren't nearly as talented at ping pong, as a new video makes very clear.

To be fair, it may not be this cat's fault. These people may have failed to teach him the rules.

Or he may just be enamored by any ball, whether it's made of string or not. Watch now:

Pretty adorable, no?

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Ready to meet the world's most patient cat?

In the following video, we're introduced to puppies named Storm and Shadow who, in turn, are being introduced to a feline named Finn.

At first one dog feels the unusual creature out. Then the other does the same.

They circle, they sniff, they act altogether very confused; all while Finn sits patiently and waits for his new friends to make up their minds.

And then they realize... this animal is willing to play! Hooray! Let's have fun and do this!

It's safe to say the above interaction went better than the time this dog got freaked out by this hidden cat.

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You do NOT want to mess with cats.

The only case in point you need? This feline totally owning this woman.

But what about when cats mess with you? And what about when this takes place first thing in the morning?

In the following video compilation, we see a number of pet cats greeting their owners at what appears to be dawn. Or very close to it at least.

Are they psyched to see these cute little cats? Not exactly...

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For the record: a dog playing on its owner's bed is fun.

A dog checking a brown paper bag on the kitchen floor and finding out that a cat is hiding inside? Not nearly as fun. For the dog, that is.

For for Internet users, it's downright hilarious. Watch and crack up now:

That poor puppy. We'd like to imagine he and the cat end up being friends.

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