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Forget what you've heard or read: dogs and cats mostly get along very well.

Emotional case in point? This abandoned dog who befriended this paralyzed cat.

There was also this dog and this cat, who plotted an escape from the kitchen together.

Sometimes, however, these two popular pets don't exactly see eye to eye... or mouth to mouth. Such as when cats go around stealing the food right out of their suppose friend's bowl.

This video captures many of those cruel, albeit hilarious, moments.

In related news, cats also like to steal dog beds.

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Think it's easy being a cat?

Trying to give your owner a high-five, wearing a shark costume while you ride around on a Roomba and doing all you can to avoid that really mean dog?

It's tough. It's tiring. It's downright exhausting at times.

You'll take sleep wherever you can get it, even if that place involves using a watermelon as a pillow. Just don't you dare move, watermelon!

Oh man! There it goes...

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It's easy for a cat to ride a Roomba while wearing a shark costume.

But it's a challenge for a cat to give its owner a high-five. Just ask Fugly.

That really is the name of the six-month old feline in the following video, as he jumps up on two legs to give his pal some dap... and he comes really close to doing so... only to topple over and fall on his back.

Nice try, Fugly! Better luck next time.

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Remember the video last August of a cat riding a Roomba while dressed in a shark costume?

It went viral for one obvious reason: it featured a cat riding a Roomba while dressed in a shark costume.

But now the owner of Max the Roomba Cat has decided to really try and break the Internet by adding a baby to the equation, a baby who is also wearing a shark costume obviously.

The result is as cute and semi-ridiculous as you'd imagine it to be:

The owner created this footage to honor Shark Week, but, really, this is taking away from Shark Week.

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Give this cat an A for Effort.

And an O for Oh My God, That Dog is Frickin Gigantic!

In the following video, a feline named Meeko wants to leave the bathroom... but there's a problem: a Great Dane (aptly) named Tank is in the way.

So watch Meeko get down low, watch him try to be all stealthy and ninja-like with his quiet movements - and then watch as his enormous frenemy is awakened from a sound slumber, much to Meeko chagrin/total fear:


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We're very sorry, cats around the world.

For weeks now, we've been promoting the cuteness of babies and puppies because, well, come on. It's really cute when babies interact with puppies.

But we've underestimated your ability to also be awww-inspiring kittens, as the following video makes it clear you, too, know how to make the Internet melt when hanging with a small human being.

Again, we apologize. And we're glad to continually watch footage of a feline lulling a baby to sleep in order to make up for this oversight.

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We have a feeling the Parents Television Council may have less of a problem with the following version of the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer than they had with the original.

That's because it involves kittens.

Created by The Pet Collective, the footage features one cat acting as Jamie Dornan's Christian Grey and one cat acting as Dakota Johnson's Anastasia Steele. It also involves a lot of talk about abs.

It's both disturbing and hilarious. You can decide which reaction you have to the cute/weird teaser now:

Earlier this week, Fifty Shades of Grey combined with Frozen for a different kind of preview for the ages.

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Today is World Cat Day and we know what you're thinking:

Isn't everyday World Cat Day?!? 

No, especially if you're trying to sleep in and your cat is acting like an alarm clock. Or if you're a feminist because some cats hate feminism.

Other times, however, these pets may act indifferent, but we know how they feel about us. And we know how we feel about them and their adorable behavior, whether they're chasing around some yarn or jumping incredibly high.

So sit back, cat lovers of the world, and help us celebrate this special occasion via the 37 Best Cat Photos You'll Ever See in Your Entire Life:

Inception Cat
It's a cat...holding a kitten...which is holding a kitten. Is the top still spinning? Someone get Leo D. on the phone ASAP.

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Hey there. What are you doing? Trying to sleep? How's that going for you? Wanna hang out instead?

That pretty much sums up the following video, which features an adorable kitten trying very hard to befriend a very sleepy dog. But it's safe to say the canine isn't very interested at the moment this is filmed.

That poor cat. He should go find a deer to lie with instead...

It goes both ways, of course.

In this video, a Saint Bernard tries to make friends with a small feline. But it goes equally poorly.

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For the record, Miley Cyrus is a feminist.

So is Courtney Stodden.

But the following felines are decidedly NOT part of this movement. Not at all. Not even a little bit.

In what appears to be a strange response to the even stranger hashtag #WomenAgainstFeminism, someone has created a Tumblr titled “Confused Cats Against Feminism."

Really, it's unclear why it exists, but it's even more unclear why anyone should care... because it's totally hilarious!!!

Why, you're likely wondering, are cats against feminism? For reasons that range from food to vacuums to work to, well, food again. Flip through and learn more:

DON'T Work It, Girl!
Seriously, women. Lie down and relax with us.

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