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One Fast Cat may be coming to a pet store near you.

And it may be the cure you've been seeking if you own one fat cat.

About three weeks ago, this exercise wheel was posted to Kickstarter with a fundraising goal of $10,000. It has since racked up nearly 10 times that amount.

According to the invention's website, the wheel is designed to help chubby felines burn calories/energy that they’d typically unleash via hunting in nature.

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Sorry, Saint Bernard who tried to befriend this cat. You may not wanna watch the following video.

Don't take it personally, but the kitten featured in the footage below is quite receptive to the gentle kisses being licked upon him by a most unexpected source: a deer.

No, really!

It's as adorable as it is surprising, as one of nature's cuter animals take very kindly to one of man's cutest pets. See them bond peacefully her:

Is this the cutest cat video we've ever seen?

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When it comes to animals, indifference goes both ways.

Last week, we reported on a Pit Bull that didn't seem to care one bit about a very affectionate piglet.

In the following video, meanwhile, a Saint Bernard named Bella is totally taken with her family's new kitten, staring at it, smelling it, pawing it... only for the kitten to barely even acknowledge poor Bella's existence.

In the cat's defense, it appears to be a very sunny day - and we all know his distracting that can be.

Watch this friendship never exactly blossom now:

Too bad, huh?

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Ian Somerhalder is off to work on The Vampire Diaries Season 6, and marked his return to the show's set by posting a photo with his fury friend Moke.

“Being a Dad,” Ian captioned the photo. “Morning vet visit with moke before heading to my 1st Day of work for SEASON 6 of The Vampire Diaries!"

Ian Somerhalder, Cat

"Wow, how did this happen??? I’ll tell you how: you all are the greatest audience on the planet! Thank you for all of your love and support over these years."

"None of this could possible with out you! See you at Comic Con, then Teen Choice Awards, then Emmy weekend, then in my dreams. Huge love to you all! Love, Ian."

Awww. Doesn't that make you love him even more? If that's possible?

Not only does the 35-year-old Vampire Diaries star appreciate the many fans who adore him, he's also a renowned philanthropist and animal lover.

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Look, not all pets can be brave.

For every Hero Cat, there's the feline who is totally freaked out by, well, a carpet. Especially when that carpet has weird, intricate patterns on it and it has replace your old carpet and... yeah.

We're out of excuses for this kitten.

But we're also laughing out loud at his very bouncy attempt to figure out what the heck is going on:

We already know cats can jump really high.

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It's a week of daring and inspirational cat videos on The Hollywood Gossip.

First, we featured the great organization Hope for Paws saving this homeless dog from a life of hunger and fear.

Then, this hunting canine actually rescued a drowning bird from the lake.

Then, a woman in California took in a dog that had been abandoned and left with graffiti across its body.

And now we present the story of a mother cat who climbs up a tree to come to the aid of her stuck kitten. We just told the story. But now watch it unfold!

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No matter what those television specials try to tell you, animals don't always attack.

Not with their claws, at least. And not in a violent manner.

Sometimes, animals act just like humans - and not just because they pile into a car and go for a Sunday drive. But because they aren't afraid to show some affection.

From bunnies puckering up to dogs and cats getting along to a pair of giraffes who should really get a room, we've collected 17 photos of various creatures showing their very sweet sides.

This is some AWWWW-inspiring stuff. Click around now:

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Whoa there, kitty! Someone has to teach you some manners.

In the following video, a cat defeats his owner in a hotly contested game of One Potato-Two Potato, only to totally rub it in the man's face hand upon doing so.

We know felines love to attack things, but the proper thing to do here would be to bow one's head, thank one's opponent for a game well played and to then offer a rematch.

Instead, watch what the cat does:

It looks like we have a new contender for Fiercest Feline?

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Question for cats across the Internet: 

What's the matter?!?

We're all familiar with Grumpy Cat, a feline who has risen to online fame specifically for being in a bad mood.

And we were recently introduced to a bunch of violent cats, who took it upon themselves to attack everything in sight for some reason.

Now, it's time to meet Purrmanently Sad Cat. That’s the awesome nickname given to the pet featured below by Ashley Herring, who has posted pictures of her furry friend on Imgur.

How did he earn such a moniker? The answer is rather apparent...

Cheer Up, Little Guy!
This feline goes by the moniker Purrmanently Sad Cat. It's not hard to see why, is it/

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We're very sorry, cats around the world.

We'll never refer to you as scaredy ever again.

In the following hilarious compilation, cats go on the attack against all kinds of creatures and items, from dogs to vacuum cleaners to a piece of printer paper.

We can only imagine they're practicing for the day when a dog goes after a toddler again and they have a chance to become the next Hero Cat. If so, have no fear, parents.

These fierce felines will be there!

Most of them, at least. Some might be chilling in a hammock.

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