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What's scarier than looking after a classroom full of second-graders, which is the situation in which Rick Castle found himself on Castle Season 7 Episode 4?

That's easy: The Internet!

On next Monday's Castle Season 7 Episode 5, aptly titled "Meme is Murder," Rick and Kate will take on the case of a World Wide Web celebrity who is found dead.

This leads them into flashy/frightening world of Internet fame.

However, when the culprit posts photos from the crime scene on a photo-sharing website, this beloved twosome realizes they are up against a social media sociopath... who may strike again.

And who may be targeting them next.

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Forgive the very obvious pun, but Rick got schooled on Castle Season 7 Episode 4.


The Case of the Week featured an ice cream truck owner’s son, Anton, being found dead via gunshot inside his vehicle.

Ryan realizes that someone had been hiding in a storage cabinet during the murder and a permission slip found at the scene suggests it was a second-grander.

After an initial probe of Mrs. Ruiz’s class goes nowhere, Castle says he’s “90 percent kid” anyway, so he should go undercover and draw out the witness.

He has the kids write a story, but it doesn’t reveal the witness. He gets excited when a student named Emily says she has a secret (while sharing pretend tea with Castle), but, again, it’s got nothing to do with the homicide.

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Over the course of six-plus seasons, Rick Castle has dealt with a wide array of enemies, witnesses and villains.

Heck, the author-turned-quasi-detective even went after an invisible man on Castle Season 7 Episode 3... sort of.

But none of those obstacles or adversaries will prepare Rick for what's ahead on Castle Season 7 Episode 4: KIDS!!!

On next Monday's installment of the ABC hit drama, Castle and Kate Beckett will work the case of a murdered ice cream vendor. And when they suspect that a second-grader might unknowingly possess intel that could lead to an arrest, guess who goes undercover inside a school.

Yup, Rick Castle. And you can guess how that mission goes, can't you? 

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An invisible man murder a pool hustle on Castle Season 7 Episode 3.

Wait... what?!? Did that really happen?

Of course not. But it was a theory espoused by Rick at the outset of the latest investigation and the evidence even pointed Beckett in that direction for awhile as well.

Save for a couple quips here and there, this installment stayed away from the Great Amnesic Mystery of 2014, which is for the best. It would be irritating if the series focused too much on what happened to Castle without revealing meaningful answers.

No one wants to be teased each and every week.

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Fans were left with many more questions than answers after Castle Season 7 Episode 2, as Rick headed to Montreal and met back up with the man seemingly behind his abduction.

Except this man claimed Rick chose to somehow have his memory erased, while Kate decided she and her fiance should place their wedding on hold for just a little while, until things returned a bit more to normal. 

Will that happen on Castle Season 7 Episode 3?

It doesn't exactly appear that way, as the following ABC promo teases a pool shark getting murdered by an unseen force, which leads Castle and Beckett to uncover evidence that the culprit may have paranormal powers. Like, he could be invisible.

Meanwhile, the couple also attempts to get their lives back on track following that whole disappearance thing. So weird, right?

Head over to TV Fanatic to watch Castle online and check out the preview here for "Clear & Present Danger."

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Rick took a trip to Montreal on Castle Season 7 Episode 2.

But it wasn't to drink, gamble or visit any strip club. No, really!

Instead, the trip was based entirely on Rick's strange journey, as documented throughout Castle Season 7 Episode 1. He put up a $250,000 reward for any kind of help in figuring out what happened to him.

This led to newlyweds saying they saw in in the background of a honeymoon photo, which was snapped outside a Montreal bank. Moreover, Rick is speaking with that sketchy dude played by Matt Letscher in the picture.

Alexis suggested that the “38” key found in the lining of Castle’s pants could be for a safe deposit box in the Montreal bank. And she was right!

Inside this box, she and her dad found envelopes addressed by Rick to Beckett, Martha and Alexis, each containing a memory card. WTH?!?

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Turns out, quite a few people were interested in the whereabouts of Rick Castle last night.

Thanks to this cliffhanger, Castle Season 7 Episode 1 garnered the highest ratings for this long-running drama since 2011, as 11.3 million total viewers tuned in to the opening installment of the fall.

Even more impressively, this figure came against strong competition such as the NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 premiere (9.4 million viewers, a 37 percent drop from last year's opener) and The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 2 (10.7 million).

Elsewhere across the dial on a busy Monday night:

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Viewers tuned in to Castle Season 7 Episode 1 for the answer to one very important question:


Indeed, the mystery writer became the mystery on an intense opening hour, as Kate Beckett searched frantically for her missing fiance.

We start off where we left off in May, with Kate arriving on the accident scene and seeing that Castle has been dragged away. She heads to a junkyard with Ryan and Espo because that’s where Rick’s phone is pinging.

And although they get nothing out of the worker there, we do see just how crazy and intense Beckett is over Rick's disappearance.

Kate (told to keep her cool by Espo and Gates) then confers with FBI agent Connors, who figures the crime had to be personal because… why else snatch up Rick on his wedding day?

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Castle Season 7 will kick off by posing one pressing question:

Where the heck is Rick Castle?!?

The last time we saw this author/quasi detective, he was on his way to marry Kate Beckett... only for a black SUV to hone in on Castle and take him out.

Beckett was then called to the accident scene, only her fiance was nowhere to be found - and his car was engulfed in flames!

Who caused the crash? Is Rick alive? (Yes, obviously.) What answers will be provided and what kinds of questions created by Castle Season 7 Episode 1, aptly titled "Driven."

Racing Against the Clock on Castle
A promotional photo for ABC's Castle Season 7 Episode 1.

Look for the September 29 premiere to pick right up at the scene of the crime and get your first look at what's to come via the following Castle photo gallery above.

NOTE: Hurry up and watch Castle online via TV Fanatic in order to catch up prior to the premiere. Go!

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He's not in the car!

No, Kate, he is not.

ABC has released the first teaser for Castle Season 7 and it at first takes us back to a happy Rick driving to his wedding.

But we then see a panicked Beckett looking through the fiery wreck of his crash and noting that her fiance is nowhere to be found.

"On the most important day of their lives, why would the love of her life… vanish?" asked a narrator, setting up the initial question and storyline for upcoming episodes.

Castle Season 7 kicks off on ABC on Monday, September 29 at 10/9c. We can't wait.

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