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NASCAR star Tony Stewart will not face criminal charges resulting from the death of Kevin Ward Jr., who was struck and killed by Stewart in a race this summer.

A grand jury investigating the case decided earlier today to close the potential case against Stewart, citing no evidence of legal wrongdoing on his part.

On the night of his death, Kevin Ward Jr. was killed by Stewart's car, a tragedy by any measure, but one that many felt also may have been a criminal act.

Ward got out of his car and aggressively moved toward Stewart's vehicle, which hit him seconds later and was seen in a video that shocked the sports world.

There was suspicion after the accident that Stewart was angry with Ward Jr. over an incident earlier in the race and may have intentionally swerved into him.

He denied this, and apparently the grand jury agreed, determining that it was nothing more than an accident and declining to pursue a case against him.

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Looks like those reports of Farrah Abraham's strip club salary were accurate.

The reality TV star turned porn actress, wannabe musician, aspiring restaurateur and erotic novel author has added a new notch on her career belt:

Farrah is now one of the richest strippers in Austin, and she proved it by purchasing a baller $100,000 Mercedes-Benz with the proceeds from her nude gig.

  • Farrah Abraham Mercedes
  • Farrah Abraham Strip Club Promo

Yes, she is an actual stripper ... and possibly an actual prostitute as well.

Whether or not Farrah dabbles with businessmen in private has not been concretely established, but she sure as heck has been doing so in public.

Abraham began stripping at the Palazio Gentleman's Club in Austin in July and reportedly signed a contract with the high-end establishment for $544,000.

She charges $2,500 for an hour or $500 for 10 minutes. Ten minutes.

When you're raking in that kind of coin just to give horny men a fleeting glimpse of what they can see for free online, you don't roll up to the club in a Toyota Corolla.

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Kylie Jenner hasn't even had her driver's license for a year, but she's already collecting six-figure cars (and posting photos of them online, obviously).

The 16-year-old sister of Kendall Jenner and half-sister of all the Kardashians got a Mercedes G-Class SUV for her Sweet 16 last August. Price: $110K.

Now she's supplementing that with a brand new Range Rover, which she posted a photo of Wednesday with the caption "Just got this little beauty."

  • Kylie Jenner Range Rover
  • Kylie Jenner: 16 Going on 30

She also linked to Spin Imaging, a company that specializes in customizing vehicles, about the "transformation" this ride will soon experience.

So basically, her second whip is a Range Rover ... that will soon be pimped out.

Naturally, fans and haters of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians youngster took to Instagram and Twitter to share their reactions, good and bad.

We won't even reprint some terrible things people said, because regardless of how obnoxious Kylie might be, she does have feelings. Presumably.

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There are many firsts on the road of life, milestones marking our existences. First day of school, first crush, first kiss, first time. And then there's the first car. 

No one wants to be the one driving the beat-up rust bucket in the parking lot, but it's YOUR rust bucket and NO ONE ELSE can make fun of it but you! 

Or it's a brand new, fully loaded BMW making you simultaneously envied and despised at school. We all know that guy/girl ... maybe you ARE that guy/girl.

Either way, it's a rite of passage, and one not skipped by our favorite celebrities. Before they had drivers, they drove themselves just like normal people.

Check out this list of 15 celebrities and their first cars, then tell us if yours was better or worse than these rides, some of which might surprise you ...

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift hated her boyfriend's stupid red pickup truck but loved her own, a pink Chevy Silverado.

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Remember when we showed you 15 hilariously inappropriate license plates?

Well, we're back with EVEN MORE hilariously inappropriate license plates!

Why? Because some vanity license plates are well thought out and clever. And wonders never cease when it comes to what people put on the back of their cars.

Many plates are clearly meant to be a joke, but others make you pause and wonder if the person who picked it has any idea what he or she has just done. (Nope.)

We have to hand it to our fellow Americans, though. Their idiocy is our gain! Commutes are certainly funnier as a result... as long as you get the joke. 

They are joking, right?

Eat The Kids First
Somewhere Jonathan Swift is slapping his forehead. "A Modest Proposal" wasn't meant to be taken seriously.

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See? Justin Bieber is a douche just like some of your friends, humble bragging about his rich friends and fronting like he's got more than he actually does.

Biebs posted a photo on Instagram yesterday of himself behind the wheel of a Bugatti with the caption, "Uncle Stunna luv. My first Bugatti ♛ #generosity"

Makes it sound like it's his car, right? Well ...

Justin Bieber, Bugatti

While that caption certainly leads one to believe that the car was a gift from Birdman, his rapper friend, it's not the case. Just Bieber implying as much.

Birdman told him he could use it anytime he's in Miami. That's it. Definitely plenty of #generosity in that gesture ... but not the utter insanity of giving it away.

After all, when you let Justin Bieber drive a fancy car in the 305 (where he's persona non grata at clubs), you all know an arrest is likely if not inevitable.

Birdman? Not known for being a complete idiot.

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Ugh. There it is. Again. The dreaded morning commute. You're stuck in traffic, inching along, thinking you might make it in to work by the time you have to leave to go home and start the drive all over again and then you spot it.

A hilariously inappropriate license plate that sends you into a fit of giggles like you might still be 12.

But what about 15 hilariously inappropriate license plates? In a row. 

That's destined to make your morning commute not just bearable, but dare we say it, enjoyable.

Please join us in laughing at the insane level of WTF happening in these hilarious and inappropriate license plates. Yes, this IS real life. 

Eat The Kids First
Somewhere Jonathan Swift is slapping his forehead. "A Modest Proposal" wasn't meant to be taken seriously.

(Please don't photograph and drive.)

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Brazilians are calling this graphic viral video of a five-year-old child getting run over by a car - only to emerge unharmed - nothing short of "a miracle."

Last week, 5-year-old Jao Pedro Nascimento was walking home from school with his grandmother Vilma, 56, in Brazil, when the unthinkable happened.

A passing Honda Fit hit another car before clipping a parked Volkswagen, which sent the VW careening onto the sidewalk and into the pair's path:

As shown by CCTV cameras, the whole scene happened too fast for the Nascimentos to avoid the car, which didn't just hit them, but ran over them both.

They survived, however, and didn't require major medical attention to do so. Amazingly, the boy and his grandmother suffered only minor injuries.

The "miracle" happened when Jao Pedro sprung up as if nothing even happened, looking around for help for Vilma as he realized what he experienced.

His grandmother was hospitalized but discharged the next day.

"I feel as if we've been born again," Vilma Nascimento said.

Based on the video above ... we can see her point.

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Kurt Caselli has died. The racing champion sustained fatal head injuries during a crash at the Baja 1000 on Friday in Mexico. He was just 30 years old.

Kurt Caselli Photo

Caselli's KTM Racing team had been in the lead for much of the 833-mile off-road race and was in second place when he crashed near mile 796.

The accident occurred approximately 5 p.m. PST.

Previous reports that Kurt's crash was related to an on-course booby trap or other sabotage have been discredited, though an investigation is underway.

Caselli passed away, reports say, during transport to a hospital in Ensenada, about 60 miles south of the U.S. border on the Baja California peninsula.

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NOTE TO READERS: Do not try this at home. Seriously.

In a new ad for Volvo Trucks, one that focuses on the precision of their dynamic steering, veteran action star Jean-Claude Van Damme talks passionately into the camera.

We begin with a close-up of the actor's face, only to eventually pan back and see that he's straddling two vehicles... two vehicles that begin to pull apart as the commercial plays, each taking one of Van Damme's legs with them in the process.

Watch how the 53-year old star calmly reacts below, spreading his limbs wider than the star of the Kim Kardashian sex tape and causing us to squirm just viewing this flexible act:

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