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Michael Douglas' son, Cameron Douglas, reportedly has been beaten in a Pennsylvania prison, suffering a broken finger and a broken leg in the process.

Cameron Douglas, 34, suffered the injuries after a New York City crime boss put a $100 bounty on his head during the prison flag-football league season.

The reason? He was a "rat," a prison source told the New York Post.

Cameron Douglas Mug Shot

Although he is serving time at a federal prison in Loretto, Pa., Douglas was in New York recently to testify against a former drug supplier of his.

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Cameron Douglas says he's learned his lesson, but it came at a heavy price.

The 33-year-old son of Haywire star Michael Douglas was sentenced to five years in prison last April, after he was caught dealing large amounts of crystal meth.

Wednesday, Cameron was sentenced to an additional four-and-a-half years in prison and a $4,000 fine. The offense, again, was drug possession, behind bars.

The sentence was more than twice what prosecutors had asked for.

Cameron Douglas Mug Shot

The judge, obviously very annoyed at the situation, told Cameron that he had "blown the biggest opportunity of his life," according to The New York Post.

Douglas said he was "saturated in my own shame and penitence" and begged for "the opportunity to build myself and gain the tools I need to shape my future."

"I feel so strongly, for the first time in my life, that I am truly ripe for positive reform and real achievement," Cameron said in a Manhattan federal court filing.

Cameron was previously arrested in 1999 and 2007 for drug possession, and perhaps for that reason, the judge was less than sympathetic this morning.

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Michael Douglas' son Cameron, who was nabbed last year in a major drug dealing operation, was sentenced to five years in prison this afternoon in NYC.

Cameron Douglas, along with his father and his mother Diandra, was present in federal court in Manhattan today when the judge fired off the sentence.

Michael asked for leniency for his son ... and didn't really get it.

Along with the prison time, Cameron was ordered to pay $25,000 in fines and must serve 450 hours of community service as a result of his guilty plea.

Once he's out of jail Cameron is also required to spend an additional five years in a supervised release program. They certainly didn't go easy on him.

Last year, Cameron Douglas was caught in a federal sting operation with large amounts of methamphetamine and cocaine with intent to distribute.

Hopefully prison straightens this guy out.

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Cameron Douglas pleaded guilty in Manhattan federal court to selling massive amounts of crystal meth and cocaine. That is not a small-time charge.

He faces a minimum of 10 years in prison.

The clearly troubled 30-year-old was busted back in July 2009 at the swanky Hotel Gansevoort with a load of crystal meth and more than $10,000 in cash.

He was arrested after allegedly mailing 215 grams of methamphetamine to a post office box in a package sent, unknowingly, to a government informant.

Cameron Douglas' mug shot from last year.

He was tossed in the slammer after, police say, his girlfriend, Kelly Sott, tried to smuggle the dude heroin concealed in an electric toothbrush in August.

Douglas, the son of actor Michael Douglas and grandson of actor Kirk Douglas, was previously arrested in New York in 1999 for buying drugs.

He was also arrested in 2007 on cocaine possession charges.

Needless to say he won't be dealing again anytime soon.

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Cameron Douglas' girlfriend, Kelly Sott, was busted yesterday for trying to smuggle the accused meth dealer some heroin while he was in a courtroom.

We can't decide if this is disturbing, pathetic, hilarious or all three.

Cops say Kelly Sott was caught trying to pass an electric toothbrush to Cameron Douglas. One that happened to be stuffed with dime bags of heroin, of course.

This took place in a conference room in a federal courthouse in New York City, according to NBC New York, and Sott was taken into custody by police.

Cameron was in court facing charges from his crystal meth bust.

The DEA believes he's been slingin' meth over the last few years. Officials say they busted the 30-year-old after a prolonged sting and that he is not small time.

He is accused of being a well-oiled drug machine, selling methamphetamine between New York and L.A., delivering the addictive substance in person, or via Fed Ex from a California hotel, according to the criminal complaint.

Kelly Sott is seen here with alleged meth dealer Cameron Douglas and Academy Award winner Michael Douglas. Nice photo. Troubled individuals. Well, not you, Mike.

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The producers of the film The Beautiful Outsiders have cut ties with Cameron Douglas from the upcoming movie as both an actor and associate producer.

We have no idea why they would make such a rash decision. Except for maybe the 30-year-old's recent arrest in NYC on charges of dealing crystal meth.

Could be that.

Andrew Jones, director and producer of the film, released a statement on Saturday saying Cameron Douglas is done with the project, saying the following:

This Cameron Douglas'mug shot was not his first.

"The serious nature of the allegations means it is unlikely Cameron would be able to travel, so it would be impossible for him to be in the UK for filming."

"And with charges of this nature hanging over for him, it would be very extremely difficult for us to get insurance for him for [The Beautiful Outsiders]."

He could well be a beautiful insider soon - for a decade-plus. Douglas faces a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison and a maximum period of life.

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Academy Award winner Michael Douglas' son Cameron Douglas, who was arrested last week for allegedly plotting to distribute crystal meth, doesn't nickel and dime.

The DEA alleges he moved pounds of the drug since 2006.

According to a federal investigation, DEA agents claim they ran a three-year sting, proving the 30-year-old sold "multiple pounds" of crystal meth to several people.

Many of those people are now ready to testify against Cameron Douglas.

All three witnesses mentioned in the document have pled guilty to narcotics violations. They are cooperating in the hopes of receiving a reduced sentence.

In other words, Cameron Douglas is the big shot they are rolling over on.

Douglas has been charged with one count of possession with the intent to distribute 500 grams or more of crystal meth and one count of possession with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of "ice" - the purest form of meth.

The DEA further alleges that Cameron Douglas deposited and withdrew tens of thousands of dollars in cash, and was poised to deal $18,000 in crystal meth.

According to the indictment, the perpetrator was set up in New York after agents ran a sting operation in which they caught Cameron Douglas accepting $15,000 cash in exchange for a promise to deliver a half pound of crystal meth.

The following conversation, in which they used drug code, was then captured:

Buyer: "The bath salts are fabulous! Thank you so much."
Cameron Douglas: "Yeah, I thought you would like them my friend ... I was so excited for you to take a bath and see for yourself."

The baths Cameron Douglas will likely be taking where he's headed are going to be far from fabulous. Officials say the sting netted somewhere around 215.2 grams of "ice," and if convicted on all counts, he faces 10 years to life in prison.

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The son of Academy Award winner Michael Douglas has been arrested - and not for the first time - but Cameron Douglas has really outdone his drugged-out self.

Police say that the younger Douglas, 30, was in the middle of a deal to sell an eye-popping pile of crystal meth before he was snared by federal authorities.

The sometime-actor / sometime-DJ was busted back on July 28 at the Gansevoort Hotel in the Meatpacking District by a DEA task force, police sources report.

He'd been staying at the hotel for some time in a room rented by his dad. When the authorities barged in, they found the place a mess and Cameron "very strung out."

An informant had told the investigators that Cameron Douglas was the middle man in a deal to move a half-pound of crystal meth from California to New York to sell.

The drugs were intercepted before they got to New York.

Crystal methamphetamine sells for approximately $80 a gram - meaning Douglas had allegedly dealt about $18,000 worth. Not a small-time sentence, we'd guess.

Michael Douglas was informed and was "furious," a source said. A spokesman for Michael has not return calls for comment. Nor has the U.S. Attorney's Office.

As of this report, Cameron Douglas is still being held in custody.

In 2007, when the dude was still a n'er-do-well and not a full-fledged drug dealer, he was arrested with another man after being pulled over in Santa Barbara, Calif., with a bottle of liquid cocaine and a syringe in the car.

In 1999, when he was working as a DJ at the Tunnel club in Chelsea, he was busted buying cocaine with a gal pal from a drug dealer being tailed by cops.

Aside from getting arrested on drug charges, Cameron Douglas is best known for starring with his father and grandfather in 2003's It Runs in the Family.

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Actor Cameron Douglas, the son of Michael Douglas, was arrested this morning in New York City for possession of methamphetamines with the intent to distribute.

Dude looks kinda like his dad ...

This is not the drug arrest for Cameron Douglas.

In 2007, he was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance after authorities found a syringe with liquid cocaine in a car he was in.

The Cameron Douglas mug shot above, in fact, is from his 2007 arrest.

According to TMZ, the 30-year-old actor was taken into custody by federal authorities earlier today. He remains in police custody as of this posting.

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