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LeAnn Rimes took a stance against bullying at the Friend Movement's Anti-Bullying Benefit Concert in L.A. Monday night, at times getting very emotional.

The country star was the featured performer at the concert, where she told the audience how she takes her fair share of bullying on social media.

She has two words for the haters, at the end of the day: "Screw them!"

LeAnn, who performed her hit "Can't Stop The Moonlight" and Elton John's "Rocket Man," is such an amazing talent. Rimes was introduced by Lizzie Velasquez.

Cruelly, some have dubbed Lizzie "The World's Ugliest Woman," but she overcame bullying - and an extremely rare medical disorder - to become a motivational speaker.

LeAnn later tweeted a picture of them together:

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Paris Jackson's dark period of severe depression has been largely the result of bullying, and Facebook the medium with which the haters let loose.

Paris Jackson, Bangs

Sources closely connected to Paris say the 15-year-old was often "reeling" from harsh comments left on her Facebook page about her father's lifestyle.

Some of the comments involve child molestation allegations against Michael Jackson, others involve the odd life Paris lived while Michael was alive.

As one source says of the comments, "They destroyed her." 

Another family insider "there's a nexus" between the bullying on Facebook and Paris Jackson cutting, a disturbing act she tried more than once.

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Paris Jackson is stable following her recent suicide attempt, and her condition is improving, but she's still dealing with some pretty heavy issues emotionally.

Chief among them? She never properly grieved or emotionally processed Michael Jackson's 2009 death, sources connected with the Jackson family say.

Paris Jackson Instagram Selfie

Currently in treatment at UCLA Medical Center, Paris has felt the impact of bullying on social media and websites, and has let it "really get to her."

She does not have access to her phone or the Internet, so the problem is on the back burner for now, however it's only a matter of time until it returns.

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A Utah woman is courting controversy by reprimanding 10-year-old for bullying - by giving her a taste of her own medicine, public humiliation style.

Ally Olsen, 41, discovered that her fiance’s 10-year-old daughter, Kaylee, had been bullying a classmate because of the way she dressed.

As a result, the victim no longer wanted to come to school. When Ally heard this, she was upset at Kaylee, and responded in unorthodox fashion.

  • Bullied Child Pic
  • Bullied Child Picture

"I confronted Kaylee who explained that she had called another girl ‘sleazy’ for wearing Daisy Duke shorts and a tank top," Olsen told Yahoo! Shine.

"We’ve taught Kaylee to dress conservatively but never to be judgmental.”

Olsen said Kaylee was unapologetic, so grounding her "wouldn’t resonate.” So she took action, and took her to the thrift shop. Macklemore would be proud.

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Awakening in a friend's bedroom after drinking too much at a sleepover, Audrie Pott knew she'd been sexually abused when she saw she'd been written and drawn on.

Pott Family

Her attackers had written and drawn on intimate parts of her body, her family's attorney said this week, as the teen's suicide gains national attention.

Over the next week, she pieced together one detail after another, and tried to confront three boys she had known since junior high who she believed did it.

At school, Audrie Pott saw a group of students huddled around a cellphone and realized that at least one humiliating photo of her was circulating.

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The family of Audrie Pott has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the boys accused of sexually assaulting her before the teenager's tragic suicide.

"We intend to prove in a court of law that her death was related to what they did," attorney Bob Allard said of the alleged rape and bullying she endured.

Audrie Pott Picture

Allard said the decision was precipitated by comments made by the defendants' lawyers, who said the three boys, should be "regarded as innocent."

They further advised the public to reserve judgment about the case.

"Much of what has been reported over the last several days is inaccurate," said the suspects' three lawyers in a joint statement over the weekend.

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Adam Lanza’s mother considered suing Sandy Hook Elementary School, according to a new report, due to the intense bullying her son endured there.

Nancy Lanza reportedly believed teachers at the Newtown, Conn., school turned a blind eye to beatings and taunts Adam suffered from his classmates.

Adam Lanza Image

A relative, speaking to the N.Y. Daily News, claimed that mass murderer Lanza was ridiculed and attacked by fellow students at his boyhood alma mater.

“Nancy felt fiercely protective of him,” the relative said. “She was convinced the school wasn’t doing enough to protect Adam. It made her irate.”

She was gunned down by 20-year-old Adam Lanza on December 14, 2012. He then drove her car to Sandy Hook Elementary and killed 26 people.

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Three teen boys have been arrested and charged with sexual assaulting their classmate, Audrie Pott, while she was intoxicated and passed out at a house party.

Pott, who attended Saratoga High School in California, committed suicide at age 15, hanging herself eight days after photos of the attack were posted online.

Audrie Pott Photo

The case bears eerie similarities to the sexual assault of the Steubenville rape case in Ohio last year. Two teenagers were found guilty in that incident.

The tragic incident occurred nack in September 2012 when Audrie Pott went to a party at the home of a friend whose parents had gone out of town.

She passed out and was allegedly attacked as she was unconscious.

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A woman who attacked Kate Gosselin hard on Twitter has been exposed, and has issued an apology after an anti-bullying group outed her online.

It's a new twist in the saga involving James McGibney of Bullyville (dot) com, who vowed to expose people who "crossed the line" attacking Kate.

True to his word, the haters were outed. Now one is profusely apologizing.

Kate Gosselin Running

A women who uses the handle @chancertheboxer admits that McGibney found and posted her real name (which is not being printed here) on the web.

The woman reached out to celebrity gossip site Radar and asked that they relay the following message: “I am writing to apologize to Kate GOSSELIN."

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Kate Gosselin and the website Bullyville recently encouraged the discovery of the real identities of some of the people who threatened her online.

Always a controversial figure, Kate is now at the center of a war between anti-bully activists and harsh critics of the reality star ... of which there are many.

Katie Gosselin

James McGibney, head of Bullyville (dot com), exposed the real identities of numerous alleged Kate haters on Monday in a move that raised eyebrows.

He also threatened to call the employers of the Kate bashers, including the alleged older woman stalker who allegedly sent Kate more than 72,000 tweets.

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