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Things went totally postal for Jake Peralta and company on Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 8.

Kind of. Sort of. Maybe.

It's become unclear just what going postal means after Ed Helms guest-starred on the Fox sitcom as Jackie Danger, a U.S. Postal Service investigator who took a great deal of pride in his job.

In Danger's mind, working for the USPIS means you're several steps above of "local cops" such as Peralta, considering you're a federal employee and everything.

This caused great tension between Jake and Jackie, so much so that Jake disobeyed Rosa's orders and went rogue (with loyal right-hand man Boyle, of course), stealing some intel from Danger's computer and going off on his own to bring down a Giggle Pig dealer.

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Let's start with this:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 6 featured the best cold open of any show to date this season.

It centered around the entire precinct gathering around with tossing out theories as to why Santiago was actually 70 seconds late to work, with Captain Holt guessing she was held up at the bank for some reason.

When Amy entered and told everyone this actually is what happened, Andrew Braugher delivered the Line of the Century, replete with an excited clap: Hot damn!

And speaking of hot damn... Eva Longoria debuted as a defense attorney named Sophia.

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Nick Cannon may or may not be getting a divorce from Mariah Carey.

But the actor is definitely headed to Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

Nick Cannon Interview Pic

The America’s Got Talent host will appear on multiple episodes of the Fox comedy as Marcus, the "handsome, educated and charming" nephew of Andre Braugher’s Captain Holt.

Cannon will debut in December as a character who just moved to New York City and who will be staying with his uncle until he gets settled. 

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine made like The Office on Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 3.

Remember when that beloved NBC sitcom brought up The Office Olympics? Well, Brooklyn Nine-Nine offered up The Jimmy Jab Games last night, an employee versus employee showdown named after the King of Iraq President of Iran Armand Jimmy Jab Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

This competition took place while Jeffords and Holt were meeting at 1 Police Plaza to ask for funds that would help them combat a new street drug.

It was organized by Peralta (naturally) and it involved such contests as:

  • Eating month-old Chinese food.
  • Racing in bomb squad suits.
  • Going undercover and talking to as many cops as possible before being identified.
  • An obstacle course that involved barricade hurdles, bean bag guns, snack heating and the use of a laptop from 1982.

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On Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 1, viewers were asked to adjust to a new timeslot and a new dynamic between Captain Holt and Jake Peralta.

Does the former really respect and admire the latter? Kind of. Sort of. He did conclude his toast toward the end of the premiere with a heartfelt sentiment aimed at his underling.

And for good reason: Peralta returned from his six-month undercover mission after nabbing 15 of 16 bad guys. He then dedicated himself to apprehending the one mobster who got away, going back into his mafia garb with Boyle by his side.

In an interesting twist, Peralta actually failed in this mission. The bad guy got away to Barbados.

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Like New Girl and The Mindy Project on Fox's Tuesday night comedy lineup, Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 Episode 10 rocked Thanksgiving this week.

As you might have expected, the holiday feast held at Santiago's home featured the precinct's finest trying to make their finest impression on Captain Holt.

You can guess how that turned out! In typical fashion, it was awkward but funny.

There was also some awful cooking involved, which may have been a good thing for Terry. The starving sergeant needs food ... but not that badly.

Relive Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 Episode 10 or see it for the first time here:

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine premiered tonight on Fox, introducing Andy Samberg to the television universe as a goofy/cocky detective and Andre Braugher as his stern, non-nonsense new captain.

Did the comedy come out shooting blanks? Or were its jokes on target?

Thanks to a couple of perfectly-cast leads, as well as creators also responsible for Parks and Recreation, most critics have pegged Brooklyn Nine-Nine as the best new comedy of the fall TV season - and it's easy to see why.

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