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Bring It Season 1 Episode 22 was a fun installment that took Miss D and the Dancing Dolls on a road trip as we drew closer to the season finale.

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Oh yes, Bring It Season 1 Episode 22 was a monumental installment, but a quality one with the stakes rising. The goal of the aforementioned road trip?

To bring their majorette style of dance across the United States.

The Dancing Dolls aspire to serve as role models to others seeking a career in this profession, a noble mission, albeit one that may be an uphill battle.

Meanwhile, Kayla, Camryn, Crystianna and Sunjai threw down.

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The stakes were high, the tension was rising and the pressure cooker was cranked up for the Dancing Dolls this week on Bring It Season 1 Episode 21.

The reason for this? More like two reasons, because on this particular installment, the Dancing Dolls were forced to square off against a pair of major rivals:

As if taking on The Prancing Tigerettes wasn't a Herculean endeavor in and of itself, they also did battle with The Divas of Olive Branch on Wednesday night.

It's enough to give you the pre-competition jitters.

There was plenty at stake, too. These were no friendly matchups. The Dancing Dolls are in the hunt for the Top Majorette Dance Team in the South.

In their way? Tigerettes and Divas. Bring. It. On.

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Forget Dance Moms. The tension is off the chain on Bring It.

How tense are we talking? Tense. Miss D actually told one of her charges on Bring It Season 2 Episode 9 that if they don't get it right, she will "cut your ass."

If you can't cut it ... you will be. It's almost poetic.

Miss D embarked on what can best be described as a major gamble on the Baby Dancing Dolls this week, one that may come as a surprise to viewers.

The race to take over for Kayla as head captain of the squad next year continued to heat up, with Camryn and Tamia ready to fight their way to the top.

Who looks to have the inside track there? And how did Lifetime's young Dolls fare this week when it came time to compete on this week's episode?

Follow the link to watch Bring It online to see.

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This week, on Bring It Season 2 Episode 7, viewers were told to "Pray For Sunjai."

Why? He needed every bit of help he could get with the season nearing its end.

If you watch Bring It online, you know that the competition has been heating up.

That trend only intensified this week as Kayla came to aid of her fellow team member; Sunjai struggled to make the squad prior to the end of the competition.

Elsewhere, the Dancing Dolls were forced to rise to the occasion and defend their home turf when Mississippi rival Virtuous Divine returned to Jackson.

Anxious to avenge a recent defeat, the gauntlet was thrown down, and hard.

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This week, on Bring It Season 2 Episode 6, the Baby Dancing Dolls took on the Baby Prancing Tigerettes, and the parents also got in on the action.

Yes, the parents. With a full routine no less!

If you watch Bring It online above, what you'll see on the latest episode of this Lifetime hit is Miss D getting the Baby Dancing Dolls ready to go up against their rivals.

Not just any rivals, either. Their biggest.

In fact, the Baby Prancing Tigerettes are the zenith of competition for them in many respects, the squad against which all others will forever be measured.

Meanwhile, the Dancing Doll Parents showed off their skills in a full routine they prepared for the competition. That was certainly not what a lot of us expected.

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