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A new Breaking Dawn television spot has been unveiled.

The following trailer features new scenes from the November 18 release, as Bella discovers her shocking pregnancy; Edward reacts with anger (and also does some online searching); Jacob responds with fear and questions; and Bella then gives birth.

Yes, it's the most harrowing scene in the entire Twilight Saga and you can get your first glimpse of it now:

For many more clips and previews, visit our Breaking Dawn video section. Enjoy!

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Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed are going at it once again.

The Twilight Saga stars first faced off on the red carpet at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. They then did so again a year later.

Now, the actresses are prepared for their rubber match, as each has spent the last few days promoting Breaking Dawn aboard. Greene is pictured below in Paris, Reed in Rome. Both look gorgeous, but only one can win. Compare. Contrast. Vote now.

Fashion Face-Off!

Ashley Greene or Nikki Reed? Compare Breaking Dawn star red carpet fashion now! View Poll »

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Another day, another major promotional effort by Breaking Dawn.

Following a couple sneak peeks and a video that focuses on Taylor Lautner's Jacob Black, Summit Entertainment has now come out two two more fun previews. The first is all about Bella Swan.

Watch below as she expresses love for her father, immediately prior to getting married, and scroll down for a behind-the-scenes look at filming. And, remember, Breaking Dawn breaks out around the nation on November 18!

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Congratulations are in order for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart! They're married! Sort of!

At a press conference in Stockholm, Sweden today, the actor - who is touring Europe alongside Ashley Greene in order to promote Breaking Dawn - joked with reporters about that film's wildly-anticipated wedding ceremony.

"The wedding scene's funny because we used a real priest," Rob said. "So technically we are already married because he did all the things you would do in a normal ceremony."

Twice the Robert Pattinson

Wow. That was fast. Stewart only first confirmed the relationship this month.

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Step aside for a moment, Edward.

While Robert Pattinson's beloved Twilight Saga is featured in a pair of new Breaking Dawn clips - hoisting his new wife into his arms HERE and reacting to her wild, unexpected news HERE - the following teaser is all about Jacob Black.

Oh, yes, it's all Taylor Lautner all the time, as we see Jacob respond to Bella's pregnancy, standing up for her and staring down Edward. Enjoy now!

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The latest Breaking Dawn clip is a natural progression from the prior one released earlier this week.

In that sneak peek, we see Edward and Bella excitedly enter their honeymoon suite. And we all know what comes next, don't we, Twihards? And after that...

Bella finds out for herself below, telling her new husband that she's late and wondering how that could be possible, before looking in the mirror, feeling her stomach and - WHOA! Yes, the adventure and danger for this couple is only just beginning. Watch now:

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The new Breaking Dawn sneak peek, which features Edward carrying Bella into their honeymoon suite? Hot.

But the fashion taste of the new Mrs. Cullen, who we can only assume picked out the dresses donned by her bridesmaids for her wedding to Edward? You tell us.

Summit Entertainment has released a photo from the big day. It features Ashley Green as Alice Cullen (joined by Jasper Hale and parents Carlisle and Esme Cullen) and she's wearing a purple frock that Greene tells People was partly based on her character's past." See it you yourself now and then vote on the outfit:

The Wedding!!!

What do you think of Bella Swan's fashion sense?


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It's the beginning of the night that will change everything for Edward Cullen and Bella Swan Cullen - and now it's in high definition!

In late July, anxious to give Twihards their first look at post-wedding bliss for this beloved couple, we posted a grainy video of them standing in front of their honeymoon suite bed, Edward referring to his bride by her new last name, Bella blushing and asking for a moment to do "human things."

Now, we have an extended look at that same scene - which begins with Edward carrying out a long-standing tradition - and you can ogle every inch of Robert Pattinson's face in full-on HD.

This Twilight Saga edition, of course, comes out on November 18. Visit our Breaking Dawn video section for a look at various clips and trailers for it, and then press play below. Try not to scream too loudly...

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In just a few weeks time, Twihards will be invited to an event years in the making.

But in just a few seconds time, Twihards can get a behind-the-scenes look at this same event: Edward and Bella's wedding!

The latest television spot for Breaking Dawn focuses on this couple's big day, with scenes from the ceremony and interviews with cast members who discuss what it was like to film. It's clear, for instance, that Kristen Stewart was very anxious about her role in this vital aspect of the movie. Listen to her talk about it now:

Summit Entertainment has also released a slew of new Breaking Dawn photos. Click through them now!

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Major swoon alert, Twihards: Summit Entertainment has released a new set of Breaking Dawn stills, many of which are taken from the film's upcoming wedding and honeymoon scenes.

In other words: they are H-O-T - and they are available to click through below:

Breaking Dawn Wedding Night!
  • Bella and Edward Photo
  • Strong Emmett
  • Enraged Jacob
  • The Wedding!!!

With the November 18 release date quickly approaching, promotional efforts for this blockbuster are revving up. To wit, in the last week alone:

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