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There's really no other way to put this: Edward and Bella will have some wild and crazy sex in Breaking Dawn.

Those familiar with the novel series know of what we speak: the couple goes at it on its honeymoon like... well, two people in love that have never been intimate with each other before.

Breaking Dawn Wedding Still

Will the big screen version of this scene reflect the same passion? Oh yes, a source tells E! News, saying: "It's dead on with the book."

Confirming the movie's script, penned by Melissa Rosonberg, is "really good," this insider added that it "has a pretty sexual tone with a lot of the characters this time around," but all involved must be weary of the film's PG-13 rating

"We have to keep that in mind. It's essential," he said.

So is the relationship between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in real life. Hey, they gotta practice!

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Mackenzie Foy has landed the vital role of Renesmee in Breaking Dawn.

But it's this character's entry into the world that has fans buzzing. As any loyal Twilight Saga follower knows, the book details an intimate birth scene for Bella, as she struggles squeezing out the half-human spawn created by her and Edward.

Pregnant Bella!

This is where it all starts for Renesmee...

How will Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson play this out on screen?

Said Jackson Rathbone of Melissa Rosenberg's script: "I think people are really, really excited and surprised about how tastefully it can be done."

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Earlier this month, the Denali Coven was cast. Click HERE to see who will play these roles in Breaking Dawn.

Now, the movie has announced a slew of new actors/actresses for characters well known to anyone familiar with this franchise.

Breaking Dawn Stars

Leading the way is former Pushing Daisies star Lee Pace, who has been rumored as an addition for awhile. He'll portray Garrett, a longtime friend of Carlisle Cullen. Among other new cast members:

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Breaking Dawn casting news doesn't get much bigger than Mackenzie Foy as Renesmee. But Twilight Saga fans will still be interested in the identity of the Denali coven members, who were unveiled this week.

This group of vampires resides in Alaska and includes Maggie Grace's Irina. Who else rounds out the sect? The answers are below.

When Breaking Dawn premieres on 11/18/11, fans can look forward to the following actors/actresses in the following roles, all of whom are pictured above:

  • Christian Camargo as Eleazar.
  • Mia Maestro as Carmen.
  • Casey LaBow as Kate.
  • MyAnna Buring at Tanya.

Click on these photos to enlarge and decide: Do these stars fit their respective roles well?

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Mackenzie Foy is only nine years old. But we hope she's ready for the craziness that surrounds the Twilight Saga.

Numerous sources confirm that Foy has landed the vital Breaking Dawn role of Renesmee, the immortal child spawned by Edward and Bella in the final installment of this beloved franchise. The young actress has guest-starred on such shows as FlashForward and 'Til Death and is pictured here:

Breaking Dawn Poster: Jacob

How will the actress portray a character who ages many years in a short period of time? It's unclear, but look for digital effects to come in handy. For now, we're simply asking fans to sound off: What do you think of this casting?

You can also chime in on the casting of Maggie Grace, who will play Irina in Breaking Dawn. Does she fit the Twilight mold?

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Maggie Grace is going from a mysterious island to a world of blood, violence and amazing abs.

The former Lost star has landed a role in Breaking Dawn. She'll portray a vampire named Irina, most infamously known for revealing that Edward and Bella's newborn is an immortal child, something frowned upon by those mean Volturi.

Earlier this month, Rami Malek was also added to the Breaking Dawn cast. Are you excited to see Grace in the role of Irina?

Remember: the final two films in the Twilight Saga franchise come out on November 18, 2011 and November 16, 2012. After that... we have no idea what we'll do with ourselves.

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Life is pretty good for Jackson Rathbone these days.

The Twilight Saga star will appear on No Ordinary Family, a critically acclaimed new series on ABC. He'll also reprise his role as Jasper Hale in Breaking Dawn, which comes out in November 2011. THG spoke to the actor this week and asked him about filming the latter...

Edward on His Wedding Day

What are your thoughts on working with director Bill Condon?
I’m extremely excited. I think we’re very blessed to have a director of his level being in this film. We’ve had such amazing directors and now we have an Academy Award winner directing the last two installments. It’s lovely because I get to learn something from each director. Their style and the way they run sets. One day when I pick up a script and start directing it myself, I’ll have a lot more to learn from. I’ll be able to use, or basically steal stuff from the directors I’ve worked with.

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Ready to meet a new Twilight Saga star, readers?

While he may be arriving too late to the franchise to compete with Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and company, Rami Malek has landed the role of Benjamin in Breaking Dawn. This character will be an ally to Edward and Bella as they battle the Volturi.

So, who is Rami Malek? Get to know him better below:

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... on 11/16/12.

Get the tissues out, Twilight Saga fans. The franchise has announced its end date.

Edward and Bella in Breaking Dawn

The second installment of Breaking Dawn will be released on November 16, 2012, almost a year to the day after the first half of the final film hits theaters.

Stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are scheduled to start filming in Louisiana and Vancouver this fall.

While this is emotional news, remember: the books, movies and characters will live on in our hearts forever... and forever... and forever.

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Twilight Saga fans may soon have an older man to drool over.

Multiple reports confirm that Lee Pace is in negotiations to appear in Breaking Dawn as the vampire Garrett, Edward's BFF.

Breaking Dawn Honeymoon Pic

The character possesses sandy hair that he keeps tied back with a leather thong. In the book, he's mostly a laid back blood sucker, replete with a relaxed attitude and sense of humor.

"Lee is the top person in the running to play Garrett in Breaking Dawn," a source told E! News, adding that no production date has been set for the November 2011 film.

Pace is a 31-year old native of Oklahoma best known for his role on the short-lived ABC series Pushing Daisies. It was one of the most unique, witty, funniest shows on television. Hurry up and go buy the DVD!

While most Breaking Dawn fans are still buzzing over the intense skin-on-skin action set for Bella and Edward in that movie, stop for a moment and sound off: Think Pace is right for the role of Garrett?