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President Barack Obama has spoken out for the second time regarding yesterday's Boston Marathon bombings, this time calling them an act of terrorism.

“This was a heinous and cowardly act," Obama said. "Given what we know about what took place, the F.B.I. is investigating it as an act of terrorism."

“Anytime bombs are used to target innocent civilians it is an act of terror.”

In Obama's first statement on the incident last night, he pledged to bring those responsible for justice, but stopped short of using the words terror or terrorism.

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Former New England Patriots offensive lineman Joe Andruzzi was at the finish line of the Boston Marathon Monday and helped carry a woman to safety.

The Patriots tweeted a photo of Andruzzi, who played on New England's three Super Bowl championship teams, in action at the scene of the explosions.

Joe Andruzzi Picture

Andruzzi's charitable foundation, which had participants running in the race, was hosting an event on Boylston Street, close to the Boston Marathon bombing.

Andruzzi and his wife Jen were near the finish line at the time of the first of two explosions, greeting runners. He later released a statement saying:

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The Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson unloaded on the bombing in Boston, a city with which he has a "personal connection" in his monologue early this morning.

He delved right into the Boston Marathon bombing at the onset.

“Obviously the news of today is so horrendous that it would seem insensitive at best to say ‘It’s a great day for America,’ so I won’t be starting with that," he said.

“Is anyone else sick of this sh**? I seem to have to say that too often."

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Danny Amendola has not even played a game yet with the New England Patriots.

But the wideout endeared himself to fans yesterday after making a pledge related to the Boston Marathon bombing, Tweeting that he will donate $100 this season "for EVERY pass I catch to whatever Boston Marathon Relief Fund" there is."

And also? $200 for any dropped pass.

Danny Pic

It's a very nice gesture during a very difficult time for the city. Here is the latest:

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While Patton Oswalt's response to the fatal Boston bombing inspires America, outspoken pundit Erik Rush is making headlines of a different sort.

Rush, whose claim to fame is breaking the story of President Obama's ties to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, went off on Monday's Boston Marathon explosions.

Erik Rush Pic

After the attacks, the political pundit Tweeted: “Everybody do the National Security Ankle Grab! Let’s bring more Saudis in without screening them! C’mon!”

When one of Rush’s followers responded and asked if he was already blaming all Muslims, he replied: “Yes, they’re evil. Let’s kill them all.”

He later said he was not serious. “Sarcasm, idiot,” he wrote to one critic.

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In the wake of Monday's Boston Marathon bombing that killed at least three and injured 130 more, a nation turns its weary eyes to ... Patton Oswalt?

Believe it or not, yes. The 44-year-old comedian penned a Facebook response that struck a chord with fans and people who've never heard of him.

It has been Liked nearly 250,000 times in less than a day.

Patton Oswalt Pic

Oswalt writes that while violence like the Boston Marathon tragedy exemplifies the worst of our civilization, it's easy to lose track of the big picture.

That big picture, he says, is of a nation and human race that is fundamentally good, and would not be here otherwise, and which will always triumph.

It's actually pretty inspirational. Read it after the jump:

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Following the dual explosions at the Boston Marathon that claimed three lives and injured over 100, a Saudi national is in custody ... but is he a real suspect?

Officials say the person in custody is not charged and not under arrest. He is cooperative, answering all their questions, and denying involvement.

CBS News' John Miller, a former assistant FBI director, said a witness reported that a person was acting suspiciously when the explosions happened.

That person, believed to be a 20-year-old Saudi national, was then taken into custody, but Boston Police deny he is a suspect. CBS News explains:

"They see him running away from the device," said Miller. "Now, a reasonable person would be running away. But this person had noticed him before."

"This is a civilian - chases him down, tackles him, turns him over to the Boston police. The individual is being looked at [and] was suffering from a burn injury."

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President Barack Obama ordered the "full resources" of the federal government to respond to the tragic and "senseless" Boston Marathon bombing today.

He also called for security around the U.S. as necessary.

At least two are dead and 110 injured after a explosions rocked downtown Boston near the finish line of the annual sporting event Monday afternoon.

Some sources have reported the toll even higher.

"We still do not know who did this or why," Obama said from the White House. "But make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this, and we will find out who did this."

Any individuals or groups responsible will "feel the full weight of justice," he said, while the American people will say a prayer for Boston tonight."

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An explosion was reported near the finish line of the Boston Marathon Monday.

Reuters is reporting that the headquarters of the annual event has been locked down after an explosion was reported near the finish line this afternoon.

The following images have been posted on Twitter, showing the scene:

  • Boston Marathon Explosion
  • Boston Marathon Explosion Photo

According the Boston Globe, there were dozens injured, although there are conflicting reports regarding the number and scale of injuries at this time.

There is also some uncertainty as to whether there were multiple explosions.

Story developing ...

UPDATE, 3:30 p.m.: Two blasts happened at about 2:50 p.m. near the intersection of Boylston and Exeter streets, according to CNN and local news reports.

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