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Britney Spears is the definition of a hot mama.

Enjoying some downtime from The X Factor in Hawaii, the 30-year-old is looking the part of mother and worldwide pop icon at the same time.

The singer shared some personal photos from inside her hotel in Maui. Here's Spears in a purple bikini with Jayden James and Sean Preston.

Britney Spears, Sons

"Getting ready for some pool time! Having a blast," the star posted with the pic, which we've filed under adorable. And celebrity bikini photos.

Yesterday, she posted a family photo of her with fiance Jason Trawick and the boys as well, writing "Happy 4th of July from the Aloha State!!"

Back atcha Brit. Check out that adorable shot:

Britney Spears Family Photo
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While two-piece swimwear had been around since the early 20th Century, the bikini was officially introduced July 5, 1946. The world? Never the same after that.

We can all thank a Frenchman named Louis Reard, whose idea was to fashion a garment, using as little fabric as possible, that could still be legally worn in public.

As our gallery of celebrity bikini photos shows, his dream lives on to this day.

Early Bikini

A French sunbather tries on the bikini in the mid-1940s.

The rest, as they say, is history. Today, 66 years later, his invention is so indoctrinated into the very fabric of our culture that we even have the bikini onesie.

Other July 5 birthdays: Megan Rapinoe (27), Eva Green (32), Huey Lewis (62) and Jersey Shore's Pauly D (32), who surely appreciates sharing his with the bikini.

Here are some classic bikinis through the years. Well, the last couple of years, because unlike the marvelous two-piece, THG is still in its relative infancy:

  • Nadya Suleman Bikini Photo
  • Kate Upton in a Bikini
  • Jenelle Evans Bikini Photo
  • Katharine McPhee Bikini Pic
  • Rihanna Bikini Photograph
  • Jenni Farley Bikini Photo
  • Rachel Uchitel in a Bikini
  • Hot Britney Spears Bikini Photo
  • Kaley Cuoco Bikini Pic
  • Rocking a Bikini
  • Lindsay Lohan Nipples
  • Kendall Jenner Twit Pic
  • Kris Jenner Bikini Pic
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Jersey Shore star JWoww recently got a giant new tattoo of a tiger.

In the new issue of Inked, she shows it off ... in a bikini of course.

"As an art student, I like how people express art on their bodies," says JWoww (real name Jenni Farley) whose other tattoos also include a giant dragon.

Here's a look at her latest ink. FOCUS on the tiger, people ...

JWoww's New Tattoo

Snooki's BFF tells Inked that her tattoos were designed by Jon Squid, her college adviser and an art student who has also been tattooing for 10 years.

She also says she wanted something on the other side of her body to balance out the dragon, and the dragon and tiger symbolize good versus evil.

They both symbolize badassness if you ask us. As for the locations, she says it enables her to flaunt them, yet also cover them when she wants.

Hard to argue with that. Click to enlarge more JWoww photos!

  • JWoww Tiger Tattoo
  • JWoww Inked
  • J-Woww Bikini Pic
  • JWoww Tattoo

[Photos: Inked]

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Kate Upton's recent photo shoot for GQ (and likely Terry Richardson's personal use) was so risque, she was asked to leave the famed Santa Monica Pier.

The 20-year-old stunner and her photo crew were asked by security officials to leave after the Cat Daddy video vixen suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

The Sports Illustrated cover model was at the pier and amusement park when her skimpy bathing suit snapped in mid-ride ... as almost seen here:

"We were on a ride where the seat spins while the actual ride is spinning, and I’m wearing a one-piece. And all of a sudden the whole entire top falls off!" Upton recalled.

"I’m holding myself, laughing, turning bright red, but a lot of people are watching, so they kicked us out of the Santa Monica pier – it was so embarrassing."

"You wouldn’t think that would happen with a one-piece!"

You wouldn't, no. But so it goes. Follow this link for the Kate Upton bikini photos that resulted from the shoot before she was shown the exit.

Oh, and watch more behind-the-scenes video below, too:

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Photographer Terry Richardson, the man who brought us the wonder that is the Kate Upton cat daddy video, has followed it up with another viral hit.

Titled "The Many Talents of Kate Upton," Terry's new video spoofs the '90s show Baywatch, with the model as a lifeguard, running in a tiny red bikini.

Backed by a punk-rock soundtrack, Kate's other "talents" include skateboarding, hula-hooping, riding roller coasters ... and yes, wet t-shirt contests.

Check it out below and go take a cold shower:

Richardson continues the All-American theme of Kate Upton's GQ photos (which he also shot), by visiting a beachside amusement park in the video.

Kate even experiences a wardrobe malfunction briefly at one point. Life is tough for supermodels. All in all, Terry is good at what he does for a living.

Well, except for maybe those Lindsay Lohan gun photos. Stick to Kate, Terry. No need for train wreck celebs pointing firearms into their mouths.

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As the Nadya Suleman whirlwind media tour continues today with a bunch of photos of her in a pink bikini on a Miami beach, two things are apparent:

  1. Frankie Grageda is one lucky (or unlucky, depending on your taste) man
  2. The pics may be even more desperate than the Octomom porn trailer

Yeah. It's hard to look sexy when you're only doing this to support the 14 kids you had without even having sex and can't provide for, but she tries.

Nadya Suleman Cleavage

Yeah. Kate Upton bikini photos, these are not. To say the least.

Try as she might to show off her toned physique and make us forget what a destitute, attention-seeking, clueless, taxpayer-gouging human she is, it's not cutting it.

Or is it? You tell us! Click to enlarge more hot (or not) Octomom bikini pictures below and share your commentary on them in the comment section:

  • Octomom Nadya Suleman Bikini Pic
  • Nadya Suleman Bikini Photo
  • Nadya Suleman Cleavage
  • Nadya Suleman Got BACK!
  • Octomom Bikini Photo

Octomom: Would you hit it?


[Photos: Pacific Coast News]

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Warning to men around the world: Kate Upton is back in a bathing suit. You might wanna stop operating all heavy machinery about now.

The ridiculously sexy 20-year old is featured in the July issue of Vogue Spain and while we may not understand the words that accompany the article, we can easily translate the meaning behind these photos: H-O-T.

The spread follows another set of her photos in GQ, which - in case you some forgot - came on the heels of the Kate Upton Cat Daddy video.

We'll stop talking now and let you click through the following pictures...

  • Kate Upton for Vogue Spain
  • Kate Upton Magazine Photo
  • Kate Upton is Hot
  • Kate Upton in a Bathing Suit
  • Sizzling Kate Upton
  • Kate Upton Vogue Spain Photo
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Kate Upton, Miranda Kerr has seen your bikini photos and decided to raise you a couple of her own.

The super model took to Instagram yesterday, posted a shot of herself in a pink two-piece and simply wrote: 50 shades of Miranda.

Really, what else needs to be said?

Miranda Kerr Bikini Pose

It's unclear where Orlando Bloom's prettier half took this picture, and it's also unclear why any warm-blooded male would give a darn. Especially when she then followed up the above shot with another one.

Check out that Miranda Kerr bikini pic now and don't worry about thanking us any time soon. We understand. You might need awhile.

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If you thought GQ's Kate Upton bikini photos were the hottest thing ever ... okay, you won't get a lot of arguments from us. But a behind the scenes video of her stripping down for the magazine will only help you appreciate them more!

We sort of hate Terry Richardson, GQ's photographer, but that's unfair. After all, if you see girls in bikinis at the beach, do you get jealous and bitter at the sun? Exactly. You can only appreciate the wonderful things it provides you. And wear at least SPF 30.

Watch Kate pose below and get that cold shower running:

Your move, Marisa Miller. Your move.

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Kate Upton and Marisa Miller are back in the news this week, albeit for different reasons.

The former continued her reign as It Girl by posing for hot bikini photos in GQ, while the latter announced that she is pregnant with her first child.

Both curvy Sports Illustrated swimsuit models remain among Earth's finest specimens, whatever they're up to. So, the million-dollar question:

Which of the two would you rather ... take out for a nice dinner? Vote!

And the Winner is?

Kate Upton or Marissa Miller: Which Sports Illustrated cover girl is hottest? There's no wrong answer, but vote in our survey here and give one! View Poll »

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