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Following Thursday's elimination of Brendon and Kalia's surprising Head of Household triumph, the remaining veterans found themselves in the crosshairs.

How would Jeff, Rachel and Jordan react to being completely out of power for the first time? Would Kalia stick to her guns or cave under pressure?

We reveal the answer to these questions, as well as the identity of the nominees, in our +/- recap of last night's Big Brother installment below ...

Kalia Booker Picture

Jordan and Porsche do their best to comfort a DEVASTATED Rachel. Plus 4 for the obligatory, hilarious pity party, but Minus 3 for calling Daniele "mean."

Jeff is livid that Porsche picked him and Shelly in the HoH challenge, which would eliminate one of them. Porsche claims she just chose two names and didn't even consider the consequences. Plus 7, because we actually believe the dim bulb.

Rachel actually does a respectable kiss-up job in offering the standard BB deal to Kalia. Minus 6, though, because her word is absolutely no good.

Daniele is now Official Adviser to the HoH. Dick would be proud. Plus 5.

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After a boneheaded use of the veto on Rachel and not himself, Brendon found himself staring down the barrel of Daniele's virtual 12-gauge Thursday night.

Could he possibly rally enough votes to stave off elimination and oust Jordan? Could he say "fiancee" any more often? Could he be any more of a douche?

We reveal the answer to all of these questions, as well as the identity of the new HoH, in our +/- recap of last night's Big Brother installment below ...


Minus 25 right off the bat, because while Brendon and Rachel act like God's gift to Big Brother, they are actually horrible players outside of the challenges.

Everyone dislikes them intensely. Their deals are good as far as you can throw them. All they have to do is have one off week and it's curtains. Minus 9.

That said, there is something maddeningly insane about Brenchel, and you tune in primarily to watch and root against louts such as them, so Plus 4.

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We have reached the point of the Big Brother season where the cast, having spent weeks in a faux house on a CBS studio lot, is starting to go slightly insane.

Everything seems like life or death - and not just for Rachel and Brendon - when you're inside the bubble. The entertainment value, of course, only increases.

Who won the Power of Veto and who's up on the block headed into tonight's live eviction? THG breaks down last night's BB episode in its +/- recap below ...


"I'm gonna invent something that's gonna cure cancer." - Brendon. Minus 20. He IS a PhD student and we can accept that he's smart, but when he proclaims this Rachel inside the Big Brother house, it's impossible to take seriously.

Brendon and Jeff are totally wearing the same clothes now. Plus 6.

"Hey Daniele, are you planning anything that I should tell Jeff and Jordan?" - Shelly. So smooth! People are really starting to crack up in here. Minus 5.

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Sunday night's Big Brother episode marked the first dramatic shift in the balance of power this season, which was long overdue and quite entertaining to watch.

With a new sheriff in town, the aura of invincibility surrounding one of the super-couples evaporated. But this is Big Brother. Things can change in an instant.

Who won HoH and who ended up on the block? What else went down in the house? THG breaks down last night's BB episode in its +/- recap below ...

Daniele on Big Brother

Daniele was under the gun after overplaying her hand big time last week, but she knew it and responded defiantly, declaring she needed to win Head of Household, then doing just that, seemingly with ease. That was bad ass. Plus 12.

Rachel cheering for everybody but Daniele (who laughed it off, as if she knew she would win all along) was petty, stupid and a bad omen for her. Minus 8.

Minus 4 for Brendon's diss of Kalia (who's now firmly on Team Dani).

Jeff is still not over Daniele's move last week, going so far to tell her that she hurt his feelings. Minus only 5, because compared to Rachel, he's logical.

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Thursday's installment of Big Brother was one of the season's best so far, even with little or no suspense regarding the results of the eviction ceremony.

We knew Dominic was going down. What we didn't know was whether he would burn out in flames or merely fade away. It was definitely the former.

The collateral damage was pretty significant this week. THG breaks down last night's eviction episode of the CBS guilty pleasure in its +/- recap ...

Cheers For Dominic

Rachel, Brendon, Jeff and Jordan are PISSED at Daniele's meddling. She overplayed her hand in doing so, and yes, it was backhanded. But why the histrionics and vitriol? It's a game based on evicting people! Minus 56 for their collective idiocy.

Jeff, not over-dramatically at all, equates Dom's complicity to murder. Plus 13.

His goal coming in was to spend the summer with Jordan, Jeff says. Aren't they dating? BB is fun and all, but they could do that elsewhere, no? Minus 4.

Dom is grilled by Jeff, but won't blame Dani by name or even utter the words back door. Too late for chivalry and ass-covering, but nice effort. Plus 5.

His ego swelling more each instant, Brendon starts laying into ... Kalia. Minus 8.

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What Wednesday's Big Brother lacked in intensity, cat-fighting and drama, it made up for with the first real signs of complex, strategic battle this season.

The veteran alliance seemed ready to crack once again last night, until it coalesced around a common foe. How will this change the game going forward?

Who ended up on the block after all was said and done? THG breaks down last night's episode of the CBS guilty pleasure in its +/- recap below ...

Dominic and Adam on Big Brother

There is no real reason Brendon and Rachel have to be in an alliance with Jordan and Jeff. Both pairs know it, and both pairs dislike the other, but they're all patient and forward thinking. No hasty moves = good strategy. Plus 29.

Danielle subtly and casually tries to get Jeff back-doored without mentioning him by name. Smart move ... if she had left it at that. Minus 5.

The Dom-Dani quasi-showmance is becoming kinda cute, right? Plus 7.

Brenchel in the tub. While I'm eating dinner? Not so much. Minus 83.

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Sunday night's Big Brother episode featured Rachel - shocker - bawling again after a perceived slight, as well as a shameless, ridiculous celebrity plug by the Hoff.

Meanwhile, the veteran alliance continued to crack, or at least we were led to believe so by Big Brother editors, and this week's nominees were unveiled.

Who ended up on the block after all of Rachel's waffling? THG breaks down Sunday's episode of the CBS guilty pleasure in its +/- recap below ...

David Hasselhoff on Big Brother

Dom and Adam know they're in trouble once again. Plus 4, because at least it took them approximately 30 seconds to kiss up and try to deal.

Plus 2 for D's open acknowledgment that the Regulators were "the worst alliance of all-time Big Brother history." At least someone's honest.

Minus 5 for the snoring, though. Not a way to curry favor.

Lawon is, as deemed by Rachel, a "super floater" ... who wears orange Crocs and argyle socks. No idea how to even score that combo. Wash.

"Who wants to see my HoH roooooom?!" - Rachel. Again. Minus 6.

"Who's house? Rachel's house! Whew!" - Lawon. Plus 3.

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There was little doubt who was headed home on Big Brother last night.

Dominic's surprising veto win left the door open to back-door Cassi, who Rachel had been lobbying to vote off all along. Jordan, stuck between a rock and a hard place, ultimately decided to placate Rachel and play it safe.

It all made this week's Big Brother live eviction a foregone conclusion, but there was plenty of drama just the same. We relive it in our +/- recap below ...

Cassi Colvin Pic

Dom, Jordan and Shelly seemed legitimately sad that Cassi was leaving, and only Jordan had any say in it. Ultimately, she probably made the right call if her goal is to win, but she could've rid us of Rachel, so Minus 9.

Jeff sweetly tells Jordan she's a good person. Aww. Plus 7.

The unquestioned highlight of the night was Cassi calling Rachel going after her for no reason. Rachel's explanation? Cassi's comment about Porsche, and being bad at BB, made her a target. What a load of crap. Minus 18.

Then Cassi straight up owned her, saying, "You're a catty, catty girl" and "an ugly person inside." Then, twisting the knife even further, Cassi said she now realizes America was right last season - she does suck big time. Plus 40.

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If Rachel doesn't get her way, she will cry in some shrubbery. Morons locked in a house for weeks at a time will ultimately turn on each other. An unexpected victory in a veto competition can potentially lead to a major game-changer.

Each of these Big Brother tenets was proven last night.

Who ended up on the block when all was said and done, and which of the two is likely toast? THG breaks down Sunday's episode in its +/- recap below ...

Dominic Briones Picture

For whatever reason, Rachel is livid that this week's nominees don't include Cassi. Jordan guesses Rachel is jealous because Cassi is hot. Sounds right. Plus 4.

Jordan doesn't want to be "two-face" and go after her, though. Minus 1.

Daniele is awesome. By agreeing with Rachel and subtly playing into her nut job crusade, she subtly helps create a huge rift - to her own advantage. Plus 9.

The Golden Key concept is killing the veto competitions. Some people don't even compete, and those that do often try to tank it strategically. Minus 7.

Dominic lucks out big time when this veto battle becomes an individual effort. Unencumbered by Adam trying to lose, he pulls off a huge upset! Plus 10.

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Last week's nominees, Keith and Porsche, were both certain they had the votes and didn't even try to save themselves from eviction (the joke was on Keith).

This time around, several newbies were scrambling to cut deals and cover their respective backsides before Jordan's nominations were even announced.

Who did she put up, and who do you think stands the better chance of survival? THG breaks down last night's episode in a +/- recap below ...

Jordan and Jeff on BB13

Porsche is, like, so said to see Keith go. "NOT!" Minus 7 for that sixth-grader style diss, and for how funny she thought she was while delivering it.

Adam and Dominic are both convinced the other turned on Keith, when neither of them did! Plus 5 for Shelley's turncoat vote that no one expects.

Pretty poor display by the new kids overall, though. They had the numbers, then coughed it up, and now kiss up, rather pathetically. Minus 7.

Evel Dick left, but his prediction of picking off these weak ass competitors one by one looks spot on. Plus 3, because we really miss that guy.

Only Dominic seems like he gives a crap about fighting back against the big kids and formulating a plan beyond straight up begging. Even if we're not sure the Daniele mini-alliance will do the trick, Plus 6 for effort.

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