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Big Jeff is definitely in charge of Big Brother house.

Following Sunday's commanding Head of Household win, he proceeded to win the veto as well, leaving himself with all the options and all the power.

He acted like it, too, with a move that could come back to bite him, but more than likely defeated his opposing alliance for good. Only time will tell.

THG recaps last night's Big Brother episode below ...

Jeff Schroeder Picture

Whatever you think of him personally, Jeff is very good at Big Brother. His #1 achievement is what he did the previous 2-3 weeks, shoring up quasi-pacts with Shelly, Adam and Rachel. This gives him quite an edge. Plus 7.

Daniele, meanwhile, seems like a bit of a lost puppy when she's not in the driver's seat. Minus only 3, because she's quieter about it than Rachel at least.

Speaking of Boo-key's girl, Rachel is dead set on vengeance. Minus 15 for bad strategy, but Plus 5 because her attempts to bug Daniele do seem to work.

Plus 6 for Jordan's oddly sexy humilitard-removing striptease-thing.

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Big Jeff, while not actually that big in the literal sense, took control of the Big Brother house last night, and was entertaining as ever as Head of Household.

Following last week's elimination of the zombie (again), only two guys remained out of eight house guests, with no male having won HoH all season long.

Jeff's win changed that, and with his narration of events and laid-back attitude, he almost made us forget about the whole Harry Potter rant. Almost.

THG recaps Sunday's Big Brother episode below ...

Daniele and Jeff on Big Brother

Props to the Big Brother producers for thinking up this HoH contest. Who doesn't like to watch people take spills while filling up vats of detergent? Plus 5.

Daniele can't even pretend her BFF Kalia has any chance. Minus 4, while Rachel, on the flip side, goes overboard with the insincere cheering. Minus 2.

Between Jordan's spinning dunce cap and Adam's earth-shattering fall (that had to hurt!), there was plenty of slapstick to go around this week. Plus 3.

Plus 2 more for keeping his focus despite that "real cutie" next to him.

Rachel misses her "little Brendon." Or not-so-little Brendon. Minus 4.

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Poor Boo-Key. Poor Jordan for having to babysit other Boo-key.

After being successfully back-doored by Daniele, Brendon seemed almost resigned to his fate on Big Brother. Competitor that he is, he's public enemy #1.

The irony is that despite how he loves to get on his soapbox and rave about being a competitor, Brendon is not that good at Big Brother. He's wasted potential.

A better player could have swung Adam and Porsche, which would have put the heat on Jeff and Jordan. But Brendon burns bridges like a madman.

THG recaps Thursday's Big Brother eviction episode below ...

Brendon Villegas Picture

For the second time in three weeks, Brendon is up against it, with a Southern woman as his competition and Daniele as HoH. Doomed, dog. Minus 4.

Try as he did to drum up the votes to stay, it was clear it wasn't happening when Jeff basically told him to pound sand. Plus 6 for Jeff standing up for Jordan.

Plus 2 for Jeff's dramatic Diary Room explanations of simple ideas.

Brenchel really didn't make a compelling argument, nor take rejection with their usual indignation. Brenchel was rather sanguine ... for them. Plus 3.

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Daniele's somewhat surprising nominations on Sunday left her options open, if nothing else. Last night, we saw how that move worked to her advantage.

Simply put, Dani's got game. She painted herself into a corner early this season, but has won to critical HoH weeks and looks to be in a great position.

Of course, we all know that can change in an instant in this house. How did last night play out? THG recaps Wednesday's Big Brother installment below ...

Kalia and Shelly

"Why Shelly," said Rachel, "I simply have no idea what on earth you mean." Minus 27 for blatantly lying and coming unglued so terribly and so fast.

Jordan played the role of strict schoolteacher here. "Kalia, you stay here," she said. "Somebody go get Porsche." Not over-dramatic whatsoever. Plus 4.

We really don't know entirely what this argument was about, but Shelly lost most if not all of her credibility and grittiness during it, so Minus 5.

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Last week's eviction of Lawon and return of Brendon could've spelled certain defeat for Daniele and Kalia unless the former somehow came through to win HoH.

Amazingly, with a boost from Jorff and Brenchel's inability to count, she did. But what she did in her second reign as Head of Household came as a surprise.

THG recaps Sunday's Big Brother installment below ...

Brenchel Celebrates

Minus 8 for having to relive this moment again at the start.

Minus 5 more for Shelly's blatant celebration of Brendon's return, which - spoiler alert - she may come to regret depending on how this week progresses.

"Why?!? Why, America?!?!" Kalia whines about the voting that sent Brendon back into the house. Um, probably to see this exact reaction on TV? Plus 4.

For the second time this year, Dani knows that if she doesn’t win HoH, she's toast. But then Brendon, Rachel, Jeff and Jordan all go down hard! Plus 7.

Plus 2 for Jeff's overly enthusiastic narration, in general.

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On the bright side, Lawon Exum has made Big Brother history.

Unfortunately, after Lawon's absurd strategy backfired so horribly, his place in history is guaranteed by having made the worst move in 13 seasons.

The worst part is that you could see it coming, and by the time the votes were cast, you knew how the final portion of the episode would play out.

Between his brilliant idea and Kalia backtracking on her original plan, the newbies have collectively proved wholly incapable of playing Big Brother.

THG recaps Thursday's Big Brother installment below ...

Lawon Pic

It's hard to even know where to start with Lawon's stupidity at this point. Why on Earth would he assume, just because there was a chance he could come back, that he would automatically do so, with special powers no less? Minus 20.

Even Julie had to laugh at that one. Plus 8.

Let's also give Minus 10 to Kalia for not sticking to her guns and putting up Jordan, thus forcing the house to vote out Rachel and take their chances. Even if Rachel returned, just nominate her again! Such spineless ineptitude.

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After Sunday's nominations of Rachel and Jeff, Kalia put herself in a tight spot. Yes, she stuck to her guns, but long term, she'd become a big target.

What we didn't count on was Lawon being thrown in the mix.

By his own doing, it turned out. We'd been waiting for this lovable crazy man to make a move for weeks, but no one could have seen this coming.

THG recaps last night's Big Brother installment below ...

Lawon on Big Brother

Rachel has an epic pity party after the nominations, and without Brendon there to talk her down, it just gets worse and worse. Plus 9, because as painful as she is, it's entertaining when a human lowers the behavioral bar this much.

Okay, it's getting annoying. Please vote her off this week. Minus 5.

Shelly tries to calm her down, telling her not to chase after Daniele or cry so openly because "you have more class than that." LOLOLOLOL. Plus 16.

Jeff just goes off about how he wants people to step up, pick a side and go to war. Minus 7, because last week he was Mister Non-Confrontational.

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Following Thursday's elimination of Brendon and Kalia's surprising Head of Household triumph, the remaining veterans found themselves in the crosshairs.

How would Jeff, Rachel and Jordan react to being completely out of power for the first time? Would Kalia stick to her guns or cave under pressure?

We reveal the answer to these questions, as well as the identity of the nominees, in our +/- recap of last night's Big Brother installment below ...

Kalia Booker Picture

Jordan and Porsche do their best to comfort a DEVASTATED Rachel. Plus 4 for the obligatory, hilarious pity party, but Minus 3 for calling Daniele "mean."

Jeff is livid that Porsche picked him and Shelly in the HoH challenge, which would eliminate one of them. Porsche claims she just chose two names and didn't even consider the consequences. Plus 7, because we actually believe the dim bulb.

Rachel actually does a respectable kiss-up job in offering the standard BB deal to Kalia. Minus 6, though, because her word is absolutely no good.

Daniele is now Official Adviser to the HoH. Dick would be proud. Plus 5.

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After a boneheaded use of the veto on Rachel and not himself, Brendon found himself staring down the barrel of Daniele's virtual 12-gauge Thursday night.

Could he possibly rally enough votes to stave off elimination and oust Jordan? Could he say "fiancee" any more often? Could he be any more of a douche?

We reveal the answer to all of these questions, as well as the identity of the new HoH, in our +/- recap of last night's Big Brother installment below ...


Minus 25 right off the bat, because while Brendon and Rachel act like God's gift to Big Brother, they are actually horrible players outside of the challenges.

Everyone dislikes them intensely. Their deals are good as far as you can throw them. All they have to do is have one off week and it's curtains. Minus 9.

That said, there is something maddeningly insane about Brenchel, and you tune in primarily to watch and root against louts such as them, so Plus 4.

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We have reached the point of the Big Brother season where the cast, having spent weeks in a faux house on a CBS studio lot, is starting to go slightly insane.

Everything seems like life or death - and not just for Rachel and Brendon - when you're inside the bubble. The entertainment value, of course, only increases.

Who won the Power of Veto and who's up on the block headed into tonight's live eviction? THG breaks down last night's BB episode in its +/- recap below ...


"I'm gonna invent something that's gonna cure cancer." - Brendon. Minus 20. He IS a PhD student and we can accept that he's smart, but when he proclaims this Rachel inside the Big Brother house, it's impossible to take seriously.

Brendon and Jeff are totally wearing the same clothes now. Plus 6.

"Hey Daniele, are you planning anything that I should tell Jeff and Jordan?" - Shelly. So smooth! People are really starting to crack up in here. Minus 5.

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