Having an eight-person alliance was always going to be a struggle, but could it really become seven-person alliance by the end of the week?

Tiffany totally seems like like a carbon copy of her sister, Vanessa and it's rubbing her alliance members the wrong way. 

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Was that one of the best blindsides in Big Brother history?

The Eight Pack alliance continued to chat about getting rid of Jozea, but Jozea and his alliance were so sure that they had the majority in the house. 

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The road kill twist continued to have a ripple effect throughout the house. 

Paul was not impressed at being the nominee and made that known to his fellow alliance members. Victor was quick to point the finger about who made the decision.

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Nicole's reign as HOH was always going to cause a rift in the house. 

Past seasons of the show have found the first HOH playing it safe, but Nicole had to draw a line in the sand with the newbies, or it would have been herself sitting up there on the block. 

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You'd be forgiven for thinking that we were way further in the game if you tuned into Big Brother tonight, but we're actually right at the beginning. 

It felt like one of those episodes in the middle of the season in which alliances are being shook right up. It all resulted in a thrilling hour of television and I can't wait to see how the rest of the season plays out.

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