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Last week's elimination of Shelly put Rachel in position to wrest control of the house in an HOH competition that featured three people she could easily beat.

Did she step it up, or did Adam, the beacon of Big Brother uselessness, pull off a major upset? Could Kalia win a surprising third week in power this summer?

More importantly, what "celebrity" visits made this installment one of the more absurd in awhile? THG recaps Sunday night's Big Brother episode below ...

Jessie Godderz on Big Brother

Plus 10 because Jeff and Daniele were clearly the best players in the house. You can still see their alliances going to war with each other, weeks later!

Minus 15 because the producers obviously set up this competition for Rachel to win HOH. On her hands and knees covered in clear, sticky goo? Sorry.

Adam didn't do a terrible job, but his winless streak continues, save for the one veto he was allowed to win by BFF/puppet master Jeff. Weak. Minus 4.

Jordan ate some of the real sprinkles "that were left over." Plus 3.

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With her back against the wall, how did Shelly respond on Big Brother? Did she beg to stay, accept her fate and bow out gracefully or try some subterfuge?

Rachel's veto win put Shelly in the rare position of having to fight for her own survival, rather than merely playing off someone else (which she does well).

But did it pay off, or did Adam, the beacon of Big Brother uselessness, live to do nothing another week? Who was kicked off when the votes were tallied?

THG recaps last night's Big Brother episode below ...

Adam Poch Pic

Minus 10 off the bat, because of of the Jets-Eagles game, Big Brother was not aired on much of the east coast until after 1:30 a.m. For a PRESEASON game. We love the NFL and all, but why do this to the live eviction episode?

You knew Shelly would not go quietly, and props to her for that. In a house full of dead weight, she fought, clawed, deceived, lied and did everything she could to advance her personal interests in the game proactively. Plus 15, Shell.

She had no shot last night, though. Minus 7.

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As she reminds us approximately 40 times a week, Rachel is competitor on Big Brother who is here to compete in this game, vanquishing floaters in her path.

Porsche's instantly regrettable decision to pop Pandora's Box gave the more insane half of Brenchel, now public enemy #1, an opening. And she seized it.

Who was nominated for eviction, who won the veto and how did the events of Wednesday night set up the home stretch of the CBS show's 13th season?

THG recaps last night's Big Brother episode below ...

Despite the fact that she could no longer guarantee knocking one of them out, Porsche did the right thing putting Rachel and Jordan on the block instead of trying to backdoor them. Plus 3, because they're still forced to win the veto.

Kalia isn't happy about Pandora's Box, though. For good reason. Minus 19.

Tension between former allies Jordan and Shelly is thick. When the latter attempts to say hi nowadays, it's hilariously and uncomfortably awkward. Plus 4.

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Fallout from the shocking double eviction continued to play out on Big Brother Sunday night, with a rare look back at some of the events of the previous week.

We finally got to see the blowup that left Big Jeff so enraged at Shelly (whose family has been getting death threats over this) and earned him a spot on the jury.

That was just the first part of Sunday's episode, with the rest centering around the new Head of Household competition, and the return of Pandora's Box.

THG recaps last night's Big Brother mania below ...

  • Shelly Moore Picture
  • Jeff Schroeder Picture

In a season that has lacked for excitement at times, CBS did the right thing rehashing the events that preceded Jeff's surprise ouster last week. Plus 5.

Minus 18, though, for Shelly's utter nonsense. It wasn't bad strategy to get rid of Jeff (far from it in fact), but her attempts to explain her side deals with other players just came across as disingenuous and ridiculous.

Plus 9, though, because this season certainly got interesting.

Minus 2 for Rachel dropping the f-bomb again. Fiance! Fiance!

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In news from the Perhaps-You're-Taking-This-A-Bit-Seriously department, Shelly Moore's family and co-workers are receiving death threats after her surprising vote to evict Jeff Schroeder from the Big Brother house last week.

It was kind of a d!ck move, sure. But chill out people.

Jeff on Big Brother

Shelly could have given fan favorite Jeff, with whom she was allied all summer (or so he thought), a 3-1 victory in Thursday's double eviction episode.

More tearfully and surprisingly voted to keep Rachel Reilly, however, leading to Kalia Booker's tie-breaking vote to oust Jeff, perhaps the strongest player left.

Shelly's family and co-workers have received threats from deranged fans since.

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In a season that has felt yawn-worthy at times, Thursday night's Big Brother double eviction episode was anything but. It was as big a shake-up as you could ask for.

Following Jeff's decision to back door Danieie, Evel Dick's daughter battled hard to stay, leaving the outcome uncertain. Could she somehow rally three votes?

That was just the first part of Thursday's episode, with the rest cramming a week's worth of Big Brother into a half hour. The results? Surprising, to say the least.

THG recaps last night's Big Brother mania below ...

Daniele Donato Picture

You knew Daniele would not go down without a fight. She's too much of a scrapper. But watching her convince Shelly, who in turn lobbied Adam and - seriously - Rachel to keep Dani? Impressive campaigning made this interesting really fast. Plus 6.

Minus 2 for the Zingbot flashback. We got the chills.

Adam was not to be persuaded, though. Life as Jeff's lapdog is just too good. Minus 4, because Mr. Metal Head may be the weakest player in the house.

Minus 7 for not showing Jeff and Shelly's screaming match when he somehow learned she was trying to rally votes against him. What tipped him off?

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Big Jeff is definitely in charge of Big Brother house.

Following Sunday's commanding Head of Household win, he proceeded to win the veto as well, leaving himself with all the options and all the power.

He acted like it, too, with a move that could come back to bite him, but more than likely defeated his opposing alliance for good. Only time will tell.

THG recaps last night's Big Brother episode below ...

Jeff Schroeder Picture

Whatever you think of him personally, Jeff is very good at Big Brother. His #1 achievement is what he did the previous 2-3 weeks, shoring up quasi-pacts with Shelly, Adam and Rachel. This gives him quite an edge. Plus 7.

Daniele, meanwhile, seems like a bit of a lost puppy when she's not in the driver's seat. Minus only 3, because she's quieter about it than Rachel at least.

Speaking of Boo-key's girl, Rachel is dead set on vengeance. Minus 15 for bad strategy, but Plus 5 because her attempts to bug Daniele do seem to work.

Plus 6 for Jordan's oddly sexy humilitard-removing striptease-thing.

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Big Jeff, while not actually that big in the literal sense, took control of the Big Brother house last night, and was entertaining as ever as Head of Household.

Following last week's elimination of the zombie (again), only two guys remained out of eight house guests, with no male having won HoH all season long.

Jeff's win changed that, and with his narration of events and laid-back attitude, he almost made us forget about the whole Harry Potter rant. Almost.

THG recaps Sunday's Big Brother episode below ...

Daniele and Jeff on Big Brother

Props to the Big Brother producers for thinking up this HoH contest. Who doesn't like to watch people take spills while filling up vats of detergent? Plus 5.

Daniele can't even pretend her BFF Kalia has any chance. Minus 4, while Rachel, on the flip side, goes overboard with the insincere cheering. Minus 2.

Between Jordan's spinning dunce cap and Adam's earth-shattering fall (that had to hurt!), there was plenty of slapstick to go around this week. Plus 3.

Plus 2 more for keeping his focus despite that "real cutie" next to him.

Rachel misses her "little Brendon." Or not-so-little Brendon. Minus 4.

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Poor Boo-Key. Poor Jordan for having to babysit other Boo-key.

After being successfully back-doored by Daniele, Brendon seemed almost resigned to his fate on Big Brother. Competitor that he is, he's public enemy #1.

The irony is that despite how he loves to get on his soapbox and rave about being a competitor, Brendon is not that good at Big Brother. He's wasted potential.

A better player could have swung Adam and Porsche, which would have put the heat on Jeff and Jordan. But Brendon burns bridges like a madman.

THG recaps Thursday's Big Brother eviction episode below ...

Brendon Villegas Picture

For the second time in three weeks, Brendon is up against it, with a Southern woman as his competition and Daniele as HoH. Doomed, dog. Minus 4.

Try as he did to drum up the votes to stay, it was clear it wasn't happening when Jeff basically told him to pound sand. Plus 6 for Jeff standing up for Jordan.

Plus 2 for Jeff's dramatic Diary Room explanations of simple ideas.

Brenchel really didn't make a compelling argument, nor take rejection with their usual indignation. Brenchel was rather sanguine ... for them. Plus 3.

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Daniele's somewhat surprising nominations on Sunday left her options open, if nothing else. Last night, we saw how that move worked to her advantage.

Simply put, Dani's got game. She painted herself into a corner early this season, but has won to critical HoH weeks and looks to be in a great position.

Of course, we all know that can change in an instant in this house. How did last night play out? THG recaps Wednesday's Big Brother installment below ...

Kalia and Shelly

"Why Shelly," said Rachel, "I simply have no idea what on earth you mean." Minus 27 for blatantly lying and coming unglued so terribly and so fast.

Jordan played the role of strict schoolteacher here. "Kalia, you stay here," she said. "Somebody go get Porsche." Not over-dramatic whatsoever. Plus 4.

We really don't know entirely what this argument was about, but Shelly lost most if not all of her credibility and grittiness during it, so Minus 5.

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