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CBS has announced most of the Big Brother Season 14 cast members, along with a twist:

Along with 12 brand new players, the voyeuristic reality show will also bring back a quartet of former contestants, all of whom are playing for their own, separate prize.

Executive producer Allison Grodner teases this as a "game within the game" and says the identities of the "fan favorites and winners" will be revealed at a later date.

  • Jenn Arroyo Picture
  • Willie Hantz Picture

As for the newbie? The cast includes a former Playmate, the brother of a notorious Survivor castaway, a nurse and a chef. Read on for more details, as Big Brother returns on July 12.

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Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly of Big Brother infamy are crossing over into another CBS competition series, joining the cast of The Amazing Race 20 this winter!

Rachel won Big Brother 13 last summer, a stunning comeback considering she was easily one of the most hated contestants in the show's history after Season 12.

The Amazing Race is clearly a good fit for the ratings-grabbing duo, who excelled in Big Brother's weekly competitions but cried a lot and lacked for social skills.

The Amazing Race 20 Cast

Brendon and Rachel entering the Race is similar to Survivor stars Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich doing the same. CBS knows how to pick and re-cast its reality "talent."

The Amazing Race turns 20 on February 19 and will celebrate the milestone with a cast that also includes married professional clowns, border patrol agents and more.

The 11 teams will hit 22 cities and travel 40,000 miles on trips to Paraguay, Azerbaijan and the German castle that inspired the one featured in Sleeping Beauty.

Follow the link for a full rundown of The Amazing Race 20 cast!

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Lindsay Lohan is used to avoiding crude shanks in big house ... but can she handle being stabbed in the back in a different sense in the Big Brother house?

Reports have surfaced saying the one-time actress is in negotiations to come aboard the reality show in a bid to relaunch her career after years of legal woes.

It'd be a huge coup for the show, but is there any truth to said rumor?

Linds in Court

"Lindsay is not doing Big Brother," her rep tells E! News, matter of factly.

It's unclear if Lindsay Lohan could have joined the show even if she wanted to, given her community service and psychotherapy requirements. If LiLo went into that house and survived all the way to the finale, it'd be like three months of isolation!

We'd miss her so much ... and yet not.

"We hope that the courts will make a special allowance in this case. There aren't any more controlled ­ environments than the Big Brother house," a hopeful source said.

That's true, no way could she do drugs or steal jewelry without cameras seeing it. A moot point in any case. Fortunately, Lindsay Lohan in Playboy is still a go, and soon!

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Following its most successful ratings season since 2004, Big Brother has already been renewed for its 14th edition to be broadcast next summer on CBS.

This summer's edition, won by Rachel Reilly in last week's finale, delivered the reality hit's largest audience and highest ratings in years, up 5-10 percent.

Traffic on CBS' Big Brother website was up 18 percent, the live feeds showed a 10 percent bump and Showtime's late night BB look-in grew 8 percent.

The Big Brother 13 Cast

The Big Brother cast was often maligned this season for being too vanilla, but the fans still tuned in, making the season a mammoth success for CBS.

The early pickup ensures that the madness will continue in 2012. No word if Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas will be back for a third straight year.

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Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas are engaged. If you watched any of this summer's Big Brother, you probably heard about that a couple of thousand times.

Now half a million richer after being named the Big Brother 13 winner, the red menace is planning on moving to L.A. to marry and start a new life with her man ...

On a new reality show if at all possible. Surprised?

Rachel, Brendon on Big Brother

Villegas, as fans have also heard on a few hundred occasions, is currently getting his PhD at UCLA. Since he's situated there, Rachel is leaving Vegas behind.

Reilly's planning on using her winnings to buy a condo in town, look for opportunities in the entertainment business, and plan her wedding to Buhhh-rendon.

According to sources, "planning her wedding" entails pitching it as a reality show to production companies and networks in hopes of having it comped. Holla.

If she could pull that off, it would be 10 times as impressive as beating out Adam and Porsche for the final HoH. Those floaters were drowning from the start.

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This season of Big Brother was one of many twists.

At times too many. The golden keys. The duo format. The one-week return of the duo format. It all felt a little convoluted at times - even by BB standards.

Things really picked up in recent weeks, however, beginning with the double eviction mayhem that ousted both Daniele and Jeff, making it anyone's game.

At that point, the Big Brother 13 house was essentially Rachel Reilly and a crew of true floaters. America's Most Hated was somehow in the driver's seat.

Big Brother 13 Final 3

Not that Rache was undeserving. She came in as a painful Big Brother villain of yesteryear (okay, last year). But she was always a fierce competitor, and had morphed into someone who actually understands the social elements!

In short, as we noted weeks ago, she could really win this thing!

IF she could make it happen and win the final Head of Household battle against Adam Poch and Porsche Briggs, Big Brother 13 was hers to lose. But did she?

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After more than two months of backstabbing, infighting, competition and mind-numbing absurdity, the 13th season of Big Brother comes to an end tonight.

One of the three remaining houseguests - Rachel Reilly, Porsche Briggs and Adam Poch - will walk out of there $500,000 richer after the jury casts its votes.

If either Rachel or Porsche wins HoH, it seems like a lock they will take the presumably beatable Adam to the Final Two. But then what? Who will win the grand prize?

  • Rachel Reilly on Big Brother
  • Adam Poch Pic
  • Porsche Briggs Pic

Will it be Rachel, the undisputed queen of challenges who has actually mellowed out and softened her edge, playing a smart social game in recent weeks?

Will it be Adam, the Tori Spelling-worshiping Big Brother fanboy who has been the pawn seemingly ever week, only to wrangle out of trouble every time?

Will it be Porsche, who may or may not know how the show works, but has won enough competitions lately to earn a spot in the finale? You tell us. Vote below.

Who will win Big Brother 13?


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Jordan Lloyd's quest for a second Big Brother title ended Thursday.

While she and boyfriend Jeff Schroeder seemed in command for much of the 13th season, which ends Wednesday, both were dispatched as the summer waned.

“It’s really hard. It’s mentally draining in there,” Jordan told EW.

Jordan Lloyd Picture

The Big Brother 11 winner said she agreed to come back this summer mostly so Jeff could have a shot to win, feeling that she could at least help him.

But her failure to win crucial challenges proved her downfall.

“I don’t know. I’m not a competitor. I’m really not. The only reason why I made it so far was because I’m a great social player," she said. "That’s why me and Rachel [Reilly] work so well together. She’s a great competitor."

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After Adam's surprise rise to power secured his spot in the final three on Big Brother, dude had to do the unthinkable - make decisions with consequences. Shocker!

His nominations were big. This close to the end, he had to actually think about going up against each of the three women in a jury vote. Who would he put up?

The veto competition, similarly, was all-important. But in the end, it changed nothing, as the one person who really needed to secure a win didn't get it done.

THG recaps Thursday's Big Brother eviction episode below ...

Jordan Lloyd on Big Brother

Adam's HoH room is one giant homage to bacon. Not surprising. Minus 4, because we got the point weeks ago. Ditto for the return of his metalhead screaming.

He and Fara seem happy, though. Aww. Plus 5.

Porsche is not smart, but she's bright enough to wear her best VIP Cocktail Waitress / Hooker dress while talking "strategy." Go with what you know. Plus 7.

Jordan can't successfully talk herself out of being nominated. Adam can't successfully formulate a sentence back to her. Worst. Power trip. Ever. Minus 5.

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After Rachel won Head of Household and secured her spot in the final four on Big Brother, the question became which peasants would advance with the dictator.

At the end of last night, it was Adam, the standard-bearer for Big Brother uselessness, who not only survived, but ended up in the driver's seat. Say what?!

We kid not. If last night's episode was the only one you watched all summer, you would be forgiven for thinking Adam was a force. That's how crazy it was.

THG recaps Wednesday's Big Brother eviction episode below ...

Adam Poch Pic

Otev is back! Once singing Broadway clam harassing Enzo, he's now a shark with a sweet tooth. Watching the jaws move made us laugh every time, so Plus 3.

Ironically, or perhaps fittingly, Porsche had the veto battle won before she realized Shelly was actually a bigger loser than Adam ... who won the thing. Plus 4.

Kalia absolutely MELTS DOWN and talks to herself with her shirt over her head after losing. Girl, pull it together and at go cry in a plant like Rachel! Minus 6.

She then tries to PUMP HERSELF UP: "I am a really smart, intelligent person! I know people! I have the gift of fricking gab." Wow. Just wow. And Minus 5.

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