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The Big Brother live feeds are always streaming online, and with this year's cast, they've captured racist and homophobic and comments galore.

In a matter of just a few days, no less.

In one video removed from YouTube and edited out of CBS' broadcast, GinaMarie, Aaryn and Kaitlin bash their Asian, African-American and gay competitors.

Big Brother 15 Cast

Aaryn and GinaMarie first made fun of Helen, an Asian-American contestant on Big Brother 15. "Dude, shut up and go make some rice," Aaryn says.

Later, GinaMarie adds of that same competitor "Andy was like, 'I'm gonna punch her in the face,' and I was like, 'Maybe that'll make her eyes straight.'"

The conversation then turned to Howard and Candice, two African-Americans.

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Britney Haynes is pregnant with her first child, and despite starring on Big Brother, she and hubby Nathan Godwin are expecting a baby girl. Woo pig sooie!

Haynes, 25, competed on two seasons of the CBS reality hit, revealed: "Halfway there and it's definitely a GIRL!! She arrives in July; couldn't be happier!"

Britney Haynes Pregnant!

The Big Brother fan-favorite added, "Appreciate all of the congrats messages from everyone," followed by a self-deprecating shout-out to Kate Middleton.

"Princess Kate makes me look like a whale," she wrote on Twitter in reference to the pregnant Duchess. "I tell myself its because she's taller."

Though she lost both times on the reality show, Britney Haynes did capture $25,000 as America's Favorite House Guest ... and she clearly won at life.

Haynes and Godwin, her high school sweetheart, married in March 2012.

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To THG, it feels like 2008 all over again.

To the United Kingdom, most of which had no idea who the hell Heidi Montag was until she showed up on Celebrity Big Brother ... it just feels like 2013.

In any case, Spencer Pratt's wife is up to her old tricks on the hit show, flaunting her hilariously fake boobs and talking about plastic surgery. See clip below:

Yes. Speidi, the gruesome twosome who dominated fake news for so long here in the U.S., currently reside in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Sorry, UK.

It's been quite a run for the married couple, to say the least, and on a recent installment, Heidi Montag opened up about some of her many regrets.

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Wednesday's season finale of Big Brother pitted Season 10 winner Dan Gheesling vs. newcomers Danielle Murphree and Ian Terry, with $500,000 on the line.

For Dan, who made few enemies on his last run to the title, this time was a harder sell. "There are a lot of things I'm ashamed of," he admitted last night.

Of his constant backstabbing and lying this summer, he said, "I had to play a ruthless game. If I could take it back, would I? Yeah... I was up to my elbows in blood."

Did it stop him from winning? Find out below ...

Big Brother 14

During the first half of the Big Brother 14 finale, the field was narrowed down to just two as Dan won the first part of the final Head of Household competition.

Ian won the last two parts, sending Danielle packing and figuring that the "probability, statistics and a little bit of heart" would propel him over Dan in a jury vote.

It did. Ian Terry is $500,000 richer as the winner of Big Brother 14!

"This is easily the best moment of my entire life... Quack-quack is all I've got to say," Ian said in appreciation. Danielle cast her vote for Dan, BTW.

Frank Eudy, meanwhile, walked away with the title of America's Favorite House Guest and $25,000. What do you think? Did America (and the jury) get it right?

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Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas got married yesterday.

The sometimes annoying, always entertaining reality stars spent two summers in the Big Brother house, then traveled around the world on The Amazing Race.

Their next journey together? Forever.

Rachel Reilly, Brendon Villegas

Never known for subtlety, Brendon, 32, and Rachel, 27, tied the knot at the AT&T Center in Los Angeles, where the redheaded bride arrived via helicopter.

"She wanted to arrive like a big celebrity," said celebrity wedding planner – and host of WE tv's My Fair Wedding – David Tutera of the bride's entrance.

Fittingly, "the guests watched her arrive on live camera before she walked down the aisle, which to me is one of the most over the top processionals ever."

The couple – known to fans as "Brenchel" – turned romantic early in 2010 when they met on Big Brother 12, resulting in massive PDA, drama and ratings.

After a brief speed bump involving Brendon sending lewd pics to some girl, they got engaged before returning to 2011's Big Brother 13, which Reilly won.

"Now we get to start our future together," Reilly said.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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JoJo Spatafora and Shane Meaney have gotten a lot of attention early in Big Brother 14. Did their sowmance play a role in her undoing Thursday?

In one week, Big Brother coach Britney Haynes lost two players - Willie Hantz, after his fight with Joe Arvin, and JoJo - leaving her with only one left.

JoJo paid the ultimate price for being on Haynes' team (and therefore associated with Hantz's antics), with Meaney the sole vote to keep her in the game.

Did she know she was going home? And did the two get together?

  • JoJo Spatafora Photo
  • Shane Meaney Photo

"I knew if Shane or I did not win the veto we were definitely going home," she said afterward. "Britney's players were targets from the first HOH competition."

As for rumors that she and Shane were a couple, she says, "It was all just for fun. You get lonely in the house. There were no feelings on my end."

"I'm pretty sure on his too. I like to spice things up and make the show exciting. I think I was the first person to have a secret show-mance."

"He flirted with every girl and I flirted with almost every guy."

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CBS has announced most of the Big Brother Season 14 cast members, along with a twist:

Along with 12 brand new players, the voyeuristic reality show will also bring back a quartet of former contestants, all of whom are playing for their own, separate prize.

Executive producer Allison Grodner teases this as a "game within the game" and says the identities of the "fan favorites and winners" will be revealed at a later date.

  • Jenn Arroyo Picture
  • Willie Hantz Picture

As for the newbie? The cast includes a former Playmate, the brother of a notorious Survivor castaway, a nurse and a chef. Read on for more details, as Big Brother returns on July 12.

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Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly of Big Brother infamy are crossing over into another CBS competition series, joining the cast of The Amazing Race 20 this winter!

Rachel won Big Brother 13 last summer, a stunning comeback considering she was easily one of the most hated contestants in the show's history after Season 12.

The Amazing Race is clearly a good fit for the ratings-grabbing duo, who excelled in Big Brother's weekly competitions but cried a lot and lacked for social skills.

The Amazing Race 20 Cast

Brendon and Rachel entering the Race is similar to Survivor stars Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich doing the same. CBS knows how to pick and re-cast its reality "talent."

The Amazing Race turns 20 on February 19 and will celebrate the milestone with a cast that also includes married professional clowns, border patrol agents and more.

The 11 teams will hit 22 cities and travel 40,000 miles on trips to Paraguay, Azerbaijan and the German castle that inspired the one featured in Sleeping Beauty.

Follow the link for a full rundown of The Amazing Race 20 cast!

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Lindsay Lohan is used to avoiding crude shanks in big house ... but can she handle being stabbed in the back in a different sense in the Big Brother house?

Reports have surfaced saying the one-time actress is in negotiations to come aboard the reality show in a bid to relaunch her career after years of legal woes.

It'd be a huge coup for the show, but is there any truth to said rumor?

Linds in Court

"Lindsay is not doing Big Brother," her rep tells E! News, matter of factly.

It's unclear if Lindsay Lohan could have joined the show even if she wanted to, given her community service and psychotherapy requirements. If LiLo went into that house and survived all the way to the finale, it'd be like three months of isolation!

We'd miss her so much ... and yet not.

"We hope that the courts will make a special allowance in this case. There aren't any more controlled ­ environments than the Big Brother house," a hopeful source said.

That's true, no way could she do drugs or steal jewelry without cameras seeing it. A moot point in any case. Fortunately, Lindsay Lohan in Playboy is still a go, and soon!

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Following its most successful ratings season since 2004, Big Brother has already been renewed for its 14th edition to be broadcast next summer on CBS.

This summer's edition, won by Rachel Reilly in last week's finale, delivered the reality hit's largest audience and highest ratings in years, up 5-10 percent.

Traffic on CBS' Big Brother website was up 18 percent, the live feeds showed a 10 percent bump and Showtime's late night BB look-in grew 8 percent.

The Big Brother 13 Cast

The Big Brother cast was often maligned this season for being too vanilla, but the fans still tuned in, making the season a mammoth success for CBS.

The early pickup ensures that the madness will continue in 2012. No word if Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas will be back for a third straight year.

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