When players return to the game, it makes for a huge change in the dynamics of the house. Victor Aroyo fought his way back into the game just a few weeks ago. 

He was understandably a bit annoyed at being blindsided once again from the game. If anyone deserves to be there, it's Victor. 

Nicole Franzel was one of the best houseguests on Big Brother 16. She was a competition beast and had a great social game. 

The fact that no one has tried to get her out of the game before now is pretty crazy. She's going through the game undetected, but it appears the net is finally closing in on her. 

The Zingbot episodes of Big Brother are always pretty great. 

Thanks to some smart editing, there's always some sort of conflict in the house that Zingbot uses to his/her advantage when they start throwing zings around. 

If you watched the recent double eviction episode of Big Brother, it was clear there was a whole lot of the drama from the events leading up to the eviction missing. 

This made the double eviction episode a little difficult to follow because we didn't know exactly what went down to make all of the houseguests look furious. 

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Double eviction editions of Big Brother always have a lot of drama. This one was no different. 

With Zakiyah and Michelle still on the block, it seemed obvious that Michelle would be the one to go home. 

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