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“I’m a mixture of blues and rock with a shot of Southern Comfort.” - Beverly McClellan

The openly lesbian, bald rocker who made it all the way to the finals of NBC’s The Voice calls herself a Janis Joplin-Melissa Etheridge-Etta James hybrid.

That's quite a statement, but the Florida native proved with her recent run on the reality hit that she's got the vocal chops to make such a bold claim.

Excerpts from Beverly's interview with TV Line this week ...

On her reaction to success on The Voice: "Where the hell did the rock and roll go? Epic moments were made: We need those again. I have no fear."

"I’m a bit of a rebel, a kid that never grew up. I feel like I’m finally, for once in my life, where I need to be, showing the right people, even if it’s not something I planned on doing: Come out here and get famous."

"I thought, “S***, I have just as much chance as anyone else.” Am I blown away that I came this far? Yeah. But I don’t want to slow the train down."

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