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Oprah Winfrey has banned BeBe Winans off her show until further notice domestic violence charges against the gospel singer are resolved, according to reports.

The gospel singer taped appearances on Winfrey's "karaoke challenge" and was on her show last Friday, but Oprah was widely criticized for being a hypocrite.

Winfrey's critics said she was guilty of a double standard by including BeBe Winans on the program after taking a strong stand against Chris Brown this year.

Brown's assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna in February incurred the wrath of Oprah, who supported Rihanna 100 percent - understandable, but only to a point.

BeBe Winans Mug Shot

Bene Winans has been shunned by Oprah ... finally.

After BeBe Winans was charged with misdemeanor domestic assault for allegedly pushing ex-wife Debra Winans to the ground, O didn't take a similar stand.

Last Friday, when O allowed BeBe onto the show, the woman he's accused of attacking said was "hurt' by Oprah's decision because their case is still pending.

Now, it seems Oprah got the message, saying in a statement: "BeBe will not be appearing on the 'Oprah' show until his legal matters are resolved in court."

Winans was charged with domestic assault and is due in court January 20.

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