Amber Rose has some pretty unconventional -- albeit fun! -- beauty advice for y'all.

It has nothing to do with cucumbers (the sliced, spa-type ones, anyway), exfoliation, or whatever other protein-based things that are -- ahem -- rumored to be good for the skin. 

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Chelsea Handler dropped an Instagram bombshell of a look, and the before and after pic is absolutely nuts.

Handler is 41 years old and, if you're all into this pic like we are, you probably think she easily looks half her age (we sure do).

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When Ashley VanPevenage had an allergic reaction to benzoyl, and it made her acne flare up, she turned to a makeup artist friend for help.

The efforts of @MakeupByDreigh to help mask her skin where amazing, and Dreigh posted the before-and-after photos to her Instagram.

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Gigi Hadid makes clear in a powerful, pointed and yet poignant Instagram post that she doesn't care what Internet trolls have to say. At all.

Responding to clowns who have been calling out her physique, which has been more curvy of late, the 20-year-old rose above the fray ...

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