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Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada has been convinced to come back for another season. She's so darn valuable, she was given an insane deal she couldn't pass up.

Evelyn was prepared to leave the VH1 "hit" before its fourth season, but she was given a package that allows her to work less, earn more, and get her own spinoff.

Adrian Peterson Twitpic

Even a Basketball Wives cast member isn't dumb enough to reject that.

Earlier this fall, Evelyn had made up her mind that she was done with the show after a VH1 blog post suggested she cheated on her fiance, NFL star Chad Ochocinco.

(Cheated with Terrell Owens, to be exact).

However, once Evelyn Lozada let producers know she was out, they really made a push to keep her. Guess you gotta go all out to keep your prized "talent" in house.

Her new deal requires her to film half as often, with the flexibility to work around her daughter's school schedule and Chad's NFL games, all while getting a big raise.

The icing on the cake? The network promised to spin off Evelyn and Chad into their own show, documenting the months leading up to their wedding. Hallelujah.

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Is Chris Brown the man gettin' down and freaky with Draya Michele in a new sex tape that's making the Internet rounds? Or is it some Breezy impostor?

Brown's rep says the person who stars in a new XXX video being shopped around L.A. is definitely not Chris, despite salacious reports to the contrary.

According to MediaTakeOut, the mystery seller wants $50,000 in exchange for footage which allegedly features Brown and the Basketball Wives star.

  • Chris Brown in Concert Pic
  • Draya Michele Nude

Draya Michele, as you can see, is not shy. But did she freak with Breezy?

MediaTakeOut claims they have seen the alleged Chris Brown sex tape, but sadly, were forced to pass on the thing because it was out of their price range.

Nevertheless, the singer's rep says "The report is absolutely not true."

A second source in Brown's camp smells a conspiracy, in fact.

"Doesn't it seem like a coincidence that every time Chris has a major performance or event on the horizon, some fake story like this breaks?" he asked.

It's true. These stories do seem to follow Chris Brown wherever he goes ... though he can take responsibility for some of that with his well-documented actions.

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Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan of the NBA's LA Lakers and VH1's Basketball Wives fame, respectively, have announced their split. They had a nice run together, mostly.

After calling off their engagement last year, but convincing the public they're still a couple, the two confirmed the breakup we ALL knew was coming this week.

Matt emailed out a statement today about the split from Gloria Govan (sister of Gilbert Arenas baby mana/Shaq mistress Laura Govan), saying the following:

Gloria Govan, Matt Barnes

“I’d like to address rumors surrounding mine and Gloria’s relationship. We've reached the difficult decision of ending our relationship and will be going our separate ways. We will work together to raise our sons and wish each other only the best.”

Gloria just tweeted her statement saying:

"I'm sure you guys are hearing a ton of buzz about Matt and Me breaking up, sorry to say... its true!!!!!! But the most important thing is focusing on my kids and continuing to have a good relationship with their father, thanks for your support!!!"

A heated Twitter exchange this month between Matt and a fan - who suggested Barnes should Govan or else someone else will - was a bad sign.

Responded Barnes: "He can have her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Classy. Meanwhile, she Tweeted Saturday: "If someone is dumb enough to walk away, be smart enough to let them go. Your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you."

Well spoken, Gloria Govan. Well spoken.


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Evelyn Lozada swears she is DONE with Basketball Wives.

The reason is not because she was neither a wife, nor married to a basketball player. She's simply fed up and insists no amount of cash will change that.

Mmm hmm. Heard it all before. Like Sammi and Ronnie on Jersey Shore, she and the VH1 program always end up back together (and painful to watch).

Why is this time (supposedly) different?

Evelyn Lozada Image

Sources close to Evelyn say Lozada made up her mind after VH1 posted a blog implying Evelyn cheated on fiance Chad Ochocinco with Terrell Owens.

Evelyn is furious and claims the rumor - which apparently surfaced earlier this year and was a point of contention with the network - is simply untrue.

She feels betrayed by the network, which has since pulled the blog. Still, Lozada has already decided enough is enough and says she won't be back.

Evelyn is now looking for other opportunities and will focus on planning her upcoming wedding to Ochocinco, according to reports. Thank goodness.


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The original version has given us a catfight, multiple lawsuits, the entertaining presence of Evelyn Lozada and few women that are actually, current wives of professional basketball players.

In other words: you have a lot to live up to, Basketball Wives: Los Angeles!

Basketball Wives Logo

VH1 will premiere the second installment in this franchise on August 29. Its cast will be comprised of:

  • Kimsha Artest, wife of Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest.
  • Jackie Christie, wife of former shooting guard Doug Christie.
  • Imani Showalter, ex-fiancée of Charlotte Bobcats' crazy man Stephen Jackson.
  • Gloria Govan, fiancée of Lakers bench player Matt Barnes and sister of Laura Govan and season one cast member.

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There's some bad blood on VH1's Basketball Wives. Shocking, we know.

This runs a little deeper than your run-of-the-mill cat fight, however. Cast members Meeka Claxton and Tami Roman decided to settle their differences at a nightclub the old-fashioned way: With fists of fury!

The slugfest went down in Rome, Italy.

  • Meeka Claxton Picture
  • Tami Roman Picture

Meeka Claxton (left) and Tami Roman (right) have been on frigid terms for months now, with Meeka accused of creating animosity among the cast.

Meeka denies the accusations ... but during a recent taping at some nightclub in Rome, Tami decided to confront her rival with a knuckle sandwich.

Who even writes that? We do, apparently. Stupid word choice aside, a full on brawl broke out and ended with Meeka Claxton drilled in the mouth.

No one was seriously injured, but between this and Ronnie pounding The Situation, Italy is gaining a reputation as THE D-list reality star fight locale.

[Photos: VH1]

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Sources say Evelyn Lozada is quitting Basketball Wives.

And it's not because she's actually engaged to a football player.

Kate Upton SI Swimsuit Issue Cover

According to TMZ, Lozada believes producers committed an intentional foul against her by divulging sensitive information regarding an illicit relationship from her past.

No word yet from Evelyn, but insiders claim she has already sent producers a scathing email because she thinks they revealed this affair tidbit solely to incite a confrontation between her and another woman on the show. Weird. That doesn't sound like a reality TV trick at all!

In other Basketball Wives news, it now appears as though Allison Mathis will NOT be replacing Royce Reed after all.

UPDATE: Evelyn is reportedly demanding $20,000 per episode or she's gone.

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Goodbye Royce Reed, hello Allison Mathis?

Sources connected with VH1's Basketball Wives tell TMZ that Chris Bosh's baby mama is likely to replace Dwight Howard's baby mama on this mis-named reality show.

Mathis reportedly underwent a rigorous, three-round interview process before landing the gig. But producers decided she was worthy of a spot on season three due to her baby-related baggage:

In 2009, Allison engaged in a lengthy paternity payment battle with the Miami Heat power forward. It grew ugly at times, but was actually handled in a far more mature manner than the way in which LeBron James spurned the Cavs.

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Shaquille O'Neal is not happy.

The Diesel and his attorney fired off a heated letter to VH1 demanding they halt production on Basketball Wives, which features his estranged wife.

He believes Shaunie O'Neal is out for "televised revenge." Revenge for what?

Infidelity, probably. Dude supposedly got around like a record.

Shaq is threatening legal action should "any further episodes of Basketball Wives which make any reference to Mr. O'Neal" air. On what grounds?

Because Shaunie signed a confidentiality agreement at some point in their marriage, Shaq says, so if she starts spilling secrets on-air, it's so on.

Shaquille and Shaunie O'Neal in happier times.

Sources say that while the Basketball Wives premiere made no slanderous claims against Shaq, the second episode might make it to air following this letter.


The Cleveland Cavaliers center and rotund NBA legend has been linked to, among other women, mistress Vanessa Lopez, who is suing him for harassment.

She and Shaunie are actually teaming up against him as the latter seeks a fat settlement in their impending divorce. There's no telling what she knows.

Those Shaq text messages may be the tip of the iceberg. We can only hope. There's got to be dirtier stuff than that. Basketball Wives, come through!

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Say this about VH1 programming: it isn't trying to fool anyone.

As much as we adore Chris Harris and can't wait to see Jake Pavelka as The Bachelor (debuting January 4 on ABC!), most reality TV fare of this nature is grating and insulting in its supposed portrayal of love.

There is a reason, after all, why the aforementioned program is zero for 13 in its attempts to actually mate a couple for life.

That's why we find VH1's reality shows so comforting: they are complete and utter nonsense; they know it; and they embrace it.

Two upcoming series, announced this week by the network, are perfect examples:

  1. Basketball Wives will follow the lives of current and former squeezes of such professional players as Shaquille O’Neal (pictured), Eric Williams, Antoine Walker, Jermaine O’Neal and Udonis Haslem. Shockingly, Dwight Howard's baby mama, Royce Lyndsay Reed, was not asked to appear.
  2. Secrets of Aspen will explore the pampered world of six women and one man that reside in Aspen, Colorado; known "as a playground for the rich and famous," according to VH1.

Shaquille who?!? The reality TV world awaits the debut of Shaunie O'Neal.

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