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MTV delivered a double dose of major Awkward news today.

First, the good: this comedic drama has been picked up for a fifth season.

Now, the bad: said fifth season will mark the end of Awkward's successful run.

Awkward debuted in July 2011 to 1.72 million viewers. The series then picked up some momentum, growing into one of MTV’s signature programs, although it never rose above 2.3 million overall viewers per week.

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The prom happened on Awkward Season 3 Episode 20, and with it, the third season of the MTV series is in the books. How did the finale end for Jenna?

She learned one of life's most important lessons by the time the credits rolled:

In order to be happy with someone, you first must be happy with yourself.

What did this lesson mean for Jenna, for Matty and for Season 4? We won't know that until the show comes back, but we can relive the end of this chapter.

Click on the photo below to watch Awkward online from start to finish.

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On last night's Awkward Season 3 Episode 19, the Jenna Apology Tour 2013 continued.

Save for Matty, nearly every character requiring a stop on said tour has gotten one.

Speaking of Matty, he asked Bailey to the prom on Awkward Season 3 Episode 19. As for Val, she was all about the Hamilton love train in "Karmic Relief."

She also dropped a couple of f-bombs on Jenna, which wasn't entirely unexpected, while Ming and Sadie also played important roles in the episode.

Want to see it for yourself? Or watch it a second time? Just click the image below ...

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Tuesday night on MTV, Awkward Season 3 Episode 18 saw Jenna persevere in her journey to right past wrongs, dial back the past and chart a new course.

Valerie wasn't exactly game for a total do-over, however.

"Old Jenna" tried her best to backtrack after realizing the error of her ways, and that the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side, even if you can smoke it.

Basically, she's trying to get things back to the way they used to be, even if that means some bumps in the road. How did it play out for our girl last night?

Watch Awkward Season 3 Episode 18 below and see ...

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MTV's Awkward taught us this week that words can shape people as well as destroy people, a theme that we've seen the show touch upon in the past.

As far as how that played into last night's Awkward Season 3 Episode 17, Jenna apologized to Lacey, which marked a positive step in their relationship.

"The Campaign Fail" also saw Tamara and Jake fight for the president, but the fighting soon turns personal when their speeches turn into a debate.

What went down from that point on? You can find out now.

Watch the episode from start to finish by clicking below!

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