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On Arrow Season 3 Episode 7, Oliver and company learned that love can hurt. A lot.

In two weeks, however, the focus will turn from relationships of the romantic kind to relationships of the plutonic kind... when The Flash teams up with Arrow!

Oh yes, folks: you may need to wait until December 2 for Arrow Season 3 Episode 8 to air, but the above teaser makes it rather obvious that this wait will be well worth it.

Look for “The Brave and the Bold” to focus on Oliver, Arsenal and Diggle tracking down the location of a villain named Digger Harkness, only for them to be surprised when they also encounter an A.R.G.U.S. team.

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Love had a lot to do with Arrow Season 3 Episode 7.

For starters, Carrie Cutter portrayed the Villain of the Week, but she didn’t want Oliver Queen dead. She wanted the exact opposite of that. She totally crushed on our titular masked hero.

This meant she would do anything for Arrow… and we do mean ANYthing, hence by Cupid couldn’t be the one to shoot Carrie with an arrow. It had to be, well… Arrow.

This was an interesting angle at first, but it did make Carrie into somewhat of a soft adversary. The storyline concluded with a fight scene that featured her kicking free a grate and sending the duo plummeting to the subway tracks below.

Of far more interest on the romantic side of things were the interactions between Felicity and Ray Palmer.

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Ray Harper is an innocent man, at least when it comes to the death of Sarah.

This much was proven on Arrow Season 3 Episode 6.

So, with that important tidbit out of the way, what can fans look forward to on Arrow Season 3 Episode 7?

Titled "Draw Back Your Bow," the installment will find Oliver trying to stop his stalker, a serial killer named Carrie Cutter who is convinced that Arrow is her one true love.

And she'll do ANYthing to get his attention. Which, unfortunately, means killing a lot of people.

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Did Roy kill Sara? Did Oliver bring down Ted Grant? These were the two questions most pressing on Arrow Season 3 Episode 6.

A string of murders in Starling City brought to mind similar killings from six years ago in The Glades; killings committed by Ted’s onetime vigilante alter ago.

As a result, both Arrow and the police set their sights on Grant, as well as Isaac, Ted’s former protege who went a bit crazy and beat a drug dealer to death back in the day.

Ted cut Isaac loose, but he’s returned to seek vengeance for the torture he suffered at the hands of a drug cartel.

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Viewers delved into the background of Felicity Smoak on Arrow Season 3 Episode 5, meeting the beloved hacker's mother and meeting her not-very-nice ex-boyfriend.

But "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak" concluded with a disturbing scene involving another character, as Roy Harper dreamed that he killed Sarah. Yikes!

As you can see in the following teaser for Arrow Season 3 Episode 6, the theme of Roy's possible role in this murder will continue next Wednesday night:

The upcoming Arrow Season 3 installment will find a body strung up in the Wildcat gym, Ted Grant becoming the prime suspect and Laurel arguing with Oliver over his innocence.

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... there's an awesome hour of television!

That's what CW viewers were treated to on Arrow Season 3 Episode 5, as a fun/revealing/totally welcome installment of this drama turned its focus to Felicity Smoak.

We opened on a training montage (Olivia and Roy; Thea and Malcolm; Laurel and Ted) and then on Felicity brushing her teeth before getting a visit from Ray Palmer… along with her mother.

Welcome, Mama Smoak!

However, a city-wide power outage interrupts their minding time, thanks to some entity known as Brother Eye.

Why is Felicity familiar with it?

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The CW has given fans a very early Christmas present:

Lumps of coal in their television-viewing stockings!

We mostly kid, but the network has come out with its calendar of fall finales, as all programs will take a long hiatus next month, likely returning at some point in February.

Ian Somerhalde in a Tanktop

What will you do with this sudden expansion of free time? Simply watch TV online instead, we presume, though you could spend it with your family... we suppose.

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Felicity Smoak was made a key cog in Team Arrow a very long time ago, mostly because Emily Bett Rickards is totally and completely awesome.

But many fans may still be wondering: Just who, exactly, is Felicity Smoak?

That question will be at the center of Arrow Season 3 Episode 5, which is ominously titled "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak."

The upcoming installment will center on a cyber attack that "brings Starling City to its knees," according to the official CW synopsis," and which pushes Oliver and Felicity to their limits in order to contain the destruction.

How will it reveal more about Felicity herself? Why does she seem familiar with the attack in the teaser above?

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Nyssa al Ghul returned on Arrow Season 3 Episode 4, hoping very much to make like Emily Thorne and avenge the death of a person she loved.

But would Oliver let her accomplish this dangerous mission?

Before we get to all that, let’s congratulate Arrow on reaching 50 episodes and let’s talk about those flashbacks to Hong Kong.

We saw Oliver working as an operating, killing a target and taking a flash drive from his body. Maseo tells him it’s best to not have a conscience, but Arrow is guilty and curious and he examines the flash drive.

The victim was Fyers’ handler. He played a role in the downing of the Ferris Air flight from Season 1. So, wait… Amanda has a connection to that event?

Yes. She says purpose of shooting down the plane was NOT to destabilize the Chinese economy, as Fyers thought, but to take out China White. She is now in Hong Kong and Amanda needs to know why.

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It took awhile, along with a lot of convincing, but Thea made her return home toward the end of Arrow Season 3 Episode 3.

Next Wednesday night, meanwhile, another return will highlight Arrow Season 3 Episode 4, "The Magician."

Yup, it’s Nyssa! Katrina Law will reprise this character when she confronts Oliver about Sara, who Oliver suspects Malcolm Merlyn killed.

Therefore, Oliver will team up with Nyssa to go after the Dark Archer… but what about Oliver’s vow not to kill?

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