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The owners of the dog that mauled the boy saved by his cat must be nice people. Same goes for the owners of Hero Cat, because there will be no lawsuits.

Despite the vicious attack that took place before their cat saved the boy from the dog, Jeremy Triantafilo's parents are not seeking any financial compensation.

Erica and Roger Triantafilo say their insurance will cover almost all of Jeremy's medical bill, so the only thing they want from the dog owners is the $155 deductible.

Beyond that check? Let bygones be bygones.

  • Hero Cat Family
  • Hero Cat and Friend

The attack by the neighbor's dog, who ripped Jeremy off his bike, could've become a wrongful death case were it not for Tara, who chased the assailant away.

Even so, the four-year-old suffered serious injuries from the takedown, and Erica too sustained a bite on the leg as she tried to save her son from the dog.

Yet Erica says her family is not looking to punish their neighbors. In fact, she says they remain friendly and do not blame them for the animal's behavior.

The dog, meanwhile, will be put down ASAP.

Here's one more look at the viral video:

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Hero Cat is the new Grumpy Cat ... or something.

Tara, the brave feline who saved a boy from a dog attack out of nowhere, has become an instant celebrity online, and the interview requests are pouring in!

Hero Cat, whose real name is Tara, straight up RUINED the vicious dog that attacked the four-year-old in her family, chasing it away and saving the boy.

Now Cat Fancy wants her for its new cover!

The magazine is courting heroic Tara so hard that they've even offered to have her owners write an article to go with the photo spread. She's A-list, baby.

Moreover, Cat Fanciers' Association says it plans to present Tara with its first-ever Cat Hero Award at its upcoming awards show. Yes, that is a real thing.

Tara's owners haven't respond to either offer yet, but suffice it to say, they're proud of the family pet - and grateful, as their son's injuries could've been severe.

See the video below if you haven't already:

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Jeremy Triantafilo, 4, is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a dog who attacked and dragged him off of his bike, shaking his body across the driveway.

Fortunately, Hero Cat came to save the day, flying in from out of nowhere to slam the dog's body, causing it to release the boy before chasing the attacker off:

As this is happening, the little boy’s mom, Erika, comes to check on him; the boy, his mom and cat eventually make their way into the house for safety.

The super cat belongs to Jeremy’s family. Her name is Tara.

Thankfully, the little boy is safe and sound with just a few stitches in his leg; the dog belongs to a neighbor and is being monitored by Bakersfield Animal Control.

The dog, who escaped while his owner was opening a gate, and the cat whose daring rescue went viral have renewed a longstanding rivalry among animal lovers.

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Cats, man. Cats are the Internet's best friend.

Not only do they heroically save kids from attack dogs, they do crazy entertaining things like chase their own tails, get stuck in weird places, and see sounds.

(We're pretty sure that when that happens in humans it's a sign of head injury so FYI.)

When this cat's person decided to play her stereo loudly, the cat was totally stymied by the sounds coming from the speakers, namely the bass that it just couldn't catch. 

But it tried. OH HOW IT TRIED. Watch this cat trying to catch the bass now.

And in case you need further proof that cats rule the Internet, let's take a look at some of the most sweet and hilarious cat photos you've ever seen.

Get ready to say "Awwwwww!!!"

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Viral footage spreading across cyberspace today shows a brave cat rushing to rescue a young child from a vicious dog attack, and it's pretty dramatic.

Watch as the canine assailant brutally takes the little boy down from his tricycle, only to be chased off by the heroic feline racing in to save the day ...

The video, shot in Bakersfield, Calif., is titled simply "My cat saved my son," and was presumably captured by home security cameras by the kid's parents.

The victim received some nasty bites that needed stitches after being initially mauled by the dog, but is otherwise doing fine. All thanks to the family cat.

The clip itself is eye-popping on merit, but it's also notable for the strong reactions it has generated as just about every cat lover in America shares it on Facebook.

Any cat owner who's ever been told their beloved pets are distant, selfish, clawing, emotionless robots who treat people like staff and lack any admirable virtues?

Boy are they laughing right now!

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Those of you allergic to man's best feline companions: Avert your eyes! This post is all about cats.

(I cannot be the only person SO allergic to cats that the mere thought of them makes me break out in hives, can I? Pleasesayno.)

From silly to serious to downright adorable, cats give us some of the best memes and images on the web. Probably because the Internet runs on cats and this is their secret plot to take over the world.


In an attempt to subvert their plans to rule the universe, we've compiled a list of the 31 best cat photos of all time so that when you see a cat threatening to overthrow you with cute, you'll know.

Be prepared, you guys. Cats are coming for you.

Inception Cat
It's a cat...holding a kitten...which is holding a kitten. Is the top still spinning? Someone get Leo D. on the phone ASAP.

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You've heard of Snakes on a Plane?

How about a single snake in a locker room?

Thomas Robinson of the Portland Trail Blazers discovered this animal inside his locker prior to his team’s playoff matchup with the San Antonio Spurs last night.

It measured over three feet in length and was photographed by teammate Mo Williams.

Snake in the Locker Room

"We get in the lockerroom n its a damn snake, yea a snake in the lockerroom," Williams wrote as a caption. "Man we was scared as hell."

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Sorry, 3-year old dancing to Happy.

Our apologies, girl playing doctor to a bulldog.

But the following videos of a tiny hamster eating a tiny piece of pizza and a tiny burrito is the cutest thing in the history of the Internet.

Nibble by nibble, small swallow by small swallow, watch this little guy melt the Web into mush now:

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Is this video of a possible Sasquatch?

Myles Lamont of Vancouver, British Columbia, shot this footage in mid-2011, but is just uploading it now, renewing the never-ending debate over Bigfoot.

Not unlike all other Bigfoot sightings (below), the footage is obviously grainy and shot from an incredible distance. No one can ever get the thing in focus.

Nevertheless ... whatever that creature is appears to be gigantic and moving at BREAKNECK speed up a snowy slope in the Tantalus Range mountains.

But is it a 'squatch? You decide:

Lamont acknowledges that "we were able to view the subject much better than what the video portrays, as [we used] a simple point and shoot camera."

"The subject was clearly bipedal," he adds, and from what he could observe, "was without snowshoes or backpack and wearing all one-colored clothing.

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Today marks the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby.

And, in honor of America's most famous horse race, we're excited to present 11 celebrities who look a lot like these four-legged creatures.

We mean no offense. Some of the following stars are perfectly good looking.

But they also have certain facial features that bring to mind Secretariat and/or this totally awesome photobomber.

So sit back, place your bets, put on a silly hat, grab a Mint Julep and see if you agree with these comparisons now:

Jerry Seinfeld
What's the deal with me looking like a horse?!?