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A group of ducks are giving a dog a very hard time in the following video.

Just not the sort of hard time they actually want to give him.

Indeed, a Labrador retriever named Miedsos in featured along with four male Indian runner ducks in the following footage, with the latter bugging the heck out of the former.

Ulrike Kersjes, Miedsos’ owner, resides in Berlin and says the animals have taken to their pet because they are no female ducks in the area.

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Leningrad Zoo in St. Petersburg, Russia recently adopted a homeless cat that found its way into a lynx’s enclosure and made a home for itself there.

Does it take us by surprise that an animal who typically exists in solitude would welcome this domestic feline into his world?

Yes... but also no, not when considering other unexpected animal friendships over the years.

Few videos in the past several months have been as moving as this goat reuniting with this donkey, while we could watch this dog and elephant play in the water for days on end.

It's a brand new world, folks, one in which different species find comfort and warmth in one another, regardless of preconceived notions.

Perhaps humans can learn a lesson from these relationships. What do you say?

Cat and Lynx
Well, this is adorable. Check out a photo of a cat and a lynx who have become best friends at the zoo in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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Think Lindsay Lohan is focused on having a lot of sex?

Meet... this pig!

In a video that speaks (hilariously) for itself, a pet pig furiously humps part of an armchair, thrusting his little crotch into it over and over until the hot and heavy action prompts him to tumble off.

But the porker won't let that slow him down. Oh no. Watch him climb right back up and really let that piece of furniture have it now:

NOTE: no animals or armchairs were harmed in the making of this video.

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When Salt-n-Pepa released their classic track "Push It" in 1986, we somehow doubt they had gorillas in mind.

Or bulldogs. Or kittens. Or walruses.

But the Internet has done its awesome thing to this beloved single, with one genius user playing it in the background while animals of all kinds Twerk like Miley Cyrus and pop like J. Lo.

There’s a gorilla getting down around the 20-second mark. There’s a booty-shaking Corgi as the footage nears a minute.

There are patty-cake-playing kittens and, yes, even a cat who could easily be in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video.

Confused? Intrigued? Anxious for more? You simply must click Play:

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We have a very exciting update on Frostie the Snow Goat.

This beloved farm pet, a resident of the Australian nonprofit Edgar’s Mission, first made headlines in May due to a debilitating joint disease that left him confined to a wheelchair.

But the organization has now provided (adorable!) video evidence of Frostie’s recuperation, as he’s now able to walk and even dance around on his own for brief periods of time.

Says the inspiring goat's owner:

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It can be difficult to get an animal to sleep.

Case in point: this French Bulldog puppy, who may be the cutest animal in the history of the Internet.

But apparently all that little guy's owners had to do was sing the canine a lullaby, considering how well it works in the following video.

The purpose and origins of this footage are unclear, but the end result is not: A woman is calmly singing a giant elephant to sleep, as her melodic voice results in a deep, LOUD slumber.

Seriously, this elephant can snore! And this woman can come over to help us with our newborns at any time:

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Well... this is different.

We thought we'd seen every proposal there was to see when this guy made his girlfriend think she was gonna die in a plane crash.

But then Samantha Warner posted a video this month of her marriage proposal, which took place courtesy of help from a baby alligator at the Gatorland Zoo.

Some might consider this a dangerously scary move... but credit Warner's beau for knowing his bride-to-be.

In the video description Samantha says, this is “the sweetest marriage proposal I've ever seen and the greatest day of my life.”

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It looks like dogs are sick of being Man's Best Friend.

Earlier today, we depicted footage of a puppy cuddling with a baby cheetah.

And now we're here to present a cute small dog rolling around and having a blast with a miniature horse.

There's not much to say about the video. We'll just let these two pals and their adorable actions speak for themselves, while giving a shout-out to Lil Sebastian. We miss you buddy...

Unexpected animal friendships are popping up all the time these days.

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Forget peanut butter and jelly.

Apparently nothing goes together as well as a dog and cheetah. Remember how these two chased each other around?

And now it's time to meet Ruuxa, a 6-week-old cheetah, and her best friend Raina, a 7-week-old Rhodesian ridgeback.

The animals have bonded at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park ever since Ruuxa’s mom abandoned her cub shortly after birth.

Puppy and Cheetah

“They definitely like to play, and when they take naps together, they often will snuggle up together for that warmth and closeness,” says trainer Susie Ekard.

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Who says bears are scary?!?

Over the past several weeks alone, we've seen these animals Twerking in the woods and watched as they wrestled in the most adorable manner.

Now, we're excited to present Smudge, a four-month old cub who got rescued from a bile farm in Nanning, China and who just wants to eat an apple and have his belly rubbed all day.

Oh, you want to give him a bath? Smudge is cool with that, too!

Melt over this cute behavior now:

Does it get any more awww-inspiring than this bear?

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