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It's a whacky weeks in the animal kingdom, huh?

First, this puppy reversed the typical trend and actually pet its owner while he tried to nap.

Now, a lion cub is meeting a human being and not trying to swallow him whole.

Instead, in an unexpected display of amazing affection, the creature engulfs teacher Jonathan Hawkins in a warm embrace.

The footage was filmed in Botswana and we don't know if Hawkins and this lion have any kind of history. But we do know this video will forever change the way we view the King of the Jungle.

We understand if dogs are still scared of lions, but this video is pretty cool, isn't it?

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Sometimes, it's the simple things in life that put the biggest smile on your face.

Like a giraffe trying to ride a motorcycle. Or a baby pig prancing through the grass, oinking the entire time and making you wish he'd just through the camera, straight into your arms.

Check out the following Vine video to see this little guy in action, yet be warned: the footage may prompt you to go out and buy yourself a pet pig.

See, these animals really are good for a lot more than just bacon! (Mmmm... bacon...)

As this GIF of a piglet trying to befriend a Pit Bull also proves.

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Earlier today, we wrote about a dog who can blow bubbles underwater and we referred to this canine as a genius.

But we take it back: the animal described in the following story is the real genius!

She’s a six-year old panda named Ai Hin, she resides at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China and she recently started gaining weight, producing more progestational hormones and moving significantly less.

Because she’s pregnant? Yes, that’s how researchers interpreted these changes.

But… no! Because she was faking her pregnancy!

Dinner for 2
These hungry pandas live together in a French zoo.

Wu Kongju, an expert employed by Chengdu, says pandas comprehend the advantages to pseudo-pregnancy (i.e. extra bamboo!) and sometimes play a joke on their handlers in order to get more food.

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In under two weeks, FX will premiere Sons of Anarchy Season 7, kicking off the final run of episodes for this long-running hit.

But why wait until September 9 to get your entertaining motorcycle fix on?

In the following video, a giraffe in South Africa really wants to ride one of these vehicles, as the long-necked adrenaline junkie pretty much bullies his way on to a bike.

He actually takes a few steps with it as well... but alas. The giraffe's body structure simply won't allow him to become a member of Hell's Angels.

Looking for other examples of large animals doing unexpected things?

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For some reason, Cosmo recently decided to imagine Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as famous Disney characters.

It's unclear why.

But there's no need to imagine a handful of famous Disney animals in real life... because they already exist!

From the beloved dog in Up... to Simba and his mentor Rafiki from The Lion King... to a pair of fish trying to Find Nemo, we've tracked down a number of furry friends who looks eerily similar to these iconic creatures and featured them below alongside their dopplegangers.

What's more shocking: seeing the real-life Lady and the Tramp? Or seeing photos of these battered Disney princesses?

Cutest cosplay ever? It's gonna be hard to ever beat this.

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We already knew elephants love certain things:

Playing soccer, sitting on laps, drinking water, attacking Kim Kardashian when she tries to snap a selfie with them in Thailand.

But who knew elephants also adore classical music?!?

So violinist Eleanor Bartsch recently learned when she warmed up for her show at Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

The musician explains on YouTube that she decided to take a walk prior the event and ended up stopping in front of two animals named Kelly and Viola, 44 and 45-year-old elephants that happen to "really love Bach," according to Bartsch.

Seriously! There's little doubt they're swaying along the instrument's melody in this video:

Pretty awesome, right?

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A backup dancer working on the MTV Video Music Awards performance of Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" was bitten by one of the actual snakes during rehearsal Friday.

A six-foot-long boa constrictor named Rocky, who was being used as a prop, bit the dancer; Minaj was on stage and personally rushed to her dancer's side.

Nicki Minaj with Whipped Cream
This Nicki Minaj GIF may cause many anacondas to grow in length. If you know what we mean!

According to MTV, the incident occurred when the dancer was carrying the huge snake draped around her shoulders. The music was immediately stopped.

Minaj rushed over asking, "Did she just get bit by the snake?"

The snake, which constricts is prey, is not venomous. The unidentified female was treated at the scene where her wound was cleaned and then hospitalized.

This was done to prevent bacterial infection "out of an abidance of caution," said Chris Velvin, director of production safety for MTV's parent company Viacom.

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This photo of a koala reacting to the sight of its destroyed home is one of the saddest things you'll see on the Internet.

But the following video of a daring koala rescue should at least put a smile on the faces of animal lovers everywhere.

The koala was struck by a car on Wednesday and then climbed to the top of a tree in Langwarrin, a suburb of Melbourne, on Thursday.

Wildlife Victoria spokeswoman Amy Amato told The Age that this is typical "instinct" for wounded animals, as they "mask their injuries well and flee from predators."

So rescue workers used a ladder to bring down the koala, who actually fell from the tree during this attempt. But he was caught by people holding a blanket and then mouth-to-mouth resuscitation that saved his life.

Incredibly, the entire event was captured on camera:

We'd love to buy those rescue workers a round.

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What is cuter than a Pit Bull giving a baby a tongue bath?

How about a Pit Bull giving a bunny a tongue bath?!?

According to YouTube user TexasGirly1979, the following dog is named Sharky and he discovered this baby cottontail on Easter Sunday a few years ago.

The two have been closer ever since, with Sharky even taking time to make sure his pal is nice and clean, a wet grooming the bunny seems to reluctantly tolerate, as you can see here:

Totally AWWW-inspiring, right? We love it.

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As documented earlier this week, pandas on a slide represent some of those animals simply guaranteed to make you smile.

But we delved a bit deeper into this type of animal and realized... wait a minute! Pandas eating bamboo are also guaranteed to make you smile.

So are pandas taking naps, pandas climbing trees and pandas simply hanging out together, just being pandas.

An underratedly cute animal, the panda takes center stage in the following photo gallery. Flip around now to see what all the AWWWW-inspiring fuss is about:

Dinner for 2
These hungry pandas live together in a French zoo.

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