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The following footage is downright adorable.

We might feel differently if we were the man at the center of it... but we're not.

In the first of a collection of cute elephant videos, a baby elephant strolls over to a man and sits right down on his lap, apparently unaware that he's an elephant and not a poodle.

The man puts up with the adorable maneuver, even grabbing the elephant's tail when he walks away because, it's a scientific fact, no one can resist a baby elephant.

Check out the precious clip below, watch as an elephant also sits on the lap of a woman and then scroll through many other examples of these underrated animals being pretty awesome:

Elephant Sits on Man's Lap
Well, this is downright adorable. Look what happens when this baby elephant comes across a nice man... with a strong lap.

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It's sad but true: penguins have trouble walking over ropes.

But it turns out they have no trouble at all helping a man propose.

In the following video, we meet Mitch and Casey, a couple whose relationship has often revolved around penguins (don't ask... or judge).

So when it came time to ask for Casey's hand in marriage, Mitch contacted the Pittsburgh Zoo, which helped him arrange a special backstage visit for the couple... that ended with a penguin waddling over, ring around neck, and stunning Casey into happiness.

Watch the romantic event unfold below:

Where does this proposal rank among all-time viral proposals?

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Forget canoodling at Comic-Con. Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are taking their blossoming romantic relationship to a whole 'nother level.

They're adopting a HORSE together!

On Tuesday, The Vampire Diaries actor shared a photo on Instagram of himself with the animal, giving a shout-out to his Twilight star girlfriend.

Ian Somerhalder, Horse

Ian captioned the above photograph:

“Proud new dad… What amazing creatures they are. Wow. His name is Eagle. Thank you @iamnikkireed for snapping this special moment, with our big baby boy.”

Their big baby boy?

It's not clear in what capacity they have taken the creature under their collective wing, but the two stars are clearly an item and not shying away from that fact.

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed first sparked rumors when they went public, or at least didn't try to hide their romance, at a L.A. Farmer’s Market in July.

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And... GOTCHA!

In the following video, a baby lion in South Africa has a bit of fun with one of the dogs with whom it resides on Cornellskop Animal Training Farm.

Okay, in reality, the baby lion is just strolling around and the dog doesn't notice him. But it makes this video even funnier to pretend as if the wild animal was plotting to scare the ish out of his four-legged friend all along.

Watch and laugh now:

Who knew that lions liked sneak attacking as much as they hated taking baths?

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Did you hear the one about the turtle who tried to cross the street... only to get subdued by multiple police officers?

This isn't a joke set-up. It's an actual question based on an actual story.

Over the weekend, authorities in greater Los Angeles came across a wayward tortoise named Clark who tried to “make a run for it,” according to the Alhambra Police Department Facebook page.

Tortoise in Los Angeles

Fortunately, a couple “pretty fast officers” tracked down the creature and worked together to haul the 150-pound behemoth into a cruiser.

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Talk about a goat in sheep's clothing! Literally!

The following video introduces viewers to Butterfly, a hybrid animal created in Arizona when a female sheep got rauncy with a male goat.

The animal possesses goat feet and a goat face, but the rest is decidedly sheep, its owner explains, as Butterfly continues to astound and interest those who visit the mobile petting zoo where he resides.

Look at little Butterfly go!

It's nearly enough to make you forget how adorable it is when a baby deer has its belly rubbed.

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Late last month, a couple of construction workers were clearing brush in order to make way for some electric lines when they came across a baby deer lying in the path of a tree.

So one worker picked up the fawn, rubbed its belly a bit and tried to put it back down... only the small animal was NOT having it.

Clearly at ease and in love with this whole belly-rubbing business, the deer protested loudly any time the man tried to place it on the ground, creating one the cuter videos you'll see this summer.

Check it out now:

This deer likes to be massaged more than this chinchilla likes to drink tea!

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Let's face it: animals may be more caring than people.

Over the last few weeks, we've posted numerous examples of creatures being there for each other, from this stunning hunting dog rescue of a baby bird to this Pit Bull who saved the life of a maimed Chihuahua.

Now, courtesy of onlookers at the Budapest Zoo, we bring you video of a bear who saves a crow from drowning.

That simple description explains the footage, as this scary giant becomes a gentle giant in lifting up his struggling comrade from the water before returning to a snack of apples and carrots:

Pretty cool, right?

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Already going through Sharknado 2 withdrawal?

Wondering how you'll ever make it until Sharknado 3 without more ridiculously constructed animal monsters to satisfy your craving for low budget violence in a weekly basis? Have no fear. 

Dantes Pekingese is here! And so is Volcanine! And so are Earthquake and Purr-icane!

Indeed, some genius Internet users have put together fake trailers for phony movies, all of which we'd totally watch if they were on tonight. Which holds the greatest intrigue?

Which do you hope Syfy purchases the right to? Watch and weigh in now:

Of course, we also have your fill of Sharknado 2 content.

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