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Have you ever wondered what a birthday party for a hedgehog and two hamsters would look like?

Well... wonder no more!

Hello Denizen, the same YouTube User responsible for a tiny hamster eating a tiny burrito and a tiny piece of pizza, has posted a new video online.

It features the three small animals mentioned above, all sitting down for a dessert-based meal and all causing us to smile broadly with each bite.

Watch now and try not to do the same:

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As we've learned in the past, it doesn't get much sadder than seeing an elephant cry.

Unless that elephant just got set free after 50 years of painful captivity.

Such is the case for Raju, an animal who had been held in spiked chains, often beaten or otherwise abused until the organization Wildlife SOS conducted a midnight rescue mission to save the elephant from the Uttar Pradesh area in India.

In darkness on July 4, a group of veterinarians and wildlife experts freed Raju from his horrible existence, watching in awe and heartbreak as the creature cried tears of joy at the scene.

Raju the Elephant
Raju is now free. This poor elephant was held captive and tortured for over five decades.

"Raju has spent the past 50 years living a pitiful existence in chains 24 hours a day, an act of intolerable cruelty," Wildlife SOS spokesperson Pooja Binepal said. "The team were astounded to see tears roll down his face during the rescue. It was so incredibly emotional for all of us. We knew in our hearts he realized he was being freed."

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Animals are better than people. It's true. And a fact universally acknowledged and accepted by people who know.

Like those of us here at The Hollywood Gossip.

We know our Kardashians and we know our animals. And while North West is an adorable celebrity baby, there is absolutely nothing more adorable than animals who think they're humans.

From lounging poolside to helping themselves to lunch to surfing, animals can do it all, even WITHOUT opposable thumbs. Who needs those anyway!?! (Humans, that's who...)

Below, check out 17 animals who seem to think they're human. Let's not tell them the truth, okay? Let's spare their very cute feelings.

Life Is a Highway
And these dogs just want to drive, you guys!!

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Talk about a seriously unexpected animal friendship.

The following gallery tells the sad/inspiring story of Breeze, a foal who was abandoned by his mother and found wandering around by a farmer.

The horse was taken taken to the Mare and Foal Sanctuary, where what happened to him next was both adorable and heartwarming: the owners tried to make their new animal feel at home by providing him with a stuffed teddy bear as a roommate.

And it worked better than anyone could have imagined! Click through the following images to see what we mean and prepare to be blown away. Does it get any cuter than this?!?

Horse Makes Unexpected Friend
This is adorable: a horse who was abandoned by his mother has found an unexpected companion in this stuffed bear.

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Kendall Jones is a 19-year old cheerleader at Texas Tech.

But instead of posting photos to Facebook of her and her friends drinking or practicing, the big game hunter constantly updates her profiles with shots of her prey.

Jones has taken down such African animals as  lions, tigers, buffalos, leopards and rhinos... including a threatened white rhino, of which there are only 20,000 remaining.

You can toggle through some of her more recent images here:

Kendall Jones with Dead Leopard
Kendall Jones poses here with a dead leopard. She killed it herself and posted the shot on Facebook, much to the ire of other users.

Jones wants to host a hunting show in the near future, but her prolific posting (and killing) has drawn the ire of many Facebook users.

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This may leave a mark.

In the following video, a baby horse is all excited to be free and running around, unencumbered by any kind of restraints and just happy to be out and about on his own and... BAM! OUCH!

Yes, he just ran into a large adult horse.

But he appears to be okay! Check out the funny footage now:

Earlier this week, we posted a video of a relaxed horse allowing some young goats to use him as a playground; while we'll never tire of watching this puppy walk this horse.

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We've already become acquainted with the most patient cat on the planet.

Now it's time to meet the world's most patient horse.

In the following video, one of these creatures seems content to just lie around and serve as the personal playground to a couple of baby goats.

It's both very cute and very surprising, considering how easily it typically can be to frighten the heck out of horses, prompting them to leap up on their hind legs and frighten everyone around them.

But not this guy. Climb away, adorable goats. Have yourself a blast!

This, of course, gives us yet another reason to link to the most moving video on the Internet:

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Frostie the Snow Goat, an inspiring animal mostly confined to a wheelchair due to a disease known as joint navel ill, passed away yesterday at his sanctuary in Australia.

In a blog published Tuesday, Edgar's Mission (the nonprofit that rescued Frostie) wrote that the goat fell ill early Monday morning and died soon after.

He had just recently graduated from his wheelchair, as seen in the GIF below of Frostie jumping around happily:

Frostie the Goat

"Frostie’s spinal column was riddled with abscesses that refused to acknowledge the strength and determination of the arsenal of antibiotics and medications that had been sent in to do battle,” wrote Edgar’s Mission.

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Anxious to see Kim Kardashian get all wet and take a mammal for a ride?

You need not watch the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

Instead, you can sit back and feast your eyes on the following footage, which features Kim in the water, grabbing hold of a dolphin and coasting along on its fins for a bit.

Is the reality star giving us a preview of something users will be able to do in the Kim Kardashian video game? Probably not.

But check out the exciting action now anyway:

Kim spent the weekend celebrating her daughter's first birthday, posting a new photo of North West for all to see.

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Where all the Chipwiches?!?

In the following surveillance video footage, a Canadian black bear trudges over to a couple’s freezer, opens it up and calmly searches through the contents.

The animal in question is apparently named Yogi and he’s known to the caretakers of Powers Creek Retreat in West Kelowna.

They reside in a mobile home behind the property and they set up a camera nearby after various items went missing from their fridge and freezer over the past few weeks.

"We know him quite well," said Sandy Lewis of the bear they've seen out about on their farm. "We can't be 100 percent sure it's the same one, but odds are it's him… he's very timid when it comes to humans, he always runs away."

And he appears to have good taste. That's pie Yogi is selecting, right?

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