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Two men in Herkimer, New York were arrested this week and charged with sexual misconduct against a cow.

According to state police, a local farmer was confused as to why his animals were not producing their typical amount of milk and subsequently set up video surveillance in his barn to figure out why "his cows appeared anxious."

Turns out, they had a really good reason to be!

A Cow

The footage depicted Reid A. Fontaine of trying to have sex with several cows, while Michael H. Jones filmed the encounters.

Both men were arrested and released on appearance tickets.

Little else is known about the incident... but what what else would you want to know anyhow?!?

Even the Taco Bell Breakfast Menu finds this disgusting.

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Ellen DeGeneres produces viral videos for a living, or so it seems. The talk show host spends every waking hour doing whatever it takes to make her fans smile.

With great success, she can indisputably say.

DeGeneres, 56, has no trouble generating laughs on her own, but when she recruits outside talent for Ellen, so many times, the results are comedic gold.

The incomparable Ellen was asked to share her five favorite viral videos with People this week, and some (or all) are likely familiar to THG readers.

Two involve celebrities. Two involve kids. Three involve animals. Some involve a combination thereof. All are worth a second (or third) look below!

See what she ranked in her top five here ...

Ellen DeGeneres' Top 5 Viral Videos
A little girl smears diaper cream all over her little brother's face in this awesome viral video.
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Diaper Cream Trouble

1. Diaper Cream Trouble

A little girl smears diaper cream all over her little brother's face in this awesome viral video.

Cat Behind a Bed

2. Cat Behind a Bed

A cat creeps behind a bed. And is hilarious in the process.

Mastiff Caught Red-Handed

3. Mastiff Caught Red-Handed

An English Mastiff gets caught red handed in this awesome viral video.

Kristen Bell LOVES Sloths!

4. Kristen Bell LOVES Sloths!

It doesn't take much to make Kristen Bell cry. But this video proves that a surefire way to accomplish that goal is to present her with a sloth.

Nicki Minaj ft. Sophia Grace & Rosie - Super Bass

5. Nicki Minaj ft. Sophia Grace & Rosie - Super Bass

Nicki Minaj sings her hit song "Super Bass" with Sophia Grace and Rosie on Ellen.

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Forget the Kim Kardashian sex tape, folks.

This is the video you positively need to watch.

A young tourist was recently out for a walk across the Japanese island of Okunoshima when she ran into more rabbits than Justin Bieber has joints in his tour bus.

The bunnies are tame and friendly and have taken up residence on Okunoshima because a few were brought there many years ago when the Japanese wanted to test mustard gas.

We're not kidding. This footage is totally bananas (totally carrots?). Whatever you want to call it, stop what you're doing and watch the video now:

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Just when we thought it couldn't get any more adorable than these baby panda videos, along comes Hammie.

A one-year old bulldog who lives in Nebraska, Hammie is the beloved pet of Michelle Parden.

He's also the new, adopted, very protective parent of six kittens after Parden took in their pregnant mother in October.

The baby cats' names are Pumpkin, Goblin, Frankenstein, Batman, Zombie and Elvira - and if you think those are cute, just wait until you get a look at Hammie watching over them.

These photos make the Budweiser Puppy Love Commercial downright ugly by comparison...

Bulldog Adopts Kittens: Totally AWWW-dorable!
This bulldog is named Hammie. He has become the adoptive, protective parent of a litter of kittens.
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Adorable Animal Family

1. Adorable Animal Family

This bulldog is named Hammie. He has become the adoptive, protective parent of a litter of kittens.

Kittens and a Bulldog

2. Kittens and a Bulldog

Say hello to a bulldog and his adopted children. Oh yes: They are kittens!!!

An Unexpected Family

3. An Unexpected Family

AWWW!!! This bulldog has grown very attached to these kittens. And we've grown misty eyed looking at the animals together.

Dog Cares for Kittens

4. Dog Cares for Kittens

This dog is very protective of these kitten. And we may just melt right here on the spot as a result.

Bulldog and Kitten

5. Bulldog and Kitten

This bulldog and this kitten are best friends. And it doesn't get much more adorable than this.

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The 2014 Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show honor was handed out on Tuesday night, and a female wire fox terrier named Sky won the coveted crown.

She beat out a field of six runners-up in the event's final round, including a standard poodle that earned the Reserve Best in Show nod for second place.

A bloodhound that consistently drew the loudest applause from the Madison Square Garden crowd was also bested by the unheralded but charismatic Sky.

Sky, formally known as GCH Afterall Painting The Sky, because of course she is, was accompanied in the ring by seasoned handler Gabriel Rangel.

"She's a perfect dog," Rangel said. "When you put her on the table, she's ready to be brushed. When you put on the leash, she's happy and ready to be walked."

Judge Betty Regina Leininger, a veteran show-dog breeder, handler and author in her sixth Westminster judging assignment, made the decision.

"There's something magical that happens, it's hard to put into words," she said. "But it's unmistakable. It's the 'it' factor. I've seen her before, but she was really on.

"This was her night."

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Morissey is taking Prince William to TASK over a recent hunting trip, taken just before the heir to the throne launched a campaign to stop illegal wildlife trafficking.

In a lengthy statement posted on a fan site, the Smiths singer and outspoken animal rights advocate (and royal family critic) blasted William, writing:

  • William in a Tux
  • Morrissey Live

"One day prior to giving a public plea on behalf of animal welfare, Prince William is to be found in Spain (with Prince Harry) shooting and killing as many deer and boar as they possibly can!"

"Although William's speech (no doubt written by his publicity aides at Clarence House) will concentrate on endangered species, William is too thickwit to realize" the irony, he believes.

"Animals such as tigers and rhino are only driven to near extinction because people who are precisely like himself and his brother have shot them off the map, all in the name of sport and slaughter."

"Whenever you shoot an animal in the head the outcome is usually the same: death."

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A Danish zoo is receiving hate mail from around the world after having killed a young, healthy giraffe to prevent inbreeding, then feeding it to the zoo's lions.

"I've got about 1,500 [texts] and e-mails, most of them are very hateful, addressed personally to me," Copenhagen Zoo scientific director Bengt Holst said.

Zoo spokesman Tobias Stenbaek Bro said quoted one e-mail as saying: "The children of the staff of Copenhagen Zoo should all be killed or should get cancer."

The 18-month-old giraffe was killed by a gunshot Sunday at the Copenhagen Zoo and fed to lions in full view of visitors in person and via live stream.

Even more incredible? Marius' death took place even though an online petition gathered tens of thousands of signatures against the animal's demise.

The zoo also turned down offers from other zoos and individuals to take in the animal, which was born in captivity and is a species native to Africa.

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A photo of a woman breastfeeding a puppy (yes, a puppy) is circulating on the Internet, leading many to wonder how in the world that came to be.

"I just did it. I never thought I would do that. That's just something it was taboo to me as well," she said. "I guess you could call it a maternal instinct."

The foster mom chose not to be identified because she says she fears the backlash from that maternal instinct. But the photo has quickly gone viral.

It was the runt of the litter, in any case, just days old. A lab mix, whose mother was killed. The little dog wouldn't eat from the bottle, nor eat formula.

"He just wasn't taking it. I didn't know what else to do, I was desperate and I just couldn't bear sitting there, watching him die," the woman said.

"Literally what clicked in my head was like put him on you, just pray to god he will take something and not die," she said, and Tubbs did just that.

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There's no way around it: winter sucks.

Sure, it's fun to ski sometimes. And it can be pretty when large snowflakes fall. And who doesn't love hot chocolate in front of a fire?!?

Still, this winter? This never-ending Polar Vortex? These sub-zero temperatures?!? They're more annoying that Justin Bieber aboard a private plane.

Fortunately, there's a baby panda playing in the snow to make us feel just a tiny bit better about everything.

Look at the little guy slosh around, glide and tumble down at one point! It's enough to make us forget that we're wearing six layers inside at the moment!

Watch this adorable video now and then click around for other videos of these cute creatures:

9 Ridiculously Adorable Panda Videos
This baby panda loves the snow. Look at the adorable guy go!
View As List
Baby Panda Loves the Snow

1. Baby Panda Loves the Snow

This baby panda loves the snow. Look at the adorable guy go!

Panda Rides Pony: So Cute!

2. Panda Rides Pony: So Cute!

A baby panda rides a fake pony in this video. What else do you need to know?

The Panda Cam Returns!

3. The Panda Cam Returns!

The panda cam is back! Thank you for ending that annoying shutdown, government.

Red Panda Plays With Pumpkin

4. Red Panda Plays With Pumpkin

Watching this red panda play with a pumpkin is not un-adorable. We wouldn't draft him for fantasy football though.

Baby Panda Sneeze Frightens Mother

5. Baby Panda Sneeze Frightens Mother

A baby panda sneezes in this video. Much to the total and complete shock of his mother.

Baby Panda Sucks Thumb

6. Baby Panda Sucks Thumb

A baby panda is sucking its thumb in this video. We have nothing to add. Just stare at the cuteness now.

Red Panda Pull-Ups

7. Red Panda Pull-Ups

Red panda pull-ups: The cutest workout of all time!

Red Panda Gets Scared

8. Red Panda Gets Scared

Watch as this poor red panda gets scared when his zookeeper friend shows up out of nowhere.

Surprise Panda Birth

9. Surprise Panda Birth

Smithsonian's National Zoo staff and Panda Cam watchers have gotten several quick glimpses of female giant panda Mei Xiang's cub.


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Sunday's Budweiser "Puppy Love" Super Bowl commercial will undoubtedly go down as one of this year's - or any year's - best game day TV spots.

There's no easy way to quantify that, but in the eyes of many, the race for the best of the 2014 Super Bowl commercials was as lopsided as the game.

Watch the ad below if you missed it (or see it again), because it's worth it:

This was the highest-rated ad Sunday, according to numerous metrics.

The resounding success of “Puppy Love” points to a larger trend of Super Bowl ads aiming for emotional resonance instead of cheap laughs or shock value.

A second Budweiser spot about a veteran returning home from war and receiving a hero's welcome was up there among the game's most well received ads.

Also, the Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercial featuring children singing “America the Beautiful” in various languages also scored high marks with viewers.

See those commercials and all the rest after the jump ...

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