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Duck Tales, a cartoon staple of Disney Channel's late '80s and early '90s TV lineup, is something many thirty-somethings out there will look back on fondly.

But get ready to up the ante on your nostalgia.

Now, thanks to the Internet - specifically the awesome blog Oh My Disney - has reenacted the theme song and intro with actual ducks! Check it out below!

One of the most memorable (and adored) parts of the show starring Scrooge McDuck and his nephews Huey, Louie and Dewey was the amazing theme.

Traveling to outer space, the deep sea, the pyramids and of course literally swimming in money in Scrooge's vault, the gang covered a lot of ground.

These real ducks did their best to do the same, although their animated counterparts are likely more receptive to hats and being buried alive in gold.

Enjoy having these cute images in your head this morning, and the Duck Tales theme song playing on repeat in your brain for probably the next 72 hours.

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The cockatoo in the following video is giving brand new meaning to the term "bird feeder."

(Sorry, we shouldn't use those words around this Vaseline-soaked squirrel. He's probably still a tad bitter. And sticky.)

According to the description on YouTube, this bird’s name is Spike and he’s happily doing his Great Dane friends a major solid by tossing numerous treats their way.

The dogs can barely eat as many Milk Bones as Spike is throwing from the kitchen counter, but we doubt they mind.

We just wonder if they'll be able to return the favor later on and somehow provide Spike with some seed...

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We know they're good for driving dogs crazy.

But who would have guessed that squirrels were also good for so many laughs?

First, there was this epic squirrel photobomb. Then, there was that time a squirrel dropped his nut from a role and reacted in hilarious fashion.

And now we present a video in which Robert and Nacy Krampf come up with a solution to prevent a squirrel in their backyard from stealing grub out of their bird feeder: Vaseline!

Nancy placed (non-toxic) lip balm on the pole that leads to the feeder and it worked both perfectly and hilariously.

Watch now as this persistent squirrel gets thwarted in his effort to steal some food... again and again and again and again....

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Remember Faa Mai, the baby elephant who was rescued last year, who resides at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand and who enjoys being sung to sleep?

Well... he's back! And cuter than ever!

The following video depicts little (by elephant standards) Faa Mai having the absolute time of his life, twirling a ribbon around with his trunk and even falling on his side at one point to play.

Watch now, but consider yourself warned: this footage contains extreme images of adorableness. Viewer discretion is advised.

It's hard to know which is more fun for baby elephants, twirling a ribbon or playing with a soccer ball.

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It's been well documented by now that deer and dogs get along surprisingly well.

Have you seen this video of the former playing hide and seek with a Pit Bull? It's totes adorbs.

But the relationship between deer and cats is a bit more ambiguous. As illustrated in the following video, neither side really knows what to do with the other when they meet on the street.

At one point, the cat runs and hides under a car. When he emerges, however, the deer get totally freaked out by this strange creature.

It's pretty darn cute all around.

Word of advice to cats who went to get in well with deer: Just rub their stomach. You'll be best friends for life.

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Elephants may be large and seemingly very slow.

But they are surprisingly spry!

We've seen elephants play soccer. We've seen them attack Kim Kardashian when the former sex tape star tried snapping a selfie.

And now we're witnessing an elephant from the African Lion Safari Zoo in Cambridge, Ontario slam dunk a basketball. For real!

His name is Chuck. But let's all agree to call him LeBron, shall we?

Anxious to see more elephants in viral actions?

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It's a whacky weeks in the animal kingdom, huh?

First, this puppy reversed the typical trend and actually pet its owner while he tried to nap.

Now, a lion cub is meeting a human being and not trying to swallow him whole.

Instead, in an unexpected display of amazing affection, the creature engulfs teacher Jonathan Hawkins in a warm embrace.

The footage was filmed in Botswana and we don't know if Hawkins and this lion have any kind of history. But we do know this video will forever change the way we view the King of the Jungle.

We understand if dogs are still scared of lions, but this video is pretty cool, isn't it?

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Sometimes, it's the simple things in life that put the biggest smile on your face.

Like a giraffe trying to ride a motorcycle. Or a baby pig prancing through the grass, oinking the entire time and making you wish he'd just through the camera, straight into your arms.

Check out the following Vine video to see this little guy in action, yet be warned: the footage may prompt you to go out and buy yourself a pet pig.

See, these animals really are good for a lot more than just bacon! (Mmmm... bacon...)

As this GIF of a piglet trying to befriend a Pit Bull also proves.

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Earlier today, we wrote about a dog who can blow bubbles underwater and we referred to this canine as a genius.

But we take it back: the animal described in the following story is the real genius!

She’s a six-year old panda named Ai Hin, she resides at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China and she recently started gaining weight, producing more progestational hormones and moving significantly less.

Because she’s pregnant? Yes, that’s how researchers interpreted these changes.

But… no! Because she was faking her pregnancy!

Dinner for 2
These hungry pandas live together in a French zoo.

Wu Kongju, an expert employed by Chengdu, says pandas comprehend the advantages to pseudo-pregnancy (i.e. extra bamboo!) and sometimes play a joke on their handlers in order to get more food.

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In under two weeks, FX will premiere Sons of Anarchy Season 7, kicking off the final run of episodes for this long-running hit.

But why wait until September 9 to get your entertaining motorcycle fix on?

In the following video, a giraffe in South Africa really wants to ride one of these vehicles, as the long-necked adrenaline junkie pretty much bullies his way on to a bike.

He actually takes a few steps with it as well... but alas. The giraffe's body structure simply won't allow him to become a member of Hell's Angels.

Looking for other examples of large animals doing unexpected things?

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