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The lovely Nicole Fox was pronounced the winner of America's Next Top Model last night. In other news, America's Next Top Model is still on the air!

Anyway, congratulations to the native of Louisville, Colo., who joins an illustrious group of past ANTM winners. Ridiculously successful models like ...

Lisa D'Amato Picture

... help us out here if you know one.

Nicole Fox, a self-described 18-year-old dork who is just 5′7″ (diminutive in runway standards), is thrilled with the honor but a little overwhelmed.

“Coming in, it was obvious to everyone that I didn’t have the self-confidence, the presence of all the girls out there,” the show's 13th cycle champ says.

“I never say the right things. I’ve never had a boyfriend.”

If Nicole Fox was in over her head, she didn't show it. Time and again, she proved that her look and instincts were spot-on, winning several of the show's challenges.

“It seemed like the judges saw me being able to do [high] fashion as well as commercial modeling,” she said. “But beyond that, I suspect that Tyra Banks and the judges knew a lot of girls out there could relate to my personality.”

Now, having won a contract with Wilhelmina Models and CoverGirl Cosmetics, this small-town girl and A-student is ready to leave home and embark on a career.

One thing she's not ready for yet, however?

“I’m ready for the modeling world,” Fox says, “I’m ready to move all over the world if need be, but I’m not ready for a boyfriend!”

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America's Next Top Model is getting even fiercer this year.

Reality TV fashionistas Kim Kardashian and Lauren Conrad are both set to appear in cycle 13 as celebrity judges, according to various news reports.

Per the CW, Kim and Lauren will do one episode each.

Look for The Hills retiree LC to take a seat at the judges table first, appearing alongside Tyra Banks and company on Wednesday, September 16.

The following Monday, October 21, Kim Kardashian komes on.

Mark your calendars for then, fashion followers. We can't wait to see what these celebrity gossip stables bring to the table on ANTM ...

Unspecial K

LC and Kim aren't the only big names dropping in. [Photos: Fame Pictures]

America's Next Top Model will also feature as guest judges Chanel Iman (September 9), China Chow (September 30), Josie Maran (October 7) and Kirsty Hume (October 28). 90210 star Jessica Lowndes makes an appearance on October 31.

Lowndes won't be judging, but she does put the girls' "interviewing skills" to the test. Whatever the heck that means, we're sure it's gonna be sweet.

What Kim Kardashian contiributes to any fashion or modeling discussion, we have no idea. Lauren at least has a clothing line. Still, we kan't wait!

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Danny Gokey's American Idol dreams may have died last night, but the modeling career of Teyona Anderson was born.

The 20-year old New Jersey native - who had to be pushed to audition for the show by friends - was crowned the 12th cycle winner of America's Next Top Model.

America's Next Top Model Poster

After beating out Allison Harvard in the finals, an emotional Anderson said:

"I come from the little country streets of Woodstown, New Jersey, growing up in the cornfields, playing in the woods with boys, to being America's Next Top Model! I've wanted to do this so long, I just wanted to model…That's what I want to do, it's my passion…To win, and my hard work actually paid off…It's amazing...

"I'm so proud of myself, it's ridiculous…like, is this for real?!'"

It is, indeed. To prove it, Anderson will soon receive a six-page spread in Seventeen; a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics; and representation from Elite Model Management.

Think Anderson deserved the title over Harvard? Click on the following pics of Teyona for a closer look at the beauty:

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She's no longer America Next Top Model.

Now, 21-year-old CariDee English is simply ready to be a model.

CariDee English Image

First, she sat down with Entertainment Weekly.

EW:So, a natural blonde finally won. About time, right?
CE: Yes! Absolutely. Ahhh! I don't even know how to explain it, you know? It's just euphoric. I love it.

EW: I loved how you declared, ''This is mine!'' after Eugena got eliminated. Hey, confidence!
CE: That was the first time it actually hit me that I could win, you know? What got me through the competition was not thinking about the ultimate outcome, just thinking about the next step. I didn't want to think too hard.

EW: Was it more motivating to compete against someone who wasn't your close friend in the final two?
CE: Eugena and I had made a pact at that time that we wanted someone who was down-to-earth to win, someone we'd gotten close to. I mean, if I was able to get close to Melrose, I would've, but we both knew we were such stiff competition with each other, so it was gonna be very, very hard for us to get along. I wanted to be myself, someone you could get a clear read on.

It's not that I wanted to win for the other girls, but I wanted to show that a girl who's been true to herself can come on top.

EW: Did you feel like you didn't get to know the ''real'' Melrose? Or was it that you did, and you all just weren't havin' it?
CE: She was very headstrong in the competition, which is very understandable. That's just her....I didn't want the win handed to me. I wanted to win knowing I was the best. I had no idea until the final picture got brought up. But she definitely was the best competitor, because she was good. She's very talented at what she does. I mean, we were good to each other. We weren't rude or hated each other by any means.

THG NOTE: The same cannot be said for Lindsay Lohan and Lindsay Ratowski

EW: What happened with Melrose's dress? You didn't mean to tear that, and she freaked out hard.
CE: Oh, no, absolutely not. She freaked out because she's a fashion designer herself. So she was just really concerned about the clothes, which I thought was ridiculous. I was like ''Honey, this happens all the time.''

EW: What's it like not living in a house with floor-to-ceiling photos of [Tyra Banks]? She's so Bankable!
CE: I miss that. I love Tyra! She doesn't take herself too seriously, which is so refreshing in the modeling world. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be here, I wouldn't be talking to you. I'd be back in Fargo doing God knows what.

EW: What's up next for you?
CE: I'm moving to New York, and I'm gonna live in the Elite models' house. Because I'm an Elite model, which is awesome! I want to take [the title] America's Next Top Model to the next level. Commercials, high fashion, everything ... I'm going to try, try, try. I know Tyra believes in me.

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Forget America's Next Top Model - what about America's craziest former one?

Janice Dickinson, the reality TV show host and self-proclaimed "World's First Supermodel" (i.e. "old") had a few choice words for the estranged, sick ex-husband of Christie Brinkley.

  • Janice Dickinson Photograph
  • Diana Bianchi Picture
  • Christie Brinkley And Family

"Being a supermodel along with Christie back in the day, my heart goes out to Christie and her family and her children for that slob, slovenly rat bastard husband of hers. How dare he. How dare he, you pig. That's all I have to say."

We'll ignore the mixed up pronoun use for now, agree with the overall sentiment and, once again, comment on how utterly insane and annoying Dickson is. But she wasn't finished.

Referring to 19-year old Diana Bianchi, Dickinson railed: "I think she's an opportunist ... Rule #1, you stay away from married men. I just think that's a very naughty thing to do to a sweet lady."

For the record, The Gossip has listed to two other rules in life:

  1. When you are a washed-up model co-starring on a WB reality show, get over yourself
  2. When you're a Hollywood rumor mill webbsite and such nonsense is bantered about, you get down on your knees and give thanks

At least Dickinson is raising her child the right way:

"My daughter is 19, the same age as that little slut that went out with Peter Cook ... She would not behave like that. I'd be in jail, I'd have to go and kill her"

And we know what you're thinking: Someone had sex with Janice Dickinson?!?

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The contestants may be beautiful; Tyra Banks may mean well; but the dozen writer/producers for American's Next Model are NOT pleased.

The workers are protesting management's refusal to allow them to unionize by staging a strike outside production offices in Los Angeles. They all wore red shirts and carried signs that said such witty things as:

America's Next Top Model Poster
  • Reality Needs a Rewrite
  • Tyra is union. Why not me?

What are these writer-producers after? The greedy professionals are actually demanding healthcare, residuals, pension, better pay and writing credits (they're currently credited as producers). The writers argue that they should receive similar treatment as writers in other genres, such as dramas and comedies.

Ah, yes. Those that come up with the storylines and character developments on Lost are truly akin to whomever puts words on the teleprompter for Tyra to read.

So far, executive producers are steering displeased horde toward government mediation, but the writers say that's a stall tactic to get them to conclude the next two seasons before firing them all.

As America's Next Top Model continues along in its seventh season, this issue could become more important than which contestants have fake boobs. Actually, that's not true at all.

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