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While America's Got Talent contestants vie for this year's title, we can confirm the acts that will be taking the stage on the final set of results show over the next few weeks. (Demi Lovato, seen here, performed last night.)

As first reported by AOL TV, viewers can look forward to the following artists:

  • Tony Bennett (with Queen Latifah)
  • Susan BoyleIl Divo
  • David Guetta (with Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida)
  • Def Leppard
  • Jackie Evancho
  • Michael Grimm

Explained executive producer Jason Raff: "We want the results show to be more than the results. We want it to feel like the variety shows that America used to watch."

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Look up, THG readers. Look way, way up. See the bar? It's difficult these days on America's Got Talent because it continues to get raised on a weekly basis. Below, we recount the latest performance show, which included a series of high grades...

Zuma Zuma - The group has a tragic story that was glazed over by their enthusiastic nature. The intro took long, but I appreciated several tricks happening at the same time. The pyramids were the highlight, but they depended on the trick too much with the only variation was when they turned in a circle. My Grade: B+

Beth Ann Robinson - A great dancer, but she's against the odds as a soloist. Beth Ann had a great smile, but I wasn't sure if choosing a slower song was the most engaging routine. The use of the mirrors was smart to fill up the stage, except for the fact that she kept her back to the audience. My Grade: A-

Sandou Trio Russian Bar - Isn't it ironic that the "Russian Bar" is part of their name and they decided to drop the Russian Bar? The singing was weak, but watching a piano rotating wasn't that bad. I'm expecting a real singing/piano act try that next year. The whole thing was sleepy. My Grade: D-

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Ouch! Four acts advanced last night on America's Got Talent, but none came from the group of Wild Cards selected the evening before by Howie Mandell. There's always next year, buddy...

Eliminations Part 1 - Shevonne, Yellow Design Stunt Team, West Springfield Dance Team - WSDT made it through. I hope that the team's choreographer doesn't kill them trying to create a more dynamic routine. It made me wonder if WSDT was ranked fourth last week and the judges went with the fifth-ranked Beth Ann Robinson.

And the Results Are...

Eliminations Part 2 - Avery and the Calico Hearts, Charles Peachock, Those Funny Little People, The Kinetic King - I love Avery and the Calico Hearts, but it wasn't their night. They need a manager so they can end up on a children’s show. Charles messed up his final juggling sequence and blew it.

Those Funny Little People raised the entertainment level, but it's still mascots dancing around. The Kinetic King finally had a routine that worked perfectly, but did people forget him because he performed first? Fortunately, no, viewers rewarded a trick that went well.

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Piers Morgan has a heart. Who knew?!? This conclusion was drawn after the America's Got Talent judge selected Kinetic King as a Wild Card last night, one of four picks he made throughout the episode...

The Kinetic King - (Piers' Choice) - After bombing on live television, The Kinetic King blamed everything including fungus. In a smart move, The Kinetic King decided to pull the chord and this time the trick went off without a hitch. The only problem was that the camera shots were horrible. I liked the raising bars, the chain, and how the balloons worked. The trash cans at the end showed that he could play with scale. My Grade: A

Charles Peachock in Action

Those Funny Little People - (Howie's Choice) - We got a montage of elves falling and with toilet paper. The Istanbul theme was a better visual and the use of the weird camel and the three little people right next to the judges for no reason was interesting. Extra credit for the nun. The belly dancing was a good change, though it showed their lack of arm movements. My Grade: B

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It was, perhaps, the most surprising result on America's Got Talent last night: Rebecca Black took the stage and put on a perfectly decent performance.

Granted, the entire mash-up of "Friday" and "My Moment" lasted for barely more than a minute. But, hey, hopefully it was enough to silence those jerks at Black's former school, as the singer recently admitted she was yanked from classes due to bullying.

Watch Rebecca perform below. Not the worst thing you've ever seen, right?

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There were eliminations on America's Got Talent last night, but no surprises. Find out below who went home and who will perform again...

Eliminations Part 1 - Powerhouse and Gymkana - If I wanted to watch a good Glee-style singing group... I'd watch Glee. Powerhouse wasn't the best group and there were too many voices muffling the routine. Gymkana, on the other hand, had a strong routine and advanced through.

Nick and Tay Zonday

Musical Guest - Tay Zonday, "Chocolate Rain," pictured - I loved that the song continued to sound so amateur even though he was performing in front of America. I also loved his chair.

Musical Guest - Keenan Cahill – The routine was silly but fun to watch. Nick Cannon faux-sing/rapping was a nice change. Keenan’s jacket looked horrible.

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Is there another Jackie Evancho out there? That's what America's Got Talent was hoping for last night, as it gave us a special performance show based on YouTube submissions...

TNC Elite - The choice of a slowed down version of "I Got a Feeling" was weird. I hated the costumes and the fact that there were unnecessary backup dancers. Like normal clogging teams, they were sharp in synchronization, formations, or timing. The solo section without music was the best part, but it defeated the reason for them using contemporary music. My Grade: C

Illusionist Brett Daniels - Brett was a washed out magician who decided to use a 15-year-old trick; it reeked of desperation. The setup took too long and when the curtain almost failed, I expected the worst. The dancing was a waste of time, the book flipping pages was stupid, and the robe setup was too long. While Marilyn disappeared amazingly at the end, it needed better timing. My Grade: C-

Gabe Rocks - Gabe Rocks (above) knows how to flush a toilet, so he wins in my book. The beginning took long, but it was so cute watching him ride a rocking horse; then he peed on Piers. What the skateboard had to do with the whole cowboy motif was beyond me, but that was his trademark. My Grade: B+

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America's Got Talent offered a few eliminated surprises this week. But will they last? I have a feeling at least two will get Wild Carded.

Eliminations Part 1 - Frank Miles, Avery & the Calico Hearts, Taylor Davis, Fatally Unique - Avery & the Calico Hearts held the strongest performance of the first six performers, but they wavered against the second half of the show. Frank missed the doughnut and Taylor missed several keys, so they were obviously going to be eliminated in this group.

When Fatally Unique was called, I was partially disappointed. Fatally Unique did a great job, but their dancing and creativity was trumped by Team iLuminate. I'm expecting Avery & the Calico Hearts to get Wild Carded by Sharon.

Zuma Zuma on Stage

Musical Guest - Jason Derulo "Don't Wanna Go Home" - He must have been singing on top of the track because you could hear pitchy notes on top of perfect ones. When he switched over to the main song, he clearly was lip-syncing parts and dancing as hard as he could to compensate.

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The final set of the original 48 America's Got Talent performers gave us a mix of really good and really NOT good performances last night. After a very slow first hour, the show ended with one of the most awe inspiring routines in memory from Team iLuminate.

We grade it, and others, below.

Yellow Designs Stunt Team in Action

Kinetic King - The installation may have taken two days and nights for set-up, but I didn't get how being a kinetic artist would be the winner of the show. He did have unnecessary models and immediately the whole thing didn't work. I felt bad for him, but the fact that he still talked to Nick was admirable. My Grade: D+.

Zuma Zuma - The Kenyans were happy to fulfill their dreams and were willing to add elements to their performance, but they were totally different from their last two performances, including their better costumes. Their climbing skills were cool but they spent too much time transitioning between tricks while the others bounced in the background. My Grade: B+.

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Let's ignore the Smurf crossovers from last night's America's Got Talent results show and just focus on who moved on, okay?


Eliminations Part 1 - Ian Johnson, Summerwind Skippers, Purrfect Angelz - Johnson had a messy performance; he needs more time to mature. The Summerwind Skippers were good, but suffered from the fact that they went first in a show packed with several standout acts. They got lost in the shuffle of really good performances. There was nothing spectacular for the Purrfect Angelz; they fit perfectly for a NASCAR or even a wrestling match and maybe this exposure could book them a few extra gigs. I was happy to hear that none of them moved on. I wouldn't even want to see them during the wildcard acts.

Musical Guest - Stevie Nicks "For What It's Worth" - One day when I grow old, I hope I'm rocking like Stevie Nicks when I get old, still writing original music and booking gigs on America's Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars. Extra credit for her including Michael Grimm on her tour.

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