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Last night, viewers were treated to one surprisingly impressive act on America's Got Talent: Andrew De Leon, a gothic-looking opera singer.

They were also treated to one controversial contestant: Timothy Poe, a veteran who claimed to have developed a major stutter after suffering an injury in Afghanistan. You can watch video of his audition and backstory here...

HOWEVER, multiple sources have now come forward and are casting doubt on Poe's assertion that a RPG blast in 2009 resulted in this brain-damaged condition.

First, there's the Minnesota National Guard, which said in a statement to Yahoo! TV: "Sgt. Poe's official military records do not indicate that he was injured by a grenade in combat while serving in Afghanistan in 2009, as he reports.

Then, there's investigative work by The Associated Press, which dispute Poe's self-proclaimed 14 years of service and state it could only find evidence that he was a specialist for nine years and did not receive a Purple Heart, which is handed out to all military personnel injured in combat.

Finally, there's this simple quotes from Poe's ex-wife to The New York Post: "There were no combat injuries. I think he developed a 'feel sorry for me' stutter."

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After watching a man blast himself out of a cannon and then witnessing an overweight pole dancer on America's Got Talent, one thing became painfully evident last night:

A high level of strange was featured throughout day two in Austin. Read through our previous AGT recap for all the acts from opening night here and then get caught up with the latest below...

Aurora light Painting - First a sand artist, now light artists? The leader claimed to live in a commune which probably was the first question mark popping up in my head, his hair was the second. The performance was interesting, but it reminded me of the Disney Channel promotions where the actors would wave the mouse ear shape with their magic wand. The obvious point was that this really seems like a really artistic telestrator.

Eric & Olivia - The non-daters from the University of Texas had a cute vibe together but it really was Olivia's voice that was the winner. She had great jazz-soul diction. Once in a while it got a bit too froggy, but I think with the right arrangements the duo would be great. I'm shocked that Howie said no because there's a lot of potential in this act.

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America's Got Talent rode into Texas on a bull last night, hoping to lasso in a few winning acts. Who did Sharon, Howie and Howard find? Read on for a full rundown...

Nick Cannon on a Cow

Bandbaz Brothers - The Iranian Acrobats already have the Vegas spirit since they lived near the area. While I wished the ladder was more impressive, the act itself was amazing to watch as the younger of the two wobbled to keep his balance. Age will clearly be a factor as the older one couldn't really hold on as well as he could have five years ago. Still, the routine was impressive and I could see how adding some extra shine, lighting, and dramatic music could make it a contender on the show. There was oddly the perfect counterbalance of two female contortionists that were almost too perfect and it looked easy.

Joe Castillo - The Sand artist was really cool but there was something a little bit off about watching him. The imagery was beautiful and since it's the first time I've seen it, I'll give him some credit. The next time we watch him in Vegas, he better up his game and think of something that doesn't just play the patriotic card.

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The America's Got Talent auditions continued to limp along Tuesday, with producers emphasizing that contestants had to go big or go home in St. Louis. It's unclear such an emphasis was placed in this city, but we seemed to have grabbed a very interesting cross-section of auditions from all over the United States.

I had my doubts when the first few auditions included the awful drummer/mom who played "I Will Survive" and lacked a band; a woman who crushes cans with her hands (instead of her boobs; a dancing chicken; and an awkward unicyclist/lassoer - but the auditions picked up. Too bad we didn't actually see many of them. On to a full recap!

America's Got Talent Panel

Spencer Horseman - After having a really poor escape artist last night we not only get a good looking escape artist in Spencer but a very dynamic performance that involved the right amount of danger. The fact that he had to fall to a mat to prevent his death was amazing. I predict that he'll automatically make it through to the live rounds and not have to do anything in Vegas just to prevent his accidental death. Some of his websites claim that he's also a "comedian" so I wonder if we'll ever see them.

Isaac Brown - You know when little children get to get away with saying whatever they want? Isaac had personality and it made up for how pitchy he was. I would love if he had his sisters and parents as backup dancers. Someone better call up Nickelodeon or Disney, because this kid needs to be part of a development package.

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The America's Got Talent auditions continued to roll on in Tampa Bay, Florida tonight - and Nick Cannon continued to hog the spotlight. The producers really need to tone down the amount of Nick interacting with the contestants. Seriously. This isn't Nick Cannon's Got Friends.

Overall, there weren’t a lot of great performances. The weird acts that we watched included a haircutter that tried to be Edward Scissorhands; a stunning but stereotypical hula hooper; an above-average magician; and a "Boss" dance group that may be a little too out there for mainstream America.

I don't think that any of the acts we witnessed here will win this season.

Lindsey Norton Audition

Good, Great
All That! - Every few years a good clogging team arrives and does decently. Any clogging team should have precision and strong formations and they strong precision but only okay formations. All That! seems to have a bit of an age issue combined with a lack of staging. Some more dynamic music, lighting, stronger formations, and possibly less clothing would make them more Vegas ready and create a winning combination.

The Distinguished Men of Brass - I liked the combined singing and marching band segments which gave them the right edge from a drumline. Only a little bit of production value could make them interesting, but the real question is if they could go beyond being a theme park performers.

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On his radio show, Howard Stern often embraces nearly naked lesbians and strippers.

But the shock jock is now part of a very different program, something that was never more evident than on last night's America's Got Talent episode, following the new judge buzzing seven-year old rapper Mir Money off stage.

Sharon Osbourne did the same, but it was Stern who attempted to comfort the child, telling him to dry his tears and saying to the audience: "This job is too rough for me, I don't really wanna do it anymore."

Watch the clip now and take special note, PTC. Does this look like a man of vulgarity to you?!?

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So... that was it?

After months of hype and threats from the PTC, Howard Stern debuted on America's Got Talent last night and initially joked with viewers: "These NBC executives must be out of their minds taking a risk on me, they should be fired immediately."

America's Got Talent Poster

He then, however, assured everyone that he knows how to "behave." Except...

... didn't NBC hire him to mostly misbehave? What's the fun of a watered-down Howard Stern telling a contestant playing something called an "earth harp" that "I made my career out of originality, and I bow to you."

The most risque line Stern crossed? When he told another hopeful the following: "As a stripper you can't have man-boobs, you understand. I have them, but I'm not a stripper."

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Plot that boycott, sponsors!

What did you think of Stern's America's Got Talent debut?


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The Parents Television Council is at it once again.

This time, the focus of the organization's wrath is NBC and its decision to hire Howard Stern as a judge on the upcoming season of America's Got Talent.

In a follow-up to its original statement, slamming the show's decision to hire this controversial radio host, the PTC has now called for a boycott from all advertisers, sending a letter to 91 companies and urging them to consider their "media buy" in light of this "vulgar" new panelist.

Stern is only an expert when it comes to "looking at insecure, naked young women and telling them whether or not they were hot enough to pose for Playboy," the letter, obtained by TMZ, reads.

Does his decades-lone penchant for profanity, his affinity for degrading and sexualizing women, and his proclivity for vulgar and explicit dialog, accurately reflect your corporate values? the PTC asks advertisers in the letter.

Seems a bit harsh to us. It's not like the guy ever tried to have phone sex with Octomom. Oh... right.

What do you think? Should Howard Stern be a judge on America's Got Talent?


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The teams have been chosen. The battle rounds have begun. And when will it all come to an end?

NBC announced today that The Voice will crown its season two champion on a two-hour live episode airing May 8. Moreover, the competition will expand to twice/week beginning on April 2, as performance episodes will air on Mondays and will be followed by one-hour result shows on Tuesday nights at 9 EST.

The Voice Logo

In other network programming news, Howard Stern will debut as a judge on America's Got Talent a week after The Voice signs off.

The controversial radio host will take his place alongside Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel on May 14. Are you excited for his presence on the panel?

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If NBC was aiming to create headlines with its hiring of Howard Stern as a judge on America's Got Talent, the network can consider its mission accomplished.

Of course, not all headlines are positive, especially not that highlighted by the always-grumpy Parents Television Council.

Howard Stern Photograph

Referring to Stern as Stern in a statement as "a performer who is synonymous with shock, profanity and obscenity," the PTC added:

"The once-proud broadcast network has lost its way and has made it clear it holds no concern whatsoever for children and families... Not coincidentally, in just over three weeks the network will be standing before the United States Supreme Court arguing for the right to use the F-word at any time of the day, even in front of children."

What do you think of Stern's hiring? Will he make for an acceptable judge?


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