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Why do we even have the Wild Card round? No Wild Card has ever made the finals.

Think about it: the acts didn't succeed beating more successful acts the first time and it's an uphill battle to win over America a second time. The only contestants that have a real shot are the Vegas acts that got cut before the country could vote.

Rant over, let's get to the eliminations and the announced semifinalists...

AGT Elimination Episode Pic

Eliminations One - BandBaz Brothers, Ben Blaque and Sebastien "El Charro de Oro" - Among the three acts, I could see either Ben Blaque or Sebastien make it through. Sebastien expanded his repertoire outside of the boxed-in mariachi category with his song choice and if he advanced, I hope he continues to pick more accessible music.

As for Ben Blaque, he did all that he could to move on. I've seen bulls-eye alignment shots before, so I'm not sure how much further he can go. Either way, the BandBaz Brothers were the obvious elimination of this group, since they peaked with a very short trick.
Advanced: Sebastien

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Following a questionable YouTube round, the Wild Cards were faced an extra challenge in order to prove they were worth a second chance.

It seemed like the judges were lenient as they gave their reviews to the contestants, less critical of this group than the previous one. Let's give each act a grade, shall we?

Todd Oliver on America's Got Talent

Spencer Horsman - Spencer was smart enough to listen to Howard's suggestion of being front and center instead of inside a bag. The steampunk visuals were a great touch as the quick cement filled up. There was something disappointing knowing he starts with a lock pick in hand, but he was efficient. It hysterical watching Spencer's dad telling the crew to keep dumping cement on his son. The act had a better level of danger than ever before.
Grade: A-

All That! - Sharon wanted All That! but with less clothes. They started off with a song that I believe that Team iLuminate may have used. The shadows were awful; they shouldn't try being Peter Pan. Who wants to look at the shadows when there are real people in front of us? Less bad acting, more precise dancing. The shirt rip was not as effective as it could have been either. Are the rest of All That! concerned about their man boobs?
Grade: C+

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It was Bring Your Olympian to Work Day on the America's Got Talent results show this week, as Gabby Douglas tried to cover up the levels of YouTube poop with her big smile and effervescent attitude.

Other than that highlight, though, there was no reason for the four acts chosen to continue on to the next round. Three of them seem destined to be eliminated as quickly as we've known them...

Distracted by Nick Cannon

Eliminations One: Reverse Order, Cast in Bronze, Academy of Villains
This first group up for eliminations was a no brainer. Reverse Order didn't choose the right song to showcase their lead singer. Cast in Bronze may have gotten more votes if he performed "Tubular Bells" and went all alien/lasers with his performance. The clear frontrunner was Academy of Villains which reminds me of a more mature West Springfield Dance Team from last season.

Advanced: Academy of Villains

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Following an Olympic hiatus and controversy from Sharon Osbourne, America's Got Talent returned last night and gave the viewers what they were after: competition.

Read on for a rundown of each contestant...

Judges on America's Got Talent

Clint Carvalho & His Extreme Parrots - I was nervous that we'd have to listen to a talking Parrot, but getting a diving bird sounded amazing. After a really long explanation and asking an obvious question of "Is it raining?" we watched a bird fly from a building to the stage while listening to a guy saying "Here kitty kitty kitty" a billion times. I would rather see a hawk trying to eat a field mouse on Animal Planet.
Grade: D

Reverse Order - Reverse Order sounded like a "we're sorry" to New Jersey after calling the performances "New York" so much. They sounded similar to The All Ways with the same exact plan of attack: rock out to a pop song originally performed by a woman. It was okay, but if The All Ways didn't make it through, I don't see what makes Reverse Order special. The lead singer couldn't even hit his falsettos. Why did they pick Katy Perry if the lead can't falsetto?
Grade: C-

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NBC brought Howard Stern on board America's Got Talent this summer.

But who would have guessed it would be fellow judge Sharon Osbourne who would cause the most controversy for the show and the network?

In an exclusive interview with The New York Post, the panelist says she is leaving the series after this season due to the way NBC mishandled her son Jack, his participation on the show Stars Earn Stripes and his recent multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

Sharon Osbourne on America's Got Talent

Osbourne alleges that Jack had a deal in place to appear on the the aforementioned program - which pits celebrities against one another in military training exercises - only for producers to fire him two days prior to filming, not long after he went public with his disease.

"It’s discrimination, and it was badly handled," Osbourne tells the newspaper.

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Heading into an extended break for the Summer Olympics, America's Got Talent advanced four acts to the next round last night. Did you agree with the selections?

Saying Goodbye on America's Got Talent

Eliminations Part One - Ulysses, David "The Bullet" Smith, Olate Dogs
Ulysses is a nice person but he was clearly out of his league. If he was up against weird instrument player Michael Nejad and sleep-inducing Nikki Jensen back in week one, he wouldn't have been the bottom of the barrel.

David "The bullet" Smith is exactly like Professor Splash last year: all he can do is go farther. I understand that lots of people die trying to blast themselves out of cannons, but that doesn't make successful human cannonballs automatic Vegas acts. Olate Dogs was the clear frontrunner of the night, especially the "we can do better than Britain" comment that Sharon provided. Funny that Sharon is an American citizen.

Eliminated: Ulysses, David "The Bullet" Smith
Advanced: Olate Dogs

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The final set of 48 original contestants performed on America's Got Talent last night. How did your favorite fare?

David "The Bullet" Smith - I don't understand why David even has to wear a helmet; if things go awry, I doubt it would help things. His act was pre-taped, since it would have been much darker if it was actually 8 p.m. The setup took too long with the cheerleaders, but I credit him for trying to fill 90 seconds. He shot correctly, albeit a little further than the middle of the net.
Grade: B+

All That! - No one is going to remind us that All That (without the exclamation point) has auditioned before and has lost. One of the members used the word "fight scene" and I was cautious. The group looked like the United Colors of Benetton (or an A capella group). Sure they were clean and their formations were great, up until the fight scene. If the group wanted to show masculinity, the fight scene looked gay.
Grade: B

Lindsey Norton on America's Got Talent

Ulysses - Ulysses lost all his hair, so he got a wig. He was smart enough to get backup dancers, similar to Big Barry. His version of "Bandstand Boogie" was decent; the dancers were decent. Occasionally Ulysses had breathing issues, but I thought he didn't deserve to be X-ed out. He wasn't like Big Barry who was off-key.
Grade: C+

Joe Castillo - Joe had a great story about how his father influenced him. Joe started with the Earth and I was happy to see the use of colors to emphasize each of his animals he made. Anyone who draws pandas also gets extra credit. I love that he uses both hands to draw.
Grade: A-

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Coming off a mostly disappointing audition episode, which acts on America's Got Talent advanced to the next round? Results were announced last night...

All Wheel Sports on America's Got Talent

Eliminations - Solo Male Variety
Rock Star Juggler Mike Price needs to change his name to "Really Good Juggler" Mike Price. When you add a unicycle, which immediately eliminates any form of "Rock Star" or sexiness. If Piers was still around, when he dropped a club, he would have been buzzed.

Cristin Sandu was an obvious elimination, though the sadist in me wished there was a Gymkana-style accident where he caught on fire.

Eliminated: Rock Star Juggler Mike Price, Cristin Sandu
Advanced: Jacob Williams

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America's Got Talent started off strong this week… then immediately disappointed. Until the second hour, there was only one standout performance, although at least we ended on a high note.

Come along now and see if you agree with the grades we handed out:

All Beef Patty on America's Got Talent

The Untouchables - Miami All-Stars Jr. had the advantage of being choreographed by a strong teacher that understood NBC's production values. The background did a huge disservice for the dancers because it created visual chaos. There were tons of visuals going on that a solid background would have helped. I liked the use of levels and the amount of tricks. It was smart to keep only a handful of dancers front and center to prevent even more chaos.
Grade: A-

"Rock Star Juggler" Mike Price - I don't think there is such a thing as a "rock star juggler," even though Mike's talented. He upped his game with the cheesy unicycle. The knives then went into fire clubs which he sucked at while he was on the unicycle. He then proceeded to drop a club. The next sequence involved him jugging over a girl, but with his wide stance you knew he wouldn't drop anything.
Grade: B-

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The America's Got Talent results this week remained straightforward... even though Howard didn't make any predictions. Howie, meanwhile, spent his time off messing with the contestants, mostly Big Barry and one of the members of LionDanceMe. Let's hope they could see through Howie's awful hairpiece.

I still can't believe how dumbstruck Sharon was to see the fourth and fifth place contestants. It's as if she didn't understand that she could only make a judgment in 20 seconds. She's been on the show longer than Howie and Howard but still wastes the most time.

Oh well. On to the results!

America's Got Talent Stage

Eliminations 1 - The Obvious Advances
Tim Hockenberry is a good singer, but I thought his choice of song was awful. His position as last to perform gave him a lot of help, because if he was first, the judges may have had heavier praise for Danielle or Ben Blaque. My biggest concern for Turf's voting was that he was on second on a two hour show. While his routine was clean, the fact that Howard continued to mention watching out for Unity In Motion could have also done Turf a disservice.
In: Tim Hockenberry, Turf

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