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Nick Cannon was right. That sure was an "insane" finale of America's Got Talent.

The summer competition crowned its Season 7 winner last night, but not before a two-hour finale crammed in clips of some awful talent; a visit from Joan Rivers; a goodbye to Sharon Osbourne; and performances by Justin Bieber and Green Day.

And after all that pageantry, the six contestants were whittled down to Tom Cotter and Olate Dogs, with the winner announced as...

America's Got Talent Winner


Confetti poured down, all the acts came on stage, hugs were exchanged and another season went in the books.

Did you agree with America's choice?


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Months, awful performances and countless judges' critiques have passed. We're down to the final six.

Did your favorite receive a passing great on what may have been the best America's Got Talent finale to date? Read on. Find out. Chime in.

Nick Cannon and William Close

David Garibaldi & his CMYK's - David has the cutest son and wife and it's the biggest motivator. His routine had an almost mad scientist approach as he started painting. The main picture was more of a mystery as he added blues and beiges. The CMYKs had an easier task as they just created the letters C, M, Y and K. He spun the picture around and poof: Albert Einstein.
Grade: B+

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The Untouchables will perform tonight on the finals of America's Got Talent.

But it was this dance troupe's naughty performances inside a New York City hotel over the weekend that almost resulted in its departure from the premises.

According to TMZ, the kids - ages 8 to 13 - stirred up some serious trouble at the undisclosed location, being loud and even tossing objects out the window. Producers were forced to step in and urge management to give the children another chance before tossing them to the curb.

Confirms an establishment insider:"We gave them a verbal warning to let them know if the problem persisted they would be kicked out of the hotel."

For now, the group remains at the hotel. But who knew The Untouchables had to much in common with Charlie Sheen?

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And then there were six on America's Got Talent.

In case you missed last night's unusual Thursday results show for President Obama's DNC speech or the MTV Video Music Awards, read on for the rundown of who remains and who was sent packing...

Nick Cannon and Olate Dogs

Eliminations One - Shanice & Maurice, All That!, Lightwire Theater
In this group, Shanice & Maurice were the non-entity. They were okay, but easily forgettable. All That! did advance its visual appeal with fire and water, but I still find flaws. They are kind of like ugly Chippendales, where only a few people are willing to show a little bit of chest to win over the women's and gay men's vote.

They were also first and quickly forgotten by the fourth act performed. Lightwire Theater only had two effects I really liked: the egg break and the Matrix-style spins. It was definitely enough to overtake the other two acts.

Moving On: Lightwire Theater

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Last week's America's Got Talent semifinals were difficult to call, with people such as Joe Castillo becoming the dark horse art act that inched his way past a ventriloquist.

Last night, however, the contestants were clearly split. Five have a great shot at making it into the finals; the other seven should just be happy to be performing in front of such a large audience...

Olate Dogs on America's Got Talent

All That! - The solo opening, with just their shoes tapping was a great idea. Setting their shoes on fire was also a great touch, though I wished all of the members used fire instead of half. The water element reminded me of Blue Man Group, which helped show that All That! has been trying. It was a strong opening routine that was still memorable for the fire/water by the end of the show.
Grade: B+

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America's Got Talent narrowed its semifinalists down to three last night, with the top pair of vote-getting receiving an automatic pass and the judges then deciding the remaining act.

Did you agree with the results? Follow our rundown below and then sound off on who remains and who was forced home...

America's Got Talent Talent

Eliminations One: Joe Castillo, Turf, The Scott Brothers
When I saw that Turf was against The Scott Brothers I knew both of their fan bases canceled each other out. There were too many dance acts doing variations of hip-hop that any dance fan would split the vote. It automatically set up that Joe Castillo, who is pretty much this year's Silhouettes, would advance from this group. I just hope he could add a bit more speed in the finals.

Top Four: Joe Castillo

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We're down to six on America's Got Talent, as the NBC hit reformatted its concluding rounds this year.

Which act stood out? Which do we think could be remaining on the finale? Read on for a rundown of the latest moves, shakes, notes, impressions and grades...

The Scott Brothers

Andrew De Leon - Andrew seemed destined to make it to the semifinals even with his inexperience because of that underdog sob story. There seems to be a disconnect between his falsetto with his lower notes and he continues to lack any charisma whatsoever. He still was a strong opening to the show and hit his high note correctly.
Grade: B

Todd Oliver – After a second chance, I continue to question Todd’s material. The stage was “The Todd Oliver Show,” and while the Prince Harry joke was topical, I felt as though some of the jokes sounded familiar. The dog-based quips can only go so far for me and I’ve hit my threshold.
Grade: B-

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Why do we even have the Wild Card round? No Wild Card has ever made the finals.

Think about it: the acts didn't succeed beating more successful acts the first time and it's an uphill battle to win over America a second time. The only contestants that have a real shot are the Vegas acts that got cut before the country could vote.

Rant over, let's get to the eliminations and the announced semifinalists...

AGT Elimination Episode Pic

Eliminations One - BandBaz Brothers, Ben Blaque and Sebastien "El Charro de Oro" - Among the three acts, I could see either Ben Blaque or Sebastien make it through. Sebastien expanded his repertoire outside of the boxed-in mariachi category with his song choice and if he advanced, I hope he continues to pick more accessible music.

As for Ben Blaque, he did all that he could to move on. I've seen bulls-eye alignment shots before, so I'm not sure how much further he can go. Either way, the BandBaz Brothers were the obvious elimination of this group, since they peaked with a very short trick.
Advanced: Sebastien

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Following a questionable YouTube round, the Wild Cards were faced an extra challenge in order to prove they were worth a second chance.

It seemed like the judges were lenient as they gave their reviews to the contestants, less critical of this group than the previous one. Let's give each act a grade, shall we?

Todd Oliver on America's Got Talent

Spencer Horsman - Spencer was smart enough to listen to Howard's suggestion of being front and center instead of inside a bag. The steampunk visuals were a great touch as the quick cement filled up. There was something disappointing knowing he starts with a lock pick in hand, but he was efficient. It hysterical watching Spencer's dad telling the crew to keep dumping cement on his son. The act had a better level of danger than ever before.
Grade: A-

All That! - Sharon wanted All That! but with less clothes. They started off with a song that I believe that Team iLuminate may have used. The shadows were awful; they shouldn't try being Peter Pan. Who wants to look at the shadows when there are real people in front of us? Less bad acting, more precise dancing. The shirt rip was not as effective as it could have been either. Are the rest of All That! concerned about their man boobs?
Grade: C+

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It was Bring Your Olympian to Work Day on the America's Got Talent results show this week, as Gabby Douglas tried to cover up the levels of YouTube poop with her big smile and effervescent attitude.

Other than that highlight, though, there was no reason for the four acts chosen to continue on to the next round. Three of them seem destined to be eliminated as quickly as we've known them...

Distracted by Nick Cannon

Eliminations One: Reverse Order, Cast in Bronze, Academy of Villains
This first group up for eliminations was a no brainer. Reverse Order didn't choose the right song to showcase their lead singer. Cast in Bronze may have gotten more votes if he performed "Tubular Bells" and went all alien/lasers with his performance. The clear frontrunner was Academy of Villains which reminds me of a more mature West Springfield Dance Team from last season.

Advanced: Academy of Villains

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