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The second set of auditions in New York City ramped up the weird on America's Got Talent, starting with zombies chasing girls. There were some true oddities that actually had some potential to be a real Vegas act, however.

Let's run it down...

Sharon Osbourne as a Judge

The Smag Bros. - Bill and Pat started off with some talented wheelie work and it was really synchronized. The fact that they could do such a great job on a small and slippery floor was amazing. Anything attempting to crush a friend was worth watching.

Shemika Charles - In the preview she said that she was the world record holder, but we never got her story on the show. It's really pretty disappointing when you're the focus on the commercials, but given a five-second preview.

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The auditions on America's Got Talent continued to hobble along last night, this time in New York City, where the freaks were out in full force.

Just imagine how paranoid Howie must have really been paranoid about germs, as he emerged from a zorb. That was one of the highlights of an otherwise mediocre evening...

Unimpressed Host

Tomorrow's Contenders?
Snap Boogie - The street performer had the perfect sob story and the right song to fit his character (overcoming obstacles with the joy of dance). We've seen a lot of breakers, but I was genuinely impressed by his whole routine. I can see how he would increase his difficulty level for the following competition rounds.

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America's Got Talent remained Atlanta for night two of auditions yesterday, as the features of the best and some of the oddest of performers. Let's go over the children, bands and cavalcade of dance crews that hit the stage...

The Real Talent
Hershae Chocolatae - With the robe and wig Hershae was donning, I was afraid the performance would be really stupid. Luckily, the outfit was stripped off and I quickly turned happy watching the tinsel glimmering. The Macy Gray imitation came out of nowhere. I also didn't expect the dance moves. I would love to see her over the top persona on RuPaul's Drag Race performing a lip sync for your life.

The Fiddleheads - The bluegrass group was good, giving a bit of minor cross promotion for The Voice. I hope that the group could pick a better song to bluegrass-ify during the Las Vegas rounds or even the live shows.

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Really, NBC? You call this the "Summer of Talent?"

Then why did America's Got Talent waste the first 25 minutes of last night's show on bad acts and laughable contestants? Did anyone wanna see a montage of bad drummers, harpists, and lounge singers? Why did we need two nights of Seattle auditions?

As I rip my hair out in anticipation of Vegas, let's take a look at who stood out...

Original, But Rejected
Marylee - The Funeral Writer/Musician was a hoot. She "sang silently" for decades. Her singing was decent and her lyrics were okay, but I think the in memoriam montage was what made the whole performance. She kept getting the focus on commercials so I expected her to make it through and I was floored when she wasn't.

Alaska (above) - I wasn't sure if the freestyle dancer was supposed to be intentionally or unintentionally funny.  I liked how both Nick and Howie learned the dance immediately. How did double dream hands get buzzed within seconds of his performance and Alaska get through the whole song? I couldn't get that track out of my head because of the constant Dailies Contacts commercials that played.

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America's Got Talent visited Houston and Minneapolis last night, resulting in some of the oddest auditions we've witnessed yet.

Did anyone else find the beginning of the Minneapolis auditions more interesting without Piers around? He just acts like a little bitch, getting up and storming off. I found that really unprofessional.

So, who stood out and who deserved to be sent home? If I can get all those Lady GaGa songs the show played out of my head, I can offer my thoughts on the episode below...


STANDOUTS: The Rhinestone Ropers delivered the best danger factor in a very long time. I liked the Sandou Trio Russian Bar’s concept, but the act is one of those where I don’t see where it would go from there. She goes up, flips, and comes down hoping she doesn’t die.

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America's Got Talent headed to Seattle this week, with the show losing credibility every time Howie tries to let in lemon acts such as the Paper Horn Man.

The evening didn’t impress me much and I was surprised the producers decided kept this episode alone when tomorrow’s previews were miles better than most of the auditions this week. For the highs and lows, read on...

Jumping Rope

The Highs
Seattle's First Contestant, impressionist Melissa Villasenor, was probably the best opening for a talent show in a while. Comedians/impressionists don't normally succeed on the show, but she was almost pitch perfect and deserves to make it to America’s vote.

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America's Got Talent kicked off season six in Los Angeles last night with Mr. Mariah Carey back, trying to make some money for the family, while Mariah tends for her twins.

We were treated to a pair of recaps, one of where the show is headed and one of former winners. I already forgot who Michael Grimm was because Jackie Evanco has gotten the eyes of Oprah. Has any of the America's Got Talent contestants maintained a real Las Vegas show? I was worried that so many singing acts made it to the finals last season.

When I think of a Las Vegas act, I'm expecting something in the caliber of Blue Man Group or Cirque du Solei.

Piers, Sharon, and Howie were excited about starting near Hollywood. The audience was ready to boo the teams of horrible contestants as the germaphobic Howie ignored every hand possible. It seemed interesting that the producers decided to spend the first episode with both Los Angeles and Atlanta. If they didn't force a commercial during the stun gun juggler, the two audition cities would have introduced one or two more acts.

So, who stood out?

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Two days after his wife was found dead, an America's Got Talent contestant named Joe Finley has made a public plea: Someone killed her!

Laura Finley was found dead in a stairwell at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles on early Saturday morning. She was in town because Joe wanted to audition for the NBC competition.

Considered a person of interest, Joe was actually arrested for drug possession the day Laura died. He's admitted both he and his wife were on ecstasy the night she was found and that he last saw Laura alive around 3 a.m. on Saturday.

Her body was discovered five and a half hours later.

"Somebody threw her off that railing," Joe told TMZ today, adding that Laura's death was "100% not an accident" and, of course, that he did not kill her.

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In an episode upset that THG never saw coming, Michael Grimm was named the winner of America's Got Talent last night.

Heck, we didn't even include the singer in our reader poll this week, as we asked fans to choose between Jackie Evancho (who finished second) and Prince Poppycock (who finished fourth). Perhaps we should stick to making fun of Kate Gosselin and get out of the prediction business.

Michael Grimm

Did you vote for Michael Grimm as the America's Got Talent champion?

Grimm takes home $1 million for his victory and will headline a show in Las Vegas.

A Mississippi native, the blues crooner says he'll use some of that money to purchase a home for his grandparents, who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. Looks like America may have chosen a deserving winner after all.

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Sorry, Prince Poppycock. No offense, Michael Grimm. You really are very good, Fighting Gravity.

But last night's America's Got Talent performance show should have proved that Jackie Evancho deserves to the next champion of this reality competition.

The young artist - who describes herself as a "classical crossover singer" and says she could do pop songs, too - put on another incredible performance. We don't understand the words, but we know a once-in-a-generation-talent when we see it. Watch now:

Should Evancho walk away with the title?

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